IAP Candidate’s campaign doing well

Janine Hansen

Janine Hansen, the IAP candidate for State Senate, is campaigning hard in her district, as she reports:

My radio ads started on October 8th in Elko, Winnemucca and Ely—which covers most of the district. I have enclosed the written copy of the radio ads. If you would like to hear the recorded versions they are on my website.

She later continues-

On Monday, Oct 6, I attended a candidates night in Imlay (between Lovelock and Winnemucca) and on Tuesday I attended one in Tonopah. I’ve put hundreds of miles on my car. There’s a map of my district on my website. Anyway, I was very well received and in fact, received the biggest applause of any candidate at both events. My opponent, Dean Rhoads didn’t even show up. There are candidates’ nights coming up in Lovelock, Battle Mountain, Austin, Winnemucca, and Eureka.

I’ve also participated in the voter guide sections of the Nevada Rancher, Humboldt Sun, Elko Daily Free Press and Ely Times Newspapers.

Her campaign has been going very well. In addition, she has just recently been endorsed by the Nevada Livestock Association and Nevada Concerned Citizens.

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