NPR’s interview with Bob Barr

Here is a transcript of Bob Barr’s recent interview on NPR, with an audio feed if you prefer to listen to the interview. The Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate explains, among other things, his opposition to the “bailout from hell.”

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  1. Brian D Says:

    Barr really kicks ass on radio and tv interviews. He is every bit as polished as McBama. The more people hear him the more want to vote for him.

  2. David in Akron Says:

    In the interview, I couldn’t tell if he meant defensive force or preemptive force when he was talking about threatening targets in Afghanistan. The “we will use force” comment caught me off guard, from a Libertarian perspective.

  3. David in Akron Says:

    A follow up to my last post,

    Fellow Libertarians,
    How is this comment different than Bush’s WMD Iraq argument.

    “Those that do us harm, or are poised to do us harm and have the capability and the weaponry and the intent to do so, ought to be taken out.”

  4. Hallmonster Says:

    @ David in Akron:

    Well, let’s say Iraq had WMD back in 2003. You and I would probably both agree that that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a threat to us. Many nations have WMD (Pakistan, India, China and so on…). I think we would also both agree that Bush was not justified in the invasion and occupation of Iraq in any form. That’s Bush’s way of doing things.

    Now look at Bush/McCain/Obama’s language towards the Iran situation and compare that to Barr’s. Barr is not the one we should be worried about.

  5. David in Akron Says:


    Good points. Thanks for the reply.

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