North Carolina Libertarians retain ballot access

North Carolina’s Libertarian Party has succeeded in its effort to automatically remain on the ballot for the next four years. To do that, either its presidential candidate or gubernatorial candidate had to poll more than 2% of the vote. While Bob Barr’s percentage in North Carolina was only 0.6%, the LP candidate for governor, Michael C. Munger, got 2.9% of the vote.

Here is the announcement from the party’s website:

Libertarians Retain Ballot Spot
Munger Will Run Again

RALEIGH (Nov. 4)—For the first time in modern North Carolina history, a third party has retained its ballot status at the voting booth. Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mike Munger polled about three percent of the vote today, besting the state’s restrictive standard for a third party to poll at least two percent of the vote in the race for governor or president.

Libertarian candidates for lieutenant governor, insurance commissioner and U.S. Senate also broke the two percent barrier.

While conceding that “one of the other two candidates will become governor,” Munger claimed a victory on behalf of all Libertarians for besting the states “enormous requirements to stay on the ballot and not have to get the damn signatures” on petitions.

“This is just the first step,” Munger said. “We got the signatures and we satisfied the requirements of the State by playing Simon Says in just the way they wants us to.”

Now he said its time for the Libertarian Party to take the next step and run competitive races for several General Assembly seats and other offices. Munger then announced he would seek the Libertarian nomination for NC State Senate in 2010 and the party’s nomination for governor in 2012.

13 Responses to “North Carolina Libertarians retain ballot access”

  1. Phillip Rhodes Says:

    This is an incredible victory for the LPNC, and I’m so proud of all of my colleagues here. A lot of work went into achieving this, and a lot of people deserve so much kudos, but none more than Dr. Munger.

    But, as exciting as this is, the truth remains - as Dr. Munger said - that the real work starts now. Now that we have an election cycle with full ballot access from day zero, we need to actually get some Libertarians elected to office. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m optimistic!

  2. Pollster Says:

    Munger’s performance should shame Bob Barr. Barr’s website has not commented on his performance today. Perhaps the staff collected their fat pay-checks and left. We don’t want Verney, Cory or Gordon back.

  3. David Says:

    Did the Libertarians spoil the GOP’s NC gubernatorial run?

  4. Sweet Liberty Says:

    No even if you thought that all the votes for Munger would go to McCory he still would not have beaten Perdue. Many of Munger’s votes came from Conservative Democrats who would have just as likely voted for Perdue. Besides all candidates in theory should earn their votes. They should all have a fair shake to present themselves to the public. Even McCory acknowledged that Perdue’s win was more of a result of Obama. And his ability to inspire record numbers new voters to register Democrat. And many of them haven’t given any of the other races much thought other than to vote straight ticket.

  5. Maynard Says:

    Two percent isn’t that “restrictive”. Pretty open if you ask me.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    no one is asking you, North Carolina is the toughest state to get on after Oklahoma of course.

  7. Stefan Says:

    Munger could be the next LP presidential candidate? with Allen Buckley as VP?

  8. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    Munger is not qualified to run for POTUS.

    He should run for congress in 2010.

  9. George Whitfield Says:

    Congratulations to Mike Munger and the Libertarian Party of North Carolina for retaining ballot access. I am very glad that Mike is planning on running for office in the future. I had decided early this year to contribute to Mike’s campaign becuase it appeared to be a worthwhile effort (by exceeding 2% and retaining ballot access we can save thousands of dollars in the future by not having to gather signatures. These funds could be used for advertising in the campaigns.) It also appeared to be really possible to achieve. I am so glad that We were able to reach our objective. Mike is an excellent campaigner and the North Carolina LP is a great group. I think the most effective LP parties are in North Carolina, Indiana, Texas and Georgia.

  10. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Jonathan, right on, could not agree with you more. A bright spot in a dim year. Active interference by the Democan/ Republicrat establishment duopoly followed by corporate media inattention.

    One percent, for a neophyte organization, is restristictive. Just because a super human effort was sucessful in an exordinary year does not mean that the bar [SET BY OTHERS] was not placed unfairly high!

    Maynard, [WORK!] could it be that you are either an agent provacateur or a good hearted idiot?

  11. DonaldRaymondLake Says: “agents provacateur”

    In countries where there were mass social democratic or communist parties, it was as difficult to be accepted into these parties as Trotskyist currents as to build separate Trotskyist parties. Therefore Trotskyists were advised to enter secretly, and not to come forward as Trotskyists with their full program.

    In Europe, this was the approach used, for example, by The Club in the Labour Party, and by Fourth Internationalists inside the Communist Parties. In France, Trotskyist organizations, most notably the Parti des Travailleurs, have successfully entered Communist-led trade unions and mainstream left-wing parties (see Lionel Jospin for a famous example).

    Open entryism: Some political parties, such as the Workers’ Party in Brazil or the Scottish Socialist Party allow political tendencies to openly organise within them.

    In these cases the term entryism is not usually used. Political groups which work within a larger organisation but also maintain a “public face” often reject the term “entryism” but are nevertheless sometimes considered to be entryists by the larger organisation.

    Entryism is not an exclusively left-wing phenomenon; it is also found in the far-right entering mainstream right-wing groups, e.g., National Front infiltration of National Council of Civil Liberties in the United Kingdom, and British National Party members joining the UK Independence Party.

    In the US, the John Birch Society and other groups were accused of entryism when Barry Goldwater was unexpectedly selected as the Republican Party candidate for US president in the 1964 election. In Australia, the centre-right New South Wales state branch of the Liberal Party of Australia was accused of being taken over by a morally conservative group in 2006

    Examples by country: United States [Centerists]

    During the 2000 presidential election in the United States, some members of the Reform Party, which had been founded by Ross Perot, charged that the presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan was engaging in entryism. However, while a large number of new members did join to support Buchanan, he did not maintain a large separate organisation outside of the Reform Party.

    It is worth noting that, after the election, many of Buchanan’s support did split from the Reform Party, taking several state organizations with them, to form the America First Party. The America First Party itself was quickly engaged in a controversy involving alleged entryism by supporters of James “Bo” Gritz.

    Another example of charges of entryism involving the United States Reform Party involved supporters of Fred Newman and the New Alliance Party joining the Reform Party en masse and gaining some level of control over the NEW YORKI STATE affiliate of the Reform Party.

  12. Jonathan Says:

    Libertarian winners inFlorida”

  13. Jen Says:

    The LPNC in the past, had to get 10% of the vote for pres or Gov, not 2%. It changed recently after the second go-around of the Electoral Fairness Act, which was passed by the legislature.
    The first bill was suggested to a fellow friendly House member by yours truly, with credit for the original language going to another Libertarian.
    The push for change is a result of many Libertarians in NC working together to lobby.

    Unfortunately, NC’s Ballot Access lawsuit did not garner such rosy results. Supreme Count Judge of wake County HobGobblin (Hobgood) ruled that, “Voters do not have a fundamental right to vote for the party of their choice.”

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