The dating-er, debating-game

Okay, so the October 7 debate is history, but another one is coming up on Wednesday, October 15, and it promises to be yet another titillating edge-of-your-seat battle between national socialist candidate Tweedledum and national socialist candidate Tweedledee.

So, here is how the Nader presidential campaign celebrated last night’s debate. Pretty funny and innovative. All third party camps might think of something like this on October 15. To keep us awake. And help our candidates.

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  1. John Lowell Says:

    If there’s an answer to America’s economic and foreign policy woes, you didn’t hear it last night from either one of those insects. We’re in an enormous economic crisis, one that’s just about to throw the every day operation of American business into absolute choas and the two system candidates talk about new health care plans and giving General Betrayus what he needs in Afghanistan! News: The money to pay for the gas to get either one of these jackasses to their campaign headquarters next week just might have to be printed.

    Ask yourself, do you really think these idiots have answers for the genuinely serious questions facing us today? If they did they’d be telling you to end the war and our costly base entanglements overseas right now, today; to repeal the insane bailout that doesn’t deal with the source of our current economic crisis which is distressed mortgage holders themselves; and to focus immediately on the reindustrialization of the United States at all costs. Education, schmeducation, health care, schmelthcare, Russia, Schmussia, these aren’t what’s wrong! What’s wrong are these imitations of leaders our political system keeps showcasing and shoving down our throats. If we had it right, people like McCain and Obama would be at the defense table at a show trial facing someone like Andrei Vishinsky.

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