Only one bailout viewpoint in tonight’s ‘debate’

Scott McLarty protests on that basically only one viewpoint on the Iraq war and the Wall Street bailout will be given to the American people in tonight’s presidential debate. He has an alternative proposal:

When the LWV [League of Women Voters] ceded authority over the debates in 1988, it called the growing Democratic-Republican domination of the debates “a fraud on the American voter.”

Americans have a special justification now for insisting on the inclusion of Cynthia McKinney, independent Ralph Nader, Libertarian nominee Bob Barr, and the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin, all of whom will be on the ballot in a majority of states. The proposed bailout has placed the loyalties of our political leaders in bold relief. The leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties, including Barack Obama and John McCain, have joined the Bush Administration and Wall Street cronies in support of a scheme allowing the greatest transfer of wealth from taxpayers to financial corporations in US history.

Opposing the $700 billion bailout legislation are some progressive Democrats, some traditionally conservative Republicans (those who object to taxpayer-funded corporate handouts), most of the American public, and the alternative party candidates. Neither the Obama nor the McCain campaign represent anti-bailout voters.

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  1. Arthur DiBianca Says:

    Learn how to file a complaint against the Commission on Presidential Debates here:

  2. sham debate Says:

    John McCain is used to force the election of Barack Obama.
    Barack Obama forced you to pay for Wall Street’s bailout.

    Stop the extortion, blackmail, bribery, and division;
    Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney.

    “The two parties should be
    almost identical, so that
    the American people can
    ‘throw the rascals out’
    at any election without
    leading to any profound or
    extensive shifts in policy.”

    - Carol Quigley

  3. Glaivester Says:

    There will be a debate Thursday between Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, and some smaller third party candidates on Revolution Broadcasting.

    Trevor Lyman of Ron Paul moneybomb fame is taking pledges up through tomorrow at Third Party Ticket, for the purpose of establishing another third-party debate. He is 89% of the way to his goal of 10,000.

  4. citizen1 Says:

    There is only one view point on a lot of issues in these debates.

  5. Constituent Response Team Says:

    Self - It’s Time to Stand Up for Yourself

    Every market in the world is now suffering. $700 billion has disappeared and accomplished nothing. The Fed is getting ready to create and loan another $900 billion to banks and we and our children will pay for it through the inflation that it will cause. We cannot allow this to continue. We cannot continue to elect the same people and expect them to make things better when they have already proven that they will not.
    Millions of Americans called in and sent emails telling their Congress members and Senators not to vote for the bailout, but these public servants ignored the people that they are supposed to be working for and voted for the bill anyway. How can American citizens continue to put up with this?

    The elections are less than a month away and, instead of the fear that they have tried to instill in us, what we need is a good old-fashioned dose of American anger at the polls. We won’t change things by doing the same thing over and over and the solution is going to come by exploring a path that we haven’t been down before. Nothing that we have done before has fixed this. It’s only made things worse. It is time for real change, not the phony change that politicians have been promising for over a hundred years as things continue to worsen.

    If you have someone working for you and they refuse to do what you tell them and only do the things that you told them not to do, you fire them. Now is the time to get rid of the 263 Congress members and 74 Senators who ignored you and voted for this bill. Don’t wait until they make things worse. We need to send the message that legislators work for us and not Wall Street. We really don’t have the time to wait and see what’s going to happen. It has happened and it’s only going to get worse unless we make some changes. We owe it to ourselves and our children not to wait another 2 or 4 years.

    The reality is that we won’t get all of these people fired, but there are several Senators who voted “yes” who are in tight races, and more who are vulnerable. Things in Congress are better. There are over a dozen Congress members who are in vulnerable races, where just a little bit of effort will make the difference. If we get mad enough, a number of Senators are subject to recall in 18 states that allow it. We can send a clear message that we won’t tolerate this foolishness any more.

    There is a new grass roots movement of concerned citizens, called the Constituent Response Team, forming to help and co-ordinate these efforts. You can make a difference by signing up and helping. You can contact them at constituentresponse[email protected] and volunteer to write letters, post to forums, and hang door hangers. If you have special skills like graphic/ad design, copy writing, or political analysis, they want you. If you have money to donate, so much the better!

    The Constituent Response Team hopes to target the vulnerable public servants who have ignored our wishes with print and radio ads and replace them with a few good people who know who they work for. If we get only 10% of these Congress members and 15 Senators replaced it will change the attitude of the rest and all of them will begin to listen. We can easily accomplish this in the time left.

    There’s not a lot of time left before the election so, there won’t be a lot of talking. There will just be a lot of doing. If you are ready to do something to help your country, your children, and yourself, all you have to do is get started. A month out of your life will make all the difference in the entire world for generations to come.

    Donate your time and a little money if you have it. We need to get rolling now.

    Take control of your future by contacting the Constituent Response team at [email protected]

    Stand up with other Americans just like you who are already standing for their country.

    Please feel free to post this in as many places as you wish.

  6. Quietus Says:

    Has there even been an inter-party third party debate yet?

  7. ETJB Says:

    Thanks! I will certainly be writing a long, firm but polite note off to the CPD about what is wrong with their current policy and the numerous, better alternatives that could easily be done. For example;

    (1) Invite the top three candidates (from those candidates are the ballot in enough states to have a possibility of winning). If their is any dispute over which candidate is the official third place, then randomly draw names out of a hat or, invite a different third party candidate to each of the debates. This could be done with up to four, although I think that might be pushing it.

    (2) Let candidates post YouTube type Q&A files on the CPD web page and advertise their existence during the debate.

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