Got birth certificate?

The following is a media release from the Constitution Party:


Got Birth Certificate?
Constitution Party Calls For Barack Obama To Prove Eligibility For Office

Lancaster, PA, The country’s fastest-growing third party (Ballot Access News 12/08) challenged Barack Obama to release his birth certificate and dispel the grave concerns that he is ineligible to assume office as president of the United States.

“The Constitution is crystal clear on the issue of citizenship. Article 2, Section 1 states that no one can be sworn into office as President of the United States unless he is a natural born citizen”, said Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer.

Clymer, a Pennsylvania attorney who has litigated cases based on Constitutional law added, “Obama has yet to produce even basic proof that he was born in this country. Average citizens can’t even get a driver’s license without such proof of citizenship and Obama is contending he can assume the highest office in the land without such proof!

If a non-citizen can be given a free pass to the presidency than what’s to say someone with no allegiance and who harbors ill will toward the country won’t someday assume office?”

The Constitution Party ,which holds that the Constitution is the supreme and abiding law by which our country should be governed, contends that no one is above that law. Even Barack Obama.

Obama has refused repeated requests to release his Hawaiian birth certificate, which would include the actual hospital that performed the delivery.

Lawsuits filed in a number of states asking for proof of the basic information have been dismissed.

The Supreme Court met to discuss the issue Friday, December 5,2008.

“What is cause for concern here, in addition to the element of deceit shown by Obama and his handlers, is the apparent total disregard for the Constitution. If this eligibility question can be ignored, what does this say about how this administration will regard other Constitutional mandates?” Clymer asked.

The Constitution Party calls on Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee, Attorneys General and Secretaries of State of the various states, Congress and the Courts to take their oaths of office and this constitutional question seriously in order to restore faith in our system of free and fair elections.

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  1. Chuck Moulton Says:

    The alleged problems with Obama’s citizenship have been systematically refuted.

  2. Roscoe Says:

    You mean to tell me these folks would accept a certificate produced by Obama as authentic? I frankly don’t care where he was born; a majority of Americans wanted him to be president. It’s his ideas that concern me, whether born in Peoria, Peshawar, or Paris.

  3. citizen1 Says:

    What the Obama people have produced is a certificate of live birth that can be applied for up to a year after the birth and can be applied for even if born somewhere else.

    1. Roscoe Says:
      December 15th, 2008 at 11:49 am

    You mean to tell me these folks would accept a certificate produced by Obama as authentic? I frankly don’t care where he was born; a majority of Americans wanted him to be president. It’s his ideas that concern me, whether born in Peoria, Peshawar, or Paris.

    So Roscoe we should just wipe our @$$ with the Constitution.

  4. Red Phillips Says:

    Chuck, I don’t call that systematic refutation. I personally think he was born in HI. I don’t think “natural born” means born on US soil even if he wasn’t. I think it means not naturalized.

    But Obama could simply pay a fee and give permission and a copy of the original would be released. And all of this would go away. That he hasn’t done that does make any reasonable person go hmmm… Just produce the Birth Certificate and everyone would shut up.

    It is curious that this article is from NewsMax. NewsMax seems to be intentionally staking out territory as the “reasonable” conservative news and opinion site. In opposition to World Net Daily for example.

  5. ETJB Says:

    It is odd, didn’t this same minor party have one of its members mocking the lawsuits for ignoring McCain. Now, they are jumping on the ban wagon?

    Given the poor ideas that the CP has, I am not shocked, but for a brief moment I did think that they were at least being consistent.

  6. Roscoe Says:

    Is everyone happy with every word in the constitution? Wouldn’t it be nice if the Second Amendment made no reference to the militia? Anyone have a problem with general welfare clause? Wouldn’t it be nice if the First was more explicit about separation of church and state? Or right to privacy penumbra was actually stated? I’m saying the “natural born” citizen clause should be changed and let the voters decide if the candidate has America’s interests at heart or those of his/her land of birth. Heck, if
    Alice Rosenbaum came here from Russia, wrote a huge successful novel, became an acclaimed governor of New York, did a tremendous job reducing the state’s interference with individual liberty, and then challenged that slug, LBJ, for the presidency in 1964, wouldn’t you want to be able to elect her president?

  7. cion Says:


    ILLEGAL ALIEN , kenya

  8. citizen1 Says:

    Saying the Constitution should be changed and saying that it should be ignored are two different things. There are some things in the Constitution I would change mostly eliminating a couple of amendments that I would eliminate. But, I am not willing to say ignore them.

  9. Kenny Says:

    Any British citizen, no matter where they are born, can run for Parliament and become Prime Minister. The same principle should apply to the United States. This “conservative” Obama birth certificate furore stinks of racism. Get you heads out of your asses! We don’t want any more of this shit!

  10. Red Phillips Says:

    “This “conservative” Obama birth certificate furor stinks of racism.”

    Your comments stink of PC preening/grandstanding.

    “Any British citizen, no matter where they are born, can run for Parliament and become Prime Minister.”

    That would matter if this were England, but what matters here is what the Constitution says and more specifically what the original intent of the Framers was when the wrote “natural born.”

    Quit playing the race card.

  11. Clark Says:

    ...but let’s face it.. the very same stoooopid republican/crat fucks making the loudest noises here are the ones who would be defending mccain against the same charges..

