The fallout of the Ron Paul Revolution: McKinney, Nader, Baldwin and now Lyndon LaRouche

TPW received the following e-mail:

From: TheMoneyBomb < [redacted]>
Date: Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 3:51 PM
Subject: American Anger Brewing
To: [redacted]

LaRouche PAC Webcast Video:

- Not much left to say. Plenty to do.

Ron Paul Money Bomb, PSC 41 Box 6823, APO, AE 09464, USA

The Pyrabang link leads to a Lyndon LaRouche YouTube where LaRouche says that his “friendly friends” have told him: “Please, please be cautious. Let this bill go though so they won’t shoot us.”

“They are saying that behind the Bush administration there are people who would actually use U.S. troops to shoot down people who want to oppose this bill,” LaRouche continued. “That’s there, right now. That is reality.”

Then he started talking about death camps…

A quick Google search reveals that the e-mail address of the sender is also the e-mail address behind “The Original Ron Paul Money Bomb.” As of the time of this writing, the money bomb site displays the “V” graphic shown above, as well links to Prison Planet and all things Ron Paul.

The LaRouche YouTube is filled with comments opposing things like Zionists, the NWO and the IMF while being supportive of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Lyndon LaRouche.

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  1. Clark Says:

    Thi$ is ju$t another $care tacktick used by the Richard Viguerie controlled$$ neo-con Bob Barr $$campaign$$ to make Chuck Baldwin look bad.

    Follow$$ the money$$. Richard Viguerie$$ ownes TPW and he own$ $hane Corey and Ru$$ Verney so now he own$ Bob Barr, too. He ju$t did thi$ to make money for his failing website because he can’t compete with GE at IPR.

  2. FreedomMike Says:

    I hadn’t decided between Barr and Baldwin before I read this. I was a bit upset with Barr about the press conference, but now I understand totally. How can Barr be considered a credible candidate if he hangs out with people like this?

    Go Bob Barr!

  3. FreedomMike Says:

    Here is what the Barr campaign just said on the subject:

    “The Bush administration once again misled Americans into believing extreme danger was imminent and extraordinary U.S. government intervention was required to save our country,” says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee. “And, once again, the intervention of the Bush administration has made things much worse.”

    “In 2003, the Bush administration said that if we did not act immediately in Iraq, Americans faced imminent threats, and conjured images of mushroom clouds and terror attacks,” Barr explains. “Americans, trusting that our government officials knew what they were talking about, went along with the panicked calls for action, only to be bogged down in an occupation of Iraq for the last five years.”

    “When financial firms began feeling the impact of years of irresponsible lending, Bush, along with Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, began invoking similar apocalyptic scenarios—like the Great Depression—justifying immediate government intervention in the economy,” Barr continues. “Now, taxpayers are $700 billion in the hole, and the economy is continuing its downward slide.”

    “No longer should Americans look to the government as the fix to today’s problems,” says Barr. “American voters should throw-out all of these politicians who hyped the danger and put taxpayers on the hook for what will amount to be more than a trillion dollars. No longer can we stand for an alarmist government, which approaches our problems with a quick fix rather than a reasoned solution. Bush, McCain and Obama should have taken a deep breath, and stayed out of the way as the market continues its painful adjustment process,” Barr says.

    “Instead, they took a bad situation and made it worse—with taxpayers picking up a huge debt,” Barr says. “More government is not the answer.”

    “We’ve gone from threats of mushroom clouds and alleged vials of anthrax, to threats of massive unemployment and no credit for student loans,” Barr notes. “And who is responsible for this alarmism and paranoia? Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, just to name a few people. Senators McCain and Obama are not friends to the taxpayers. They are two faces to the same problem: big government.”

    “It is time for a change,” says Barr. “A change to keeping government small, and the taxpayers protected from the government’s greedy hands. This change will not come from big-government types like Senators McCain and Obama. It will only come from outside the political establishment. Only through a vote for Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party will America return to a society with less government, fewer taxes and more individual freedom.”

  4. plunge protection team joke Says:

    you MUST take one of the candidates who forced you to pay for the Wall Street bailout.

    “The two parties should be
    almost identical, so that
    the American people can
    ‘throw the rascals out’
    at any election without
    leading to any profound or
    extensive shifts in policy.”
    -Carol Quigley

  5. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    Libertarians throughout the world consider themselves to be “tolerant” of others, regardless of ones sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or social position. This is why the movement is gaining traction from the US, to South America, across the pond here in the UK to Russia and Asia.

    The “hate” movement while decreasing here, appears to be rising in the US perhaps due to your economic situation and the poor choices your government is forcing the rest of the world to make.

    I would strongly encourage your Libertarian leaders not to fall into this “hate” trap that so many others have in the past. Remain tolerant and your movement will only grow. Grow through peace and principles rather than hate and blame.

    I too would encourage your Libertarian leaders to never share the stage with those that do not understand the principle of tolerance, for if all are equal in the eyes of God in heaven, then all must be equal whilst on the earth..

