More third-party candidates for Congress

Ballot Watch News reports that both the Libertarian Party and the Green Party have expanded the number of congressional candidates they are fielding this year. The Libertarian Party has 127 nominees on the ballot compared to 114 in 2006. The Green Party has jumped from 45 congressional candidates in 2006 to 58 this year.

In addition:

The Constitution Party has 24 nominees this year, compared to 28 in 2006. The only other party that has nominees for U.S. House on the ballot in more than a single state is the Socialist Workers Party, which has 3 nominees this year (one each in Iowa, New Jersey, and New York).

2 Responses to “More third-party candidates for Congress”

  1. Me Says:

    Strange! I thought the Constitution Party was growing and flourishing since several pro-life state parties dis-affiliated. Maybe all the hype, blather, and hot air from CP leaders is simply that.

  2. citizen1 Says:

    Does the AIP CA have any congressional candidates? If so who are they credited to and how many did the have in 2006?
    It was great to see my state LP chair wearing a ‘no Barr’ button.

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