Bob Barr endorses Chambliss

According to the Political Insider blog in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr has endorsed Republican Saxby Chambliss in today’s Senate runoff. Political Insider reprints the text of a Barr letter “presumably distributed to Libertarians in Georgia.”

Ironically, Barr claims Chambliss is for “ending the government bailouts,” when much of the conservative and libertarian antagonism to Chambliss is because he voted for the $700 billion bailout in October.

Barr’s endorsement provoked this disappointed response by a libertarian blogger (“Bob Barr urges us to vote for one of the worst Republicans in the country”) .

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  1. jacksmith Says:


    Democrat Jim Martin is in a runoff against Bush Republican Saxby Chambliss for the Senate seat from Georgia. Bush’s Saxby Chambliss voted against spending a few measly dollars to provide health care coverage for Georgia, and Americas needy children. But he supported wasting hundreds of billions of your dollars, and the life BLOOD of Americas finest on an unnecessary war in Iraq.

    At a time when 47 million of you have no health insurance coverage, and over 100 million of you with insurance are just one major illness away from complete financial destruction. Bush and Saxby Chambliss voted to make the heart break of bankruptcy relief even harder for all of you to use.

    You see, Bush and Saxby Chambliss, and his family don’t have to worry about their health care coverage. They have the finest health care coverage your tax money can buy for them. Courtesy of you. The American Tax payer. In fact, no one but the super rich can afford the health care coverage you the tax payer provide for Saxby Chambliss, and his family for FREE! with your tax dollars.

    He supposedly works for you. But he doesn’t think you and your family should have access to the type of taxpayer supported FREE health care that you provide for him, and his loved ones for FREE!. Doesn’t that just make you BURRING MAD!

    Vote for JIM MARTIN for US senator from Georgia. Vote for JIM Martin who will be on your side. Vote for JIM MARTIN who will work with President Obama and a majority congress for you. Vote for JIM MARTIN most of all for your-self, your family’s, friends, and loved ones. Vote for JIM MARTIN for a better America, and a better World.

    Don’t let Saxby Chambliss make a chump out of you by tricking you into voting against your own best interest. Saxby chambliss is NOT! on your side. He’s not one of you. He is on George Bush’s side. And we all know what a catastrophe the Bush Chambliss administration has been the past 8 years.

    Contact all your family and friends and do every thing you can to see to it that JIM MARTIN and GEORGIANS! take that senate seat back for Georgia, and America. No matter where you live in America. This is important to you. President Obama will need all the help, and power you can give him to try and fix this catastrophic mess that the Corrupt Bush Chambliss administration has created.

    As I said before you will have to vote in overwhelming numbers to overcome the Bush Chambliss “Let Them Eat Cake” vote fraud machine. Vote early if you can. Then help everyone you can get to the polls and vote for JIM MARTIN. You and your loved ones don’t have to be Saxby Chambliss’s victims anymore.

    I know you will get it done. Just like you did for President Obama.

    God bless all of you

    jacksmith - WORKING CLASS:-)

  2. Ayn R. Key Says:

    The Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire, and the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.

    Shut up Barr.

  3. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Mister Martin is very popular with veterans!

    Once again, I congradulate the Libs and Greens with going with known head liners instead of loyalist no named party hacks. How ever, as a Dem hater and a GOP hater whom is not a Lib or a Green, I have no idea what the two top of their P2008 tickets were ‘about’!

    Muddy, muddy, muddy! [We sure make it easy for the Democans and the Republicrats to continue to run SS America into the ice berg field!]

    News flash: Reform Movement, Twenty percent of P1992; 500 votes total [NATIONALLY] with tired ole Ted Weill of Mississippi and the DFW joke nomination in P2008! [A bus load of rich dude’s EMPLOYEES were shipped to the court mandated ‘national convention in July!’]

    Reform? Looks like ‘politics as usual’ to us [Citizens For A Better Veterans Home]!

  4. DebbieKat Says:

    This is what I would have expected from Barr. Glad I didn’t vote for him at the convention.

  5. PTK Says:

    Mike Gravel should have won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, then he would have beat Ed Clarke’s record of popular vote and percentage.

  6. Bill Wood Says:

    and Ron Paul endorsed and gave money to the “King of Pork”.

  7. Robert Capozzi Says:

    I can sorta see voting for Chambliss in the run-off for Senate-balance-cloture purposes, but this move’s logic escapes me. Why endorse the guy publically?

  8. Cody Quirk Says:

    Because Barr was, and still is, a Republican at heart.

