Obama beats Barr at ‘Reason’?

Reason Magazine, a libertarian journal, decided to be democratic about it and asked everyone in its part of the universe who they are voting for:

As Campaign 2008 entered its home stretch, we asked a variety of policy wonks, journalists, thinkers, and other public figures in the reason universe to reveal for whom they are voting this fall, for whom they pulled the lever the last two times around, what they’ll miss most about the Bush administration, and which president they’d most like to have waterboarded.

The answers are most interesting, especially since more of the people seem to favor Barak Obama than Bob Barr—and this in a libertarian journal! (John McCain got only a couple of votes, one of them from Grover Norquist.) I say “seem to favor” because a lot of the contributors won’t give a simple answer, but insist on convoluted answers that are, nevertheless, interesting.

This from TV host Drew Carey:

1. Who are you voting for in November? Anybody but McCain/Palin. Seriously. I’m begging you.

2. Who did you vote for in 2004 and 2000? I voted for the Libertarian candidate both times just to be puckish.

3. Is this the most important election in your lifetime? No. I believe the answers to all the problems we face as a society won’t come from Washington, it will come from us. So the way we decide to live our lives and our decisions about what we buy or don’t buy are much more important than who we vote for.

4. What will you miss about the Bush administration?

He refused to answer that question. Or perhaps the host of “The Price is Right” is stumped, and is still trying to think of something, anything, he will miss about the Bush administration.

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  1. David in Akron Says:

    Dana Perino got at least two votes in the reason article…I’m still reading it. It’s SO long, and I’m tired because I stayed up ‘til midnight watching the the Obama FL rally…where Bill Clinton and Obama took turns laughing at each others’ jokes.

  2. ETJB Says:

    1. Who are you voting for in November? Obama/Biden. Mcain fled his moderate-maverick leanings, picked Palin over someone like Lieberman and does not seem to undertand how to wn the war on terrorism.

    2. I voted for the Natural Law Party guy in 2000, mainly because he came off as a reasonably progressive and intelligent man and seemed like he really want to build a independen-third party coalition behind electoral reform. Bush has always come off as a man who is borth really stupid or scary. Gore concession speech showd a energy, clarity and intelligent that rarely came through.

    3. In 2004 I voted for Kerry mainly because Bush ad Co were still scary and stupid and did not seem a viable alternative. Nader lost most of my respect in 2000, I known people who got caught up in the bitter Green-Nader dispute, and well, the Libertarian Party seemed to be getting more and more right-wing.

    4. I doubt that this election is the most important in my lifetime, but it will be (could be?) a major turning out in terms of American foreign policy, and the economy and constitutional law.

    5. What will you miss about the Bush administration? So many choices. The inept foreign policy? The erosion of civil liberties? Confusing blind faith in business elites with free markets in action? Anti-gay Constitutional amendments?

  3. Pollster Says:

    This is significant because Reason, especially Dave Weigel, has been pro-Barr. That is not surprising because Reason has become “libertarian lite” at best under the control of Welch, Gillespie and Weigel. That’s what happens when you become a Kochtopus tentacle.

  4. David in Akron Says:



    “——- Original Message——-
    From: Shane Cory, BobBarr2008.com
    Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 1:13 PM
    Subject: Watch the debate live!

    Dear David,
    This afternoon, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin will debate in the first independently-organized debate of the season to include all presidential candidates who have a mathematical chance to win the election.
    The debate will be held in the City Club of Cleveland - a prestigious organization that has previously hosted speakers such as Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Ross Perot and Douglas MacArthur.
    Nearly three years ago to the day, Bob Barr spoke at the City Club regarding the Patriot Act and Civil Liberties - you can listen to Bob’s 2005 speech here.
    Today’s event will be taped by C-Span  - to air over the weekend - but you can watch the action live over the Web on a stream hosted by the City Club.
    Click Here at 4:00 to secure your place in the live stream. The debate will start at approximately 4:30 and should end by 5:30.”

  5. Pollster Says:

    I suspect that Grover Norquist, despite his statement in “Reason”, will vote for Barr. McCain and Norquist have had huge bust-ups in the past and the loathing is mutual. A McCain victory would be disastrous for Grover.

    Grover would benefit from leading a conservative rebuilding of the GOP after an Obama victory. The neo-cons around the Weekly Standard have smeared him as a an Arabist because he married a beautiful Jordanian. In fact, he would have more to benefit from voting for Obama.

    BTW, why are there so few commenters on this site now. Is it being boycotted by radical libertarians?

  6. MLS Says:

    Keep in mind that several Reason staffers live in D.C., where Barr is not on the ballot (although he is a registered write-in).

  7. chris Says:

    how come most seem to want to vote to punish?
    a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for an evil.
    a lot of them say obama, while a lot also say no vote, which is interesting.
    i choose no vote, i support none of the candidates. as for supporting obama? how un libertarian can you get?

  8. David in Akron Says:

    Chris (above), one answerer even stated Palin as the Libertarian choice. I’ll echo you, “how un libertarian can you get?”.

  9. Pollster Says:

    1. No one.
    2. No one and no one (Harry Browne was right in “How I found freedom in an unfree world”).
    3. No because there is no genuine libertarian candidate.
    4. I will miss nothing but hope for an end to war, torture, the Patriot Act (sic), Homeland security (sic), big government spending, deficits and all the fascist elements of Dubya’s regime.

  10. John C Says:

    FWIW, I remember reading the same articles back in 2004 and few of the staffers supported Badnarik.

    Most Reason guys go out of their way to say ” I am a SMALL l libertarian.” I am not one those Libertarians who hates the “reason Kochtopus” ( still wondering wtf a COKEtupus is myself). I particularly enjoy the work of Balko, Doherty, and Sullum, for example.

    But those guys have never been the biggest LP supporters. Like most of the country they choose between the 2 majors.

    It’s not a slight to Barr, personally. They were never behind Badnarik, Browne,etc, either.

    It was also mentioned by some that Barr was not on the D.C. and IIRC ( I am going by memory from reading the piece earlier and not from this link) one of them even brought up the very valid point that Barr didn’t even manage to get on ballots that Michael Freakin Badnarik had no trouble attaining.

  11. Libby Says:

    Reason has no “reason”..

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