Eric Dondero Shows His True Colors

Sometimes he’s makes noises like he’s an advocate of the Libertarian Party, but Eric Dondero once again showed that he prefers big government candidates with this endorsement of John McCain:

It is now my strong feeling that libertarians nationwide, and most assuredly my fellow Libertarian Party members, should strongly consider casting their votes for Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin. The libertarian movement would be best served with an Obama defeat.

His primary reasons:

Obama is fundamentally opposed to virtually all libertarian stances on all issues. From taxes, to freedom of speech, to protecting property rights, to putting a halt to the ever-encroaching Nanny-state, and 4 years of an Obama Presidency will have disastrous results for liberty, and supporters of the limited government view.

He seems to forget that with fiscal issues, McCain is merely the lesser socialist. According to the National Taxpayers Union, McCain will increase spending by almost $100 billion per year, and this is in pre-bailout dollars. Of course, McCain has not just supported, but promoted, each of the bailout schemes and he has another one planned already.

With respect to freedom of speech, one only need think of McCain-Feingold. He’s no better on property rights or in curtailing the nanny state.

In short, John McCain is the antithesis of libertarian.

Then again, so is Dondero.

Another former Ron Paul congressional staffer just endorsed Bob Barr here. Another very recent endorsement of Bob Barr here.

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  1. Radical Anarchist Says:

    This is the same Eric Dondero who was fired by Ron Paul. This is the same Eric Dondero that tried to sabotage Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

    I was going to write in Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin until I read this.

    Any enemy of Eric Dondero is a friend of mine.

    I’m voting for Bob Barr tomorrow.

  2. Rob Says:

    The same Eric Dondero who was gushing when the LP nominated Barr, even calling it the second greatest day of his life next to his wedding day. Don’t turn your back on this guy. That’s when he stabs you. What a scumbag.

  3. Jeffrey Quick Says:

    Let Dondero sleep under his bridge with the rest of the trolls.

    I was tempted by his position a week or so ago. Obama and particularly the Obamites are a really odious lot. But I see no point in voting for a national socialist just to defeat an international socialist.

  4. Fred Mangels Says:

    I already voted for Barr, but one thing not often brought up regarding an Obama victory is the balance of power in DC. Assuming the Democrats hold the majority in the House and Senate, the fed will be run by Democrats. Government supposedly grows its fastest when the White House and Congress are ruled by one party.

    I was reminded the last time the Democrats held the White House and Congress (Carter?), results weren’t pleasant, although I forget the details.

    Still, a vote for Barr is probably the best choice at this point. No way I could vote for McCain.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Matt Gonzalez remained cool and collected while Root lost his cool in last night’s debate, I wish it was on TV

  6. Robert Capozzi Says:

    My take is the McCain is the most dangerous man to get this close to the White House. His legendary temper disqualifies him from having the nuclear football anywhere near him, much less in his charge.

    Obama we will survive through, painfully, but survive.

    Anyone who loves liberty should consider voting Barr. It’s the best way to signal: We need a REAL, fundamental change in the direction of liberty.

  7. MPM Says:

    Don’t forget also that John McCain has attempted to close the “gun show loophole” in the past.

  8. Sean Scallon Says:

    Rittberg the opportunist, what else is new?

    Back to whorehouse Eric!

  9. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    I understand Eric’s concern, however misplaced.

    But the fact is, if the republicans lose, which appears likely, republicans will start to talk like libertarians. Hell, republican rhetoric is ALREADY beginning to sound libertarian!

    If republicans win, you can count on even more of the famous “McCain Bipartisan Reach around”. McCain has already promised Cabinet posts to Al Gore and Joe Leiberman.

    The ONLY good prospect to a McCain victory would be Palin. And we have plenty of time between now and 2012 to find out if she really does have “Harley” wings tattooed across her lower back!


  10. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Just part of the saga…..

