NRA now stands for National Republican Association

Richard Cooper is the former chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, a Ron Paul delegate, and a Bob Barr presidential elector. Like so many others, he is incensed that the National Rifle Association would snub Bob Barr, who is a member of its board of directors and who has an A+ rating on gun rights, to endorse John McCain, who has a C+ rating. In Ground Report, Cooper says:

Previously, the NRA backed pro-gun Democratic incumbents to show their appreciation and I suppose to hedge their bets. But in the Bush years with Karl Rove’s strategies for making Republican majorities permanent, this policy seems to have been largely abandoned.

What do these actions show? The NRA is officially the National Rifle Association. However, it has become the National Republican Association.

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  1. NewFederalist Says:

    I found it a slap in the face as well but I would have expected nothing else from the NRA. They are quite disappointing on many levels.

  2. volvoice Says:

    Where’s Bob’s letter condemning the NRA? I have not found any article in which he publicly fights for this endorsement.

  3. Scott Says:

    Yeah, that’s why I let my membership laspe some time ago and now support the GOA.

  4. Craig M. Says:

    Perhaps the administrator could comprise a list of organizations who have sold their principles for a ticket into the ‘big tent’. The list could include any organization supporting either of the “two-names, in reality one-party”. Feel free to use dollars or pieces of silver when listing the dolalr amount.

  5. Nancy Says:

    The Sierra Club does the same thing. If it supported the most environmental candidates, it would back McKinney or Nader.

  6. William Says:

    I don’t know why the NRA would bother endorsing John McCain anyway. The dude seriously has no chance to win. It’s going to be Obama by a landslide. I’m voting Barr because I believe he’s the best choice running, and I would like to see the Libertarian Party pull in a record number of votes. Seriously, if the NRA is going to choose between two candidates who are guaranteed to lose the election, they ought to pick Barr because he’s up to their standards on gun issues, and McCain is not. How lame.

  7. citizen1 Says:

    As I said earlier the NRA would not even endorse Wilde Moore who has run with the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party.

  8. gp martin Says:

    the nra has done as much to put the 2nd amendment in danger as the brady bunch.
    How ?—because they have other agendas than gun rights. right wing conservative politics that use gun rights to plug into energy and money.
    the result ?—-an issue that should enjoy widespread support across party lines -is seen as the turf of right wing…racist…bigoted folks.
    The 2nd amendment protects all Americans…but he nra has helped create a narrow band of support that risks everything each time political control switches to the
    The 2nd amendment deserves better.

  9. Joseph Marzullo Says:


    where are the articles where McCain fought for the NRA endorsement?

  10. Clark Says:

    ...great point, gp martin!!..

  11. Carl Says:

    The NRA is telling its members who to vote for to best protect gun rights for the next term. If McCain is a C and Obama an F, then voting for McCain best defends gun rights. The third party candidates are not really running for president; they are running to promote their respective parties. The serious run-for-office races are downticket for third parties.

    Whining about the lesser of two evils dilemma is about as useful as whining about gravity or entropy; i.e., not very. The realistic reasons for running a presidential candidate as a third party are:

    • Have a face for the party
    • Have a funding vehicle to run nationwide ads

    Special interest groups are not in the business of party building; that is the respective party’s job.
    And besides, McCain covered his gun issue weakness by putting Palin on the ticket.

  12. Xrlq Says:

    Every time I read a post like this one I feel my own IQ drop a few points. If the NRA were partial to Republicans, they’d be endorsing Pat McCrory over Bev Perdue for NC governor rather than vice-versa.

    At the Presidential level, the NRA has endorsed a mostly pro-gun candidate who’s down in the polls but at least might beat out the most rabidly anti-gun President in history and appoint a Supreme Court Justice or two so the Second Amendment no longer depends on a single vote. The alternative would have been to throw their endorsement away, either by not endorsing anyone, or by endorsing a more solidly pro-gun paper candidate whose only potential in the race is to help Obama win. This was a no-brainer, folks.

  13. kombayn Says:

    That’s quite disappointing. I would at least like to think the NRA would have a spine and give Bob Barr their endorsement. Anyone who is a member should write an e-mail in disgust for supporting John McCain who doesn’t appeal to their constituent.

  14. disinter Says:

    The third party candidates are not really running for president; they are running to promote their respective parties.

    In Barf’s case, he is really running to promote himself.

    Good for the NRA for NOT endorsing neocon fascist Bob Barfin Barbie!

  15. Kenny Says:

    Perhaps the NRA does not view Barr as a credible candidate? What’s the point of backing a loser who will struggle to get even 1% of the vote? The NRA may not be consistent but, at the very least, it knows that shooting itself in the foot is not an option. This is not a snub, just an organisation taking a rational decision and recognising that Barr is an irrelevant nobody. Welcome to real politik!!

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