Third-party candidates made the difference in 3 states

The Houston Chronicle’s Texas on the Potomac blog gives the vote totals for Indiana, North Carolina, and Missouri. It is obvious that Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr and Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader got enough votes to make the difference in those three states between the two major-party candidates. (Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin added to the difference in Indiana.)

What is not provable, however, is how their supporters would have voted if their favorite was not on the ballot. Or, indeed, whether they would have voted at all.

6 Responses to “Third-party candidates made the difference in 3 states”

  1. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Leave it to a blogger in Houston to totally get the vote demographics in Indiana totally wrong. I explained this a month ago.

    I called Indiana for Obama 3 hours before the networks did.

    I did so because Lake County was going 3-1 Obama with only 25% reporting, and at that rate the raw totals would put him over the top. The raw population numbers coupled with the polls closing an hour later in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties (my birth area) because of the time zone differences made an Obama victory based on those numbers certain. Barr had nothing to do with it.

  2. steve conn Says:

    This Houston piece is recycled from NPR which treated all third party candidates and independents with contempt and still lost corporate sponsorship and now is forced to cut its staff. Go figure. Ralph Nader’s votes , according to every national poll, may have resulted in a losses to McCain or in no shows or write-ins, but the idea that Obama lost votes is believed only by those who buy into the Carville-Matalin ( she, James Corse’s editor) myth that Nader costy Gore the election in 2000.

  3. Mike Gillis Says:

    I proudly voted for Ralph Nader this year. I couldn’t have voted for any of the other candidates running. Had Nader not run, I would have written in “None of the Above”

  4. Kenny Says:

    I could not vote for any of the candidates this year. Harry Browne would have been my choice in 1996 and 2000. Badnarik was preferable to the rest but I had serious doubts about his candidacy.

  5. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

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  6. jonathan Says:

    analyzing third party results- updated numbers:

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