Libertarian truck driver hits the political road

Teddy Fleck, the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Missouri, writes:

My name is Teddy Fleck. On September 12 I went to Columbia, Missouri to debate the other candidates for the office of Lt. Governor. The Missouri Press Association held the event and I was honored to be invited.

Though I never have debated on such a large scale before, I decided to take the plunge. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was nervous going in, but even though they were polished politicians I was not intimidated and held my own.

The reason I am saying this is to encourage more Libertarians to take the plunge and run for office. Not just to be a paper candidate but to run. If a blue collar truck driver like me can put on a suit and debate the Republicrates, then so can you.

It doesn’t take millions of dollars. Make a simple web site, buy a couple of banners, go to Kinko’s and print a few fliers, walk the neighborhood and talk to people and try to make as many FREE candidate forums as you can attend. Its time we step and go mainstream.

If you’re not good at speeches, practice in front of friends, family or your local LP. If you’re not as good looking as me (LOL) put on a suit, look the part. Our Libertarian principles will be better received the better you present them and the better you present yourself.
The Lieutenant Governor debates

4 Responses to “Libertarian truck driver hits the political road”

  1. Brian D Says:

    Way to go Teddy. I ran about ten years ago and learned many things the hard way. Whether one runs or campaign for others we need to do more than just blog. Thanks.

  2. Tincher4rep Says:

    Those are my thoughts exactly. I am an asphalt technician who is going to throw my hat in the ring in 2010. America needs more Libertarians running and winning to right this disaster.


    Teddy…. Thanks for your work.

  4. Slump Puppy Says:

    Mr. Tincher-

    I am merely a concrete tester, but I always refer to myself as a “Project Representative”, which is what I was hired to do.

    But most news articles refer to me as an engineer, I suppose because I work for a major engineering firm. It’s amazing how much newspapers get wrong, but as long as they spell your name right, who cares?

    I hope that your employer will allow you to take off a lot of time during the heaviest time of the year. My employer is fairly supportive, but gets frustrated with me having to take time for midday and morning candidate forums.

    Slump Puppy

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