AP: Georgia back in play, and Bob Barr could make the difference

The Associated Press says Georgia is back in play, and “Libertarian Bob Barr is drawing enough support to have an impact on how Obama and McCain finish there.”

AP’s in-depth report includes this information:

Two polls show a surprisingly tight race. One from Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Inc., sponsored by NBC, shows McCain with a lead of 6 percentage points among the state’s likely voters. A CNN/Time/Opinion Research poll has McCain up 5 percentage points. When the pool of voters is widened to include registered voters, Obama grabs a 3 percentage point lead.

The CNN poll also shows Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee and a former Georgia congressman, drawing up to 4 percentage points.

3 Responses to “AP: Georgia back in play, and Bob Barr could make the difference”

  1. David Staples Says:

    This Georgian has voted for Bob Barr, as well as our other Libertarian candidates - John Monds, Allen Buckley, and Brandon Givens. Both Bob Barr and John Monds have the chance to break records this year in Libertarian vote tallies.

  2. jerry Says:

    Bob who?

  3. Nina Barker Says:


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