  6. Stefan Says:

    Hmmm Viquerie is supporting the McCain-Palin ticket, based on the Palin selected, whom he calls a new Ronald Reagan. I guess it must have been the McCain vote and Palin defense of the socialist big govt. bailout that cause him and his group to be frightful of Ron Paul, who is targeted in this stupid rumor, that belongs in the dustbin. See, the overall majority of the population is against the bailout and Viiquerie must now be afraid of how this will positively help third party movements and groups, who have all condemned the bailout.
    The heading is soo nonsensical as can be. Mr. Viquerie is a disgrace to the person who has done the most for third party movements in decades, while still
    remaining in the GOP: Ron Paul.
    Mr. Viquerie, face it, all the major third parties will perform better than before and your candidate - McCain - is facing a historic defeat. He is polling lower every day and not only he, but also inept people like yourself who failed to come up for a conservative-libertarian politician with principle and integrity.

    The late William F. Buckley has written a very important essay last year:

  7. Jonathan Says:

    Please send $5 today as we are trying to send a strong message through radio ads. Especially tonight in this second useless debate that will go on we need to support Bob Barr. Tonight’s debate McCain will smear Obama for his relationships with shady peope and Obama will point to the economy. same old same old. Yesterday Palin was in my neighborhod in Boca Raton, Fl and she rasied 3 million. What a waste. Please Please send just $5 as a show of suport, there are only 20 something days and so if we don’t act now, it will be too late. Help The Libertarian Party get as many votes as they can to secure ballot access next time thus saving tons of money and effort to do this as well as costly lawsuits.
    IF we can achieve automatic ballot access in 2012 , all that money wil be used in ads early on the way it should be instead of what happens time and time again. Please ask your firends to contribute, maybe they lost abet, it’s time to pay up

  8. Stefan Says:

    Who talked about “weapons of mass destruction” that were never found. TPW should rather concentrate on such issues.

  9. Proud2BNAmerican Says:


    If you are so damned tolerant over there in Great Britain, will you guys open your borders to allow all of the CFR, NWO, and 9/11 conspiracy kooks over there? They are causing incredible damage to the Libertarian Party and libertarian movement over here.

    BTW, we started kicking your ass in 1776 and will continue to do so!

  10. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    Yes, well I say keep your criminal elements there. That’s why we set up the colonies anyway!

    Perhaps the answer is it is time for you yanks to set up your own colonies and then send them there - Iraq comes to mind, yes?

    Good day and thanks for the ha ha!

  11. PainfullyAware Says:

    With Knowledge Comes Sorrow.

    Reality Will Be Reality Whether Believed In Or Not.

    Education is the only weapon against ignorance.

    Question your paradigm and what others “Feed” you. All but your own experience is filtered through others.

    To Assume Benevolence Is Foolish.

    When You Can Create Money Out Of Thin Air You Can Buy Governments.

  12. G.E. Says:

    What’s wrong with opposing the IMF?

  13. GEsButtBoy Says:

    What’s wrong with mentioning government conspiracies about 9/11 or the NewWorldOrder? The moon landings were faked, just like the halocaust so the Jews can take control of our media and banks.

    What’s wrong with hating the Jews who control the world economies, too?

    Lyndon LaRouche, Ron Paul, and Chuck Baldwin are the REAL LIBERTARIANS.

    Bob Barr is a CIA plant who is being paid by AIPAC.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    wow GEsBUTTBOY you must get fucked in the as quite a bit, no wonder your name.
    You should offer your butt to the Nazi Party where you belong

  15. Jonathan Says:

    The hours are ticking down if you want to pledge your support to If 10,000 pledges are made by October 10th, the same man who planned the Ron Paul moneybombs will host a debate for all candidates for president on enough ballots to win the Electoral College.

  16. Jonathan Says:

    The hours are ticking down if you want to pledge your support to If 10,000 pledges are made by October 10th, the same man who planned the Ron Paul moneybombs will host a debate for all candidates for president on enough ballots to win the Electoral College.

  17. Mame McQueen Says:

    What was Ralph Nader thinking when he decided to run for president against impossible odds? Read WHAT WAS RALPH NADER THINKING? and find out! Written by Nader’s filmmaker, Jurgen Vsych available only at

    It’s an especially valuable biography for young voters, who may not fully know Nader’s incredible record of public service.

  18. Red Phillips Says:

    This is definitely a smear.

    Has Viguerie officially said he is supporting McCain/Palin? If so, anyone have a link?

  19. disinter Says:

    Poor Turd Party Watch… all upset that Ron Paul didn’t endorse their favorite sleaze-ball fascist Bob Barf.

    So sad.

  20. disinter Says:

    “It is time for a change,” says Barr. “A change to keeping government small

    Last I looked government was everything but small. If Barf wants to keep it as “small” as it is now, then he might as well go back to the Repugs where he belongs.

  21. Tired of 2 Says:

    Disinter: Ditto

  22. Craig Says:

    LaRouche is a Democrat. If he agrees with Ron Paul on anything, attribute it to the Broken Clock Theory (it’s right twice a day.)

