Rick Jore’s Old Montana Seat Captured by Democrats

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Rick Jore, the Constitution Party’s only state legislator, must leave the Montana legislature in a few weeks because of term limits. Voters in his district replaced him with a Democrat. The November 2008 election in the 12th House district was between Republican nominee Ron Marquardt, and Democratic nominee John Fleming. Fleming won with 63% of the vote. Marquardt had been a member of the Constitution Party, and had been its 2006 nominee for Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court. But for the 2008 legislative race, Marquardt had switched to the Republicans.

4 Responses to “Rick Jore’s Old Montana Seat Captured by Democrats”

  1. PTK Says:

    Hopefully Mr. Jore will decide to make a run for higher office like congress, senate, or governor .

  2. Yosemite1967 Says:

    I think that this clearly demonstrates what an up-hill battle it was for Jore to get elected: A man who is more conservative than any of the Republicans that ever ran against him getting elected in one of the most liberal districts (if not THE most liberal district) in the Montana. Can you say, “Providence?” I can! It was nothing less than a miracle!

    Let this be a lesson to all of those who falsely believe that you must compromise your principles in order to succeed. While Rick (1) works with all who have any common ground with him and (2) treats everyone with utmost respect, no matter how much their philosophies differ with his; he never compromises his principles.

  3. Freelancer Says:

    Montana has a different way of limiting terms. No one can hold an office for more than eight years in a sixteen year period. And if I’m corect, Rick Jore will be able to run for the same seat in the next election, because that 16 year period will be up in two years.

  4. Allen Says:

    Jore had been a Republican for most of those years and probably would be better running for the Senate.

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