Make them debate hooked up to a lie detector!

In Indiana’s 9th congressional district, Libertarian Dr. Eric Schansberg is running against incumbent Rep. Baron Hill (Democrat) and former Rep. Mike Sodrel (Republican). According to his website, he’s found a Republican proposal he likes:

On Wednesday, Dr. Eric Schansberg agreed to a debate proposal from 9th District Republican Party Chairman Larry Shickles. Shickles proposed that the three candidates would be allowed to ask each other a pre-determined number of questions—while connected to a polygraph lie detector.

What creative thinking! (Not to mention a proposal that’s DOA—dead on arrival.) But if one of the networks could convince McCain and Obama to do this, the guaranteed result would be the largest audience ever in the history of television.

4 Responses to “Make them debate hooked up to a lie detector!”

  1. Shane Killian Says:

    Might be an idea if polygraphs weren’t bogus junk science.

  2. ken Says:

    Libertarianism as gimmick? Sheesh.

  3. C. Al Currier Says:

    RE: junk science & polygraghs …Shane Killian


    Libertarians frequently have good intuition about economics (social science) but…., but….. oh yeah, rights and stuff…

    Polygraghs are pretty good for determing who can be Aster-knots (space-cowboys), so I wouldn’t say that polygraghs are totally useless. They’re good for determining emotional reactions. People with the ‘right-stuff’ are uh, uh, pathological liers or uh, uh, pathological fliers.

  4. Rick O Says:

    A lie detector wouldn’t make a difference, narcissist pass lie detector tests.

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