Baldwin gets endorsement in ‘Taki’s Magazine’

Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin gets the endorsement of Richard Spencer in Taki’s Magazine. Says Spencer:

Chuck Baldwin will most certainly not win next Tuesday, he’s not even on the ballot in all states. He’s the only candidate, however, who’s starting point is the Constitution, and who’s seriously talking about individual and economic liberty, a foreign policy for America, and reducing both legal and illegal immigration (you know, all that extremist, unpatriotic stuff we write about at Takimag.) On top of it all, Baldwin has a sharp mind and is a gentleman.

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  1. Jake Says:

    Looks, its easy to talk about ex-moral majority staffer Baldwin, in light of his extremist views on theocracy and religion, but this article also highlights how he is against LEGAL immigration.

    Some legal immigration is because grandma lives in another country and wants to be with her children in her waning years.

    Some legal immigration is because it allows a U.S. company to bid on contracts that require expert, only a few people in the world have the skills, types of jobs.

    Baldwins appeal is largely as the anti-Obama, anti-McCain. If you look at what he is actually for…he is an extremist who is against legal immigration, even when that legal immigration is tied to packages that create jobs, or bring families together.

    Immigration always goes down when the economy is sour. But he wants to remove even strategic advantages that America has, by lowering our ability to recruit, to keep businesses located in the U.S., and just what the hell/business is it of his, if I want grandma to live with me?

    I’m a U.S. Citizen, under current law, I can sponsor grandma, under Baldwin’s vision of america, I couldn’t.

    I know, there are people with, shall we say, extreme views on immigration, kind of nationalist fervor/hatred type of thing, and thats fine, Baldwin should get his support from his supporters.

    Just don’t confuse him with Libertarianism, Ron Paul branch or otherwise.

  2. John Lowell Says:

    It’s exotic concerns notwithstanding - its uncovering of etherial and sinister forces at the core of the idea of international government, and specifically the UN - the candidacy of Chuck Baldwin continues to prosper. The Taki’s Magazine endorsement should not have been unexpected, although one wonders how likely Baldwin would find comfort with the Francoists that read, post and are supported there by John Zmirak and his rather bizarre Jesus-as-Falangist notion of Catholicism. Unless you expect a trip down memory lane to a time when ideological Catholicism was more closely associated with the Hlinka Guard than with its more recent iteration in the Catholico- neoconservatism of Richard Neuhaus, I’d stay away from such places. You might wind up wearing an armband.

  3. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Ah the United Nations! Baby steps first.

    Should the USA get out of the UN? I have no definative answer. But 2008 is not 1945! That I do know!

    Let’s get the UN out of the USA! Fake out an EPA toxic hazard complaint/ investigation. Vacate the entire building. Send the bums packing!

    Libs, they’d rather complain all day than work on problems for an hour! New symbol, the Circular Firing Squad! New American HQ, Napa California, WHINE country!

  4. Gary Odom Says:

    “Looks, its easy to talk about ex-moral majority staffer Baldwin, in light of his extremist views on theocracy and religion”

    I am convinced that anyone who makes this statement about Chuck Baldwin only knows that he came up through the Moral Majority and is a pastor and has, perhaps, seen some of the more extreme religious portions which remain, for the time being, in the CP platform.

    I doubt very seriously that person who believes such things has actually heard Chuck speak on these issues. Anyone who has heard him would know that Chuck is a serious advocate of religious liberty and that the rights and views of all people, including agnostics and atheists, must be fiercely protected and respected. This came across clearly in Chuck’s first debate with Ralph Nader. When it comes to public affairs Chuck is not interested in a person’s religious faith, but rather whether the person is faithful to the Constitution of the United States.

    Baldwin’s views are actually completely antithical to theocracy. But to know that, again, you have to actuyally listen to what he says rather than to make assumptions based on the fact that he happens to be a Baptist Pastor.

    And, I know that Chuck Baldwin has had legal immigrants who work for him and with him. The representations made by Jake in that regard are not accurate, either. And even, for the sake of argument, a person believes that it may be prudent, at present, to reduce or even put a temporary moratorium on legal immigration while America deals with the current illegal immigration crisis does not mean such person is against legal immigration in the long run or is hostile to those who are legal immigrants.

    Having borders and asking and expecting those of other nations to respect those borders in NOT hatred.

  5. Craig M. Says:

    Well said, Gary.

  6. Nancy Says:

    I know this site is libertarian leaning, but…you might also want to point out Ralph Nader’s endorsement by Howard Zinn. Just to be thorough. :-)

  7. Allen Says:

    It’s strange that Baldwin wouldn’t start with with god’s law first rather then the constitution that was man’s law. Just an observation.

  8. DonaldRaymondLake Says:

    Nancy: How dare you imply that ThirdPartyWatch is any thing but, well, er, ah, um a wide spectrum, ‘clear and balanced’ review of alternative people or groups.

    Oh, that’s right, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home has been critical of the paleo conservative, neo conservative, theo conservative, and libertarian slant from day one.

    We have suggested DOZENS of non Lib, non conservative folks for years. Only one, a busy Pennsylvania college student was reviewed!

    And that’s a fact Jack!

  9. Rolf Cross Says:


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