Bob Barr has a TV commercial

Doug Mataconis reports that the Bob Barr Campaign has released a 30 second television ad highlighting Barr’s opposition to the bailout bill. “No word on when or where this ad might actually run,” he adds.

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  1. Richard G. Says:

    Too little, too late. It really irritates me that third parties and independents wait until a month before an election to start a commercialized campaign. As if they think everyone knows who they are. Third parties in general need to learn to run ads much earlier. In fact, I would argue that they should be running small ads throughout the year. Not constantly, but just enough to keep people thinking about their party. It will take some persisntant gentle knudging to break the two party system, but I believe it can be done.

  2. Elias Says:

    They don’t have any money and what little money they have has to go into getting on the ballot. Third parties just can’t compete with the main two.

  3. Brian Defferding Says:

    Richard G - I’m sure if they had the money to do so, they would. And I’m sure Bob Barr’s funding was hurt a bit by the Ron Paul machine.

  4. Brian D Says:

    Barr’s funding was hurt by Ron Paul but his base was built up by Dr. Paul. A little more money would not have done much without the fact that there is an enormous group of new people who see things the libertarian way and they are ready to vote that way. We have always done things with less money. Dr. Paul has shown that a campaign within the Republican party primary can get money, media attention, and votes. The problem may not be in the ability to grow the movement as much as it is in the ability to unify it. As a Barr supporter, Paul supporter and Libertarian paty member I think we are starting to look at Dr. Paul as the father whom we always seek approval and validation from; but he never quite fully gives it.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    it’s all about money if you have the money you can gt the message out.
    It’s too bad and I’m afraid the ad won’t even see the light of day as they are not raising any money. It is up to us to blog and convince people not to vote for the Duopoly. This is an article I wrote for just that.

  6. Hallmonster Says:

    Vote Bob Barr for the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year award!

  7. Kenny Says:

    Barr’s campaign emails are written by immature idiots (Cory and Stuber - stupid Barr?) who have no idea about how to enthuse or motivate libertarians. The campaign is sinking faster than the stock markets and there’s no point in throwing more good money at a busted GOP flush. Bye Bye Bob Barr!

  8. BrianD Says:

    Kenny, why are you dissing Barr. Don’t be a hater. All that I can say is that polls and media exposure show that Barr has much better prospects than anyone else the party have ever picked. So he was not born a Libertarian. Holy shit what does one have to do to prove that they have changed. If we make people go through a twenty year probation we will never grow the party. Get off your high horse. And I can assure you that the bail out situation is causing more interest in the campaign than ever before.

  9. Clark Says:

    ...who gives a fuck what barf—or any other republicrat—thinks about ‘the illion-DOLLAR bailout?’.. numbskull republicrats don’t even know the origin, nature, etc., of even one stinking DOLLAR!..

    ...just the fact$, republicrats!..

    ...but have a good day!..

  10. disinter Says:

    What, no mention of Barf voting FOR the patriot act or FOR illegal wars of aggression…of Barf working for the CIA for nearly ten years and as a drug war prosecutor? None of that in this advertisement?

    Hell, it would probably get him more votes.

  11. disinter Says:

    Barr’s campaign emails are written by immature idiots

    Is there anyone in Barf’s campaign, including the candidate, that isn’t an idiot?

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