    ...STFU, republicrats..(learn what ‘a dollar’ is…then maybe pop-off, you ooga booga know-littles)

    ...but have a good day!..

  12. ETJB Says:

    (1) President elect Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States and no one really questioned otherwise until he won the election.

    (2) The suggestion that Obama is not a natural born citizen would be taken as more credible, and not seem so much like a bunch of far-right wing crack pots grand standing for publicity, if it had been seriously raised during the campaign itself or had more philosophical diversity behind it.

    (3) Whether or not we should amend the Constitution to allow any citizen to seek and hold the presidency is a separate issue. Personally I addressed this and other civic liberty issues with my proposed Civic Liberty Amendment.

  13. citizen1 Says:


    Yup, ypu guessed it Alan Keyes is a racist who doesn’t want a black man to be president that is why he filed a suit.

  14. citizen1 Says:


    1.This did not start after the election. Granted more suits were filed after the election than before. There was even an effort although no suits that I can recall during the primaries. Some were told they did not have standing to bing the suit others were delayed to after the election. Kind of like with ballot access cases.

    2. Berg is a Democrat.

    3. I will not take the time to read your amendment as it is probaly crap ike your comments.

  15. Mark Seidenberg Says:

    Lets not forget John Sidney McCain III. He is not a citizen of the United
    States. Because he was born out of wedlock in the Colon Hospital in the
    of City of Colon, Republic of Panama, on August 29, 1936 at 6:25 p.m.

    The Collective Naturalization Act of August 4, 1937 [8 USCA 5e] which
    was the authority for the class of children born in the Republic of Panama
    outside of the Canal Zone to an American Citizen parent did not cover John
    Sidney McCain III, because of that fact that at no point prior his birth did
    Roberta McCain n’ee Wright ever marry anyone. Note that both John
    McCain and Roberta McCain do not claim a location other than a TJ bar in Baja California on January 29, 1933. The laws of Baja California since 1927 require that marriages shall be at an office of Civil Registry.

    Further, Roberta McCain listed on his birth certificate that her employment
    was a house wife. 8 USCA 5e required that if out of wedlock the mother
    most be employeed by either the United States Goverment or the Panama
    Railroad Company (or its successor in title) as a class requirement to that
    collective naturalization act. Roberta Wright did come within that requirement to pass along US Citizenship to John Sidney McCain III.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  16. ETJB Says:

    (1) Most of these lawsuits were filed after the election. Almost nothing was said about this partisan accusation prior to that point. That does not help your case.

    (2) The fact that someone is or is not a Democrat or a Republican does not make them liberal or conservative. I stand by my statement that these are accusations coming from the, mostly, ultra-right wing.

    So what do we have here? Basically, a group of far right wingers have suddenly gotten really, really upset that the president elect is an African American. If McCain had won, they probably would have looked the ‘other way’, with a friendly wink and a nod.

    The fact that many of these same people were of the mantra that Obama was a secret Islamic, socialist, terrorist further damages their credibility.

    But, hey go ahead and use profanity. Pretend that this is not a silly little game cooked up by people looking for fame and fortune. Pretend that this is not going to hurt the electoral reform campaign. Just go and pretending….

  17. citizen1 Says:

    Obama had two years of Muslim education.

    ETJB, did I just say that Obama is a secret Muslim?

  18. ETJB Says:

    Um no, he did not have two years of ‘Muslim education’ and yes, people were stating—point blank that he was a secret Muslim and a terrorist.

    He parents were either agnostic or atheist. He had a broad and diverse
    education and decided to become a Christian.

  19. ETJB Says:

    Alan Keys is probably not motivated by racial hatred, although their are certainly people who are.

    Of the motivates that I mentioned, his is probably much more a bitterness about losing the US Senate race to Obama, and being virtually ejected by the GOP leadership. He also hopes that he can get some fame and fortune out of all of this.

  20. Libertarian Joseph Says:

    Roscoe: “a majority of Americans wanted him to be president”

    umm no. The majority of Americans don’t vote

  21. The Democratic Republican Says:

    i fuck my mommie

  22. citizen1 Says:

    ETJB Says:
    December 19th, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Um no, he did not have two years of ‘Muslim education’ and yes, people were stating—point blank that he was a secret Muslim and a terrorist.

    He says he did in his autobiography. He says he had 2 years of Catholic education and 2 years of Muslim education in Indonesia.

  23. Eric Says:

    It’s stuff that this that helps keep fringe parties on the fringe.

  24. Maynard Says:

    “Any British citizen, no matter where they are born, can run for Parliament and become Prime Minister.”

    So long as they are a member of the Church of England.

  25. Kenny Says:

    Maynard said:

    “Any British citizen, no matter where they are born, can run for Parliament and become Prime Minister.”

    So long as they are a member of the Church of England.”

    Utter rubbish you ignorant moron!

    There are Presbyterians, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims and other religions represented in the House of Commons. Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, is the son of a Church of Scotland minister.

  26. Maynard Says:

    Pip pip, should have clarified it only applied to the Prime Minister, tallyho.

  27. ETJB Says:

    Um, no he did not say that. Keep lying as it other serves to undermine your credibility.

    Obama’s parents were secular agnostic/atheist who wanted their children to respect people and learn about different cultures.

    His schooling included kids of many different faiths. It was not, as is often implied, a school committed to Islamic fundamentalism. He chose to become a Christian.

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