    Why continue knocking Ron Paul, right when he’s looking like some kind of genius for predicting this financial crisis?

    With less than a month left before the election, why continue to antagonize Ron Paul’s numerous supporters? Spite? There’s still time for Bob Barr to try to woo Ron Paul supporters back—many freedom lovers are uncomfortable voting for the Constitution Party.

  23. Tom Bryant Says:

    Why pretend that Ron Paul is a prophet? Ron Paul, as well as many many other libertarians and Libertarians, have warned and predicted an economic collapse in the near future. The problem is that Ron Paul and the others said it EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Any college student that takes an Economic course knows about the business cycle. I don’t think that Ron Paul or the others who have said the same thing are somehow geniuses because of this economic down turn.

    We know that booms are followed by busts. And busts are followed by, guess what, booms.

    Our country will rebound from this just like it rebounded from the crash that evaporated the stockmarket.

  24. Clark Says:

    ...thanks for the imitation/flattery, phony ‘CLARK’ post number 1!..

    ..the real CLARK is amused..

    ...and have a good day!..

  25. Clark Says:

    ...and remember, CLARK enthusiasts, CLARK won his spelling bee in 8th grade…so you republicrat dummies hoping to imitate CLARK will need to acquire a the very least!..

    (you will also need to acquire an honest under$tanding as to the origin, nature, etc., of a fucking dollar…so you republicrat faux CLARKS have some work/thinking to do!) ;o)

  26. Stefan Says:

    Tom: Ron Paul has NOT predicted an economic collaps every year, he has every year shown the dangers of this coming some time. In 1983 he predicted a financial market fallout in 1986 or 1987, e.g. not in 1984 0r 1985 and not in 1988 etc. How was he right. Last he he said this year would probably be much more difficult.
    Remember a few months ago Henry Paulson said this is the strongest economy he has seen in his lifetime! Many economicst and politicians - who should know even better than college students you refer to - laughed at Paul and thought he is way off, negative and a loon, remember. Paul also said an interest ate cut will only make things worse, while others were calling for it, like Goldman Sachs chief economist etc.
    Neil Cavuto has described Paul as an economic genius the other day and acknowledged Paul knows more than him about these issues. As Paul has said many collegue students - mostly due to interest in the Paul campaign - knows more about monetary theory than politicians in DC. He has been very humble about his own abilities, and acknowledged the honor more in the Austrian school he is rooted in.
    Last year the Fed should not have lowered interest rates, what happens now, would have happened then and it would not has been as severe then than now. Marc Faber has said the Fed’s lowering of interest rates has actually contributed to the banks and investment banks taking even more risk and losing more money, e.g. making the situation worse.

    Do you know the difference between the Austrian and the Chicago schools?

  27. Stefan Says:

    Red: I do not know if Viquerie has officially endorsed McCain-Palin, or if he ever endorse a politician officially. He has been clearly jumping on the Palin band wagon though, describing her as a new Ronald Reagan. You can have a look at his website and the sentiment and themes to know. No news on the LP or CP there.

  28. Alex Merced Says:

    I’m in contact with most of the Major players in the RP movement, and know the guys Pyrabang, Freeople, and Break the Matrix. I Those guys are awesome, and while most of the movement is pretty civil and knows how to match wits in the political world, There does seem to be subsection of the movement that has no tact.

    I personally don’t buy into all the conspiracy theories, I’m more focused on the whoe Autrain Economic battle. Still no matter what’s your focus there’s a level tact that must be used. Like I don’t start out a debate with “let’s go back to the gold standard” it’s to divisive to start at the conclusion.

    The way to enlighten people is with questions in the socratic method.

    “Is it ethical to manipulate the value of someones labor, which the federal reserve does?”

    “Is it ethical to take other peoples money for things you deem are public goods, if those people can’t do the same”

    I don’t make conclusions for people, if they don’t get there themselves they’ll never get there and you’ll scare them further down the rabbit hole

    THE POINT: Use tact when furthering the priciples you stand for.

  29. Joseph the Libertarian Says:

    Remember: All of these anti-Libertarian Party people are just bible thumping protectionists from the Constitution Party. They’re liars.

  30. Shell Rowe Says:

    Here is a form that can be signed and sent to the board members of the Commission on Presidential Debates to get the viable third party candidates on the last debate.
    Also send an email to JAnet Brown [email protected]
    Here is more contact info

  31. Shell Rowe Says:

    Here is a public poll in which you can vote for your favored candidate:

  32. Cody Quirk Says:

    Libertarians throughout the world consider themselves to be “tolerant” of others, regardless of ones sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or social position.

    = Except for devout Christians on TPW.

  33. Cody Quirk Says:

    They are prime targets for Libertarians here.

  34. Libertine Libertarian Says:

    I would like to see the republican party go away, and be replaced with the constitution and libertarian parties. One for the fundie christian NWO Illuminati owl phobic nutcases, and one for the rest of us with some sanity left.

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