Libertarian Party starts radio ads

Andrew Davis, Director of Communications for the Libertarian Party, reports that the LP has produced its first radio ad and is “already committed to 2,000 spots per week over the next 29 days.” The ad centers on the Wall Street bailout, with the Libertarian position contrasted to the Democratic-Republican position.

Davis is asking for contributions to expand the radio program, saying that “each dollar will purchase approximately one radio spot.”

5 Responses to “Libertarian Party starts radio ads”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    This is great news and we must all send a donation to keep this going. I know it is a sacrifice since we are all hurting but there are only like 27 days left. We must act now . Please make a donation today at

  2. disinter Says:

    Fuck Davis and his Barf-loving LP.

  3. Erik e. Says:

    Jonathan is right! If we can,t send in a donation , email L.P. links to your friends or get on talk radio. Bob barr is the best one running now , R. or D. are the same B.S every four years check this out

  4. ken Says:

    The pragmatists-LRC types fought putting You Tube ads out by LNC as too educational and ‘not real politics’ several years ago. NOW it’s good?

  5. Ed Godard Says:

    THis is really a small number of radio ads. The Indiana Libertarians regularly run that many ads for their top-of-ticket candidates each year.

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