  9. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Mister Quirk, you are looking very insightful on this one! And even then, he did not grab the Teddy Roosevelt and Bulll Moose 1912 ‘Progressive’ mantle!

    Oh, Cody, what a year 2008 could have been for the alternative people and parties. [Sigh!]

  10. ETJB Says:

    I am really not sure why Barr’s comments should be even slightly surprising.

    The man had a sudden ‘change of heart’ just in time to get the LP’s nomination and demonstrated little interest in the party long time and probably simply wants to use his position within the GOP and LP to stroke his ego, raise money and be seen as something of a power broker or some such thing.

  11. George Dance Says:

    Robert Carpozzi: Why endorse the guy publically?

    Probably because Chambliss signed the Liberty Compact:

    “I pledge to the citizens of this State, and to the American people, that as their elected representative I will work to: restore liberty, not restrict it; shrink government, not expand it; reduce taxes, not raise them; abolish programs, not create them; promote the freedom and independence of citizens, not the interference of government in their lives; and observe the limited, enumerated powers of our Constitution, not ignore them.”

    Don’t know if he’ll keep that pledge, but IMO signing it merits an endorsement. Chambliss deserves a Clean Slate as much as Barr (though of course only Libertarians haven’t hasn’t changed parties, so I can’t say I trust him; but like Barr or anyone else he deserves a Clean Slate (which of course Barr didn’t get).

  12. George Dance Says:

    Mister Quirk, you are looking very insightful on this one!

    No, Mister Quirk looks like another Constitution Party flack continuing the same smear-Barr games they’ve been playing through the election. The hope being that Ron Paul’s endorsement would bring all the Libertarians running to vote for Chuck Baldwin.

    The election’s over, Cody. It didn’t work. Give it up.

  13. George Dance Says:

    ETJB: The man had a sudden ‘change of heart’ just in time to get the LP’s nomination

    I don’t know if you’re Constituton Party or Boston Tea Party, but this is the same misinformation we get from both sources. In fact, Barr voted Libertarian back in 04, and has been on the National Committee since 06.

  14. ETJB Says:

    I am not a member of either party. However, it is based on the following simple facts;

    (1) He did not have a libertarian voting record while in Congress.
    (2) Their is no way to prove or disprove who who voted for president in ‘04.
    (3) He had done a bit of work on national security and civil liberties issues

    He, like Ron Paul, is not really a libertarian. Paul is probably a paleo-conservative. Bob Barr might just be a libertarian on certain issues, but he clearly divorced himself from the party on key issues.

    I would make the same basic argument for what happen this year with the Green Party. They packed a member of Congress, perhaps hoping that the experience and name recognition would help them, but Cynthia was not a Green Congresswoman and Bar was not a libertarian Congressman.

    In looking at the facts and chatting with some of my Libertarian friends, I think it is safe to say that the party is being taken over by a conservative wing of State’s rights and Paleo-Conservatives.

  15. Cody Quirk Says:

    No, Mister Quirk looks like another Constitution Party flack continuing the same smear-Barr games they’ve been playing through the election.

    = And yet you guys were doing the same smearing of Chuck on Barr’s behalf. I like to return the favor.

    The hope being that Ron Paul’s endorsement would bring all the Libertarians running to vote for Chuck Baldwin.

    = with 192,000+ votes and counting it looks like it did some good, compaired to the 2004 vote results.
    What happened to those Million plus votes Barr was expecting?

    The election’s over, Cody. It didn’t work. Give it up.

    = Neither did Barr’s plan to surpass Clark’s votes from 1980.

  16. disinter Says:

    Is this Barf moron still a member of the LNC?

  17. Mik Robertson Says:

    It’s a good thing Barr is no longer a member of the LNC.

  18. ETJB Says:

    Yet, it is probably not a good thing that both the LP and GP were so easily conned into supported the presidential candidates that they did.

    Two people—who may have many good points to them—who at the end of the day really were not too interested in building up the party or changing the two-party system.

  19. Jeremy Bauserman Says:

    Thanks for going with a winner Bob.

  20. Cody Quirk Says:

    So Saxby was Barr’s choice eh?

    Funny how Saxby Chambliss voted for Warrentless Searches- (H.R. 6304)

    If Libertarians do their research, they’ll just see how un-Libertarian he is.

  21. ETJB Says:

    Again, I really think that Barr is basically attempting to do what Ron Paul has been doing since the 1980s; generate a nice income, and a loyal following by appealing to libertarian and the state’s rights paleo anti-government conservatives.

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