  11. Bob Weber Says:

    The fact that we’re concerned about an idiot like Dondero shows how weak we are politically. I wish it weren’t so, but it’s true. The Dems aren’t worried now about what Zell Miller and Ron Silver are up to.

  12. allen Says:

    Maybe Eric can join the rest of the fringe candidates.×1212731132x1200752032

  13. Jeremy Bauserman Says:

    Way to go Eric!

  14. Tom Bryant Says:

    Since being fired by Ron Paul, Dondero has not had any steady work - just a series of odd part-time jobs.

    He talked the talk when there was plenty of petition work available. Once the revenue dried up, he went back to being his same old Republican self.

    What is very curious is the number of failed petition drives he was involved with. It was just a handful of years ago that Dondero wrote an article declaring war on the LP. The LP had no problem getting on these states before…

  15. dodsworth Says:

    I was on the fence being voting for Barr or doing something else (like writing in Paul). If Dondero is against Barr, however, I now have one additional good argument to vote for Barr. Dondero seems to be making a career out of treason. First, he betrays his former boss, now he is betraying Barr and Root.

  16. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    This should surprise no one. Many people (including myself) were publicly predicting months ago that Dondero would in the end endorse McCain.

    If you really want to anger Dondero, don’t vote for Barr/Root—write-in Ron Paul.

    Dondero hates Ron Paul, whereas Dondero brags about being the one to convince Root to throw run for the LP nomination.

    Thanks to Gail Lightfoot, Ron Paul is an officially certified write-in candidate in California. This means that if you vote for Ron Paul—your vote will be counted.

  17. Stefan Says:

    Good news. This will persuade many skeptics that although his campaign was far from ideal, Bob Barr along with Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader - are sincere and honest people and worthy of receiving a vote.
    I also hope the LP team is organized to, in case early outcomes in VA, NC, GA etc. tend to be a certain win for Obama, they would contact many Republicans in the libertarian Western states - where the polls close later - to vote for Barr instead of McCain, to really send a message to the GOP, with the certainty that their vote for
    McCain cannot help McCain from winning anymore. This could push up the totals of the LP and CP considerably.

  18. Jim Peterson Says:

    I agree. I wish Eric had at least said that.

    Bob Barr and Ron Paul should have made it louder and more clear:

    If Obama wins Florida and Virginia before polls close in the west…every Republican should vote Bob Barr or Ron Paul out there.

    Bob Barr could have successfully reasoned to Alaskans: Vote for me if McCain has already lost…leading to him taking the entire state.

    That would send a huge message to the Republican leadership.

  19. Jim Peterson Says:

    In fact, if Florida or Virginia are called for Obama…any of you in the USA please go to the voting lines and tell McCain voters to switch.

    You will convince many.

    I cannot do this because I am in the more libertarian country, Germany, at the moment.

    Did you know the libertarian party here gets 10% of the vote every election and determines most coalition governments as a result?

  20. Clark Says:

    ...apparently this fucking republicrat idiot has been skunk-pissing on ‘Libertarianism’ for years!..

    ...hopefully someday the LP house will be thoroughly cleaned of republicrat idiots..starting at the top!

  21. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    Jim, I don’t know about your state.

    But campaigning on voting lines, or within X hundred feet within a polling place, is illegal in New York and California.

  22. stopdrugwar Says:

    Yeah, when Eric was telling us that Rudolph Guli-nazi is a ‘libertarian’ that gave us no inkling of his true colors, but now, now we know. His true colors are …

  23. K D Tunstall Says:

    Eric blasted me at TPW for not bowing down and kissing McStains boots. Where are you Eric? Hiding now doubt.

  24. K D Tunstall Says:

    Sorry….should have said Nolan chart.

    Looks like Texas brought in the votes for Barr.

  25. Andy Says:

    So Dondero ended up endorsing McCain/Palin over Barr/Root. Well suprise, suprise….NOT! LOL

  26. Edward Says:

    Eric Dondero enjoys the taste of penis

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