Election night cheat sheet

Thanks to Bradley Jansen for providing this cheat-sheet service on Nolan Chart. He lists 14 “likely battleground states with information of the main third party candidates on the ballot and their history of support in the state (and how they may affect the electoral outcomes).”

Now if we could get only one of the mainstream media to report on the votes received by our third-party candidates! Millions of us will vote for third-party candidates this year. Our votes should be reported just the way our neighbors’ votes for Democrats and Republicans are reported! And if the media would report our votes, millions more would feel encouraged to join us the next time. Which, of course, is the reason why the corporate media do not report our votes.

It will probably take days for us to get official vote counts from the 50 official state election bureaus, but stay tuned to Third Party Watch!

Have a great Election Day and Election Night!

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  1. Jonathan Says:


  2. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    I propose that somekind of “COALITION” between the “third parties” be formed, under the monitorship of RON PAUL and Ralph Nader, with the LEGAL arm of “JUDICIAL WATCH” involved, to go after the totalitarian-suppressive COMMISSION ON PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES...and do what we can to topple this regime, through the “legal” process, FOR THE COMMON GOOD!
    There must be a way. As long as we “put up” with this MONOPOLY, that excludes ALL “alternative presidential candidates….NO THIRD PARTY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL, WHEN IT COMES TO THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.
    Thank God for the “internet” but, for “us” to be included in the TELEVISED NATIONAL DEBATES, we need to take action NOW , with some kind of collective-pro-active coalition with LEGAL back up. I feel RON PAUL could really help us in this area. We are supposed to be living in a FREE republic?
    When the voters are NOT allowed to HEAR and SEE all candidates, on the same playing field…no, we do not live in a free society.
    Let us get our ducks all in a row, concerning this strategy and action NOW, not right before the 2012 election. “WE” as “third parties” are all in this TOGETHER. We are stronger UNITED on this one. Please consider what I have proposed. I welcome your comments.
    Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.)USAF,
    National Veterans Coalition…www.nvets.org

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