GOA Endorses Janine Hansen

Janine Hansen has lobbied the Nevada legislature on constitutional issues for years, including the right to keep and bear arms.

As the head of Nevada’s Eagle Forum, Hansen has lobbied on a wide range of issues before the Nevada legislature.

Hansen lobbied for passage of the current law in Nevada which makes it illegal to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding gun owners during an emergency.

In the last session, Hansen worked to overturn the unbelievable requirement in Clark County that citizens (even visitors) register their guns! This was a measure that was supported by the Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs—an anti-gun law enforcement group which has contributed to her opponent, ultra-liberal Republican Senator Dean Rhodes.

If she is going to beat her liberal opponent, she must have your financial support, and if possible, your personal help in her campaign. You can go to her web site and see where she stands on the
issues, as well as make a contribution here.

Hansen’s victory would open a logjam of conservative legislation in Carson City. The current liberal leadership in the Nevada Senate needs the vote of Hansen’s opponent. If Senator Rhodes is defeated
by Janine Hansen, the Senate’s current one-vote Republican advantage would disappear. In a deadlocked Republican-Democrat Senate, Hansen would have the deciding vote on Senate leadership, forcing
Republicans to chose a more conservative leader.

So, your support for Janine Hansen for Senate in the Rural Nevada District could make a huge difference in advancing the Second Amendment and self-defense in Nevada.

All this explains why Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is endorsing Janine Hansen for Nevada Senate.

Again, you can go here to support Hansen for Senate. You can also help by sending this endorsement to all of your friends.


Tim Macy

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund

9 Responses to “GOA Endorses Janine Hansen”

  1. Constitutional Warrior Says:

    Wow it doesn’t look like any former members of the Constitution Party has commented yet I will. I am not sure about Janine Hansen. With regards to the rape/incest exception for abortion. I have trouble with this. I wouldn’t support it but I am not sure what I would do if I was in the Senate and a bill banning abortion was being voted on with exceptions. Let’s say the current vote was 49-50 and I knew that VP was also for the bill with exceptions. Let’s also say I already tried to pass a bill banning abortion but without exceptions and that didn’t pass. Would I try to pass this bill 51-49 knowing that it had this exceptions or would I wait until I got support for the other bill? I might go with the supporting the bill. People who supported the dissafliation of Nevada are welcome to comment.

  2. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Hey at she is on the ballot. Chuck Baldwin is no where to be found in lots of big arenas.

    A lot of non Bible Thumpers [such as I] might conclude that you are splitting hairs and ignoring evolution [no pun intended] to the exclusion of big time revolution.

    You do realise that most ‘over night sucesses’ are the culmination of years of effort?

    Just a thought!

  3. Cody Quirk Says:


    Look at what happened in South Dakota years ago- they passed a bill that didn’t allow for exceptions except for the mother’s life AND THE VOTERS DEFEATED IT FOR BEING TOO EXTREME!

    Nevada is not as conservative as South Dakota (yet), so Janine, and the rest of the Pro-Life politicians and lobbyists would be smart if they worked to save the unborn one step at a time, rather then take the dogmatic/absolutionist approach that has been tried and fails time and again.
    And FYI with the way the Nevada is presently, Janine would be very lucky to end taxpayer funding of it.

  4. Porter_Rockwell Says:

    CW…Is simply a hate filled xtian. His Jesus is the God of perpetual hate and war. CW, you’re free to burn in Hell…

    BTW…Last time I looked, Gump’s like CW are poster boys for retroactive partial birth abortions…

  5. Constitutional Warrior Says:

    Wow I believe it was you that is hateful. To clarify I was not a member of the CP in 2006. As I have stated before I might be willing to support the exceptions if like South Dokota they tried to get the amendement without exception. The problem with Janine Hansen is that she seems to support the exception outright while South Dakota supports it because they tried to have 100% bill.

  6. Cody Quirk Says:

    Geeze, porter, relax.

    CW, remember what Howard Phillips said about compromises: a compromise that gets you towards your goal is a good compromise, and one to work for.

  7. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Well thot out Mister Quirk. Well thot out. There is instant coffee, instant tea, and instant cocoa, but this is no instant politics…...

  8. Craig M. Says:

    Cody, your 8:19 post raises a good point. The slippery slope can work both ways. When I was in high school, for a business class project I drew up plans for a smoke-free restaurant. Even though it was just a school project, the feedback I received was that a smoke-free restaurant would go out of business. Well, perhaps 10 years later, lo and behold, New York state (where I went to high school) banned smoking in public restaurants. I use this example to say that even though I wish no abortions existed, it seems as if there is a movement in the right direction when even Dennis Miller, who is pro-choice, said (paraphrase) that any abortion after five months seems like murder. (He was commenting on Sen. Obama’s stance on the Born Alive Infant Act.) As people are educated more and more that yes, indeed, a human is in the womb, people’s distaste for this procedure will compel them to move to its eradication.

  9. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Slavery [as featured in the Bible] took years of effort to abolish. Multiple marriage partners, women as non property owners, non property owners as non voters.

    Things take time. It is a truism.

    Like the smoking thing. In the 1970s was in the running for more than one job where the control center or other work environment was a blue gray haze. All those jobs have no smoking any where in the building—-not that it helps me at this time.

    In the 50s and 60s I knew of folks in the Heart Land whom said that they made sure that they drove through Utah to and from the West Coast. Now all kinds of hotel rooms are designated ‘Non Smoking’!

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