The veep debate: A prediction come true

Before last night’s vice presidential debate, the Los Angeles Times political blog, Top of the Ticket, predicted:

Well, we probably won’t get to know much about Wayne Root and Matt Gonzalez during tonight’s vice presidential debate in St. Louis. That’s because the vice presidential running mates of libertarian Bob Barr and contrarian Ralph Nader are prohibited.

Too risky for the two major parties to admit nobodies who might say something disturbing or challenging.
(Emphasis added.)

So we’ll have to settle for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican, and Delaware Democrat Sen. Joe Biden….

Well, that forecast was just too darned predictable, as Sarah might say if she wasn’t muzzled, so the blogger gets no trophy, just our thanks for pointing out the obvious—that the protection of the two-party duopoly is the prime purpose of these “debates.”

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  1. Richgriffin Says:

    What a waste of time this so-called “debate” was last night!! I disagreed with 100% of what Sarah “scripted to within an inch of her life” Palin had to say. I disagreed quite a bit with Joe Biden, but I did wind up liking him much more than I ever have before. I was particularly unhappy that there was no mention of the billions of dollars of debt, the spend-and-spend Republican tax policies that hurt us much more than the tax-and-spend liberals ever have done, the fact that just because a spending program is for military and not for social programs does not mean that you get a pass on having to pay for it, the fact that both parties are so hell bent on killing people all over the world, “buzz” words, contradictory “we don’t discriminate against gays” but we are going to do so anyway and pretend that the government is not a separate entity from religious institutions. I watched on C-SPAN; i’m curious as to if the split screen was on other stations as well - where it was clear that Biden was aware that Palin was taking much more than her allotted time on all those questions that she didn’t answer by simply reading her pre-scripted answers, getting all of the talking points and one-liners in that her handlers told her to say. And of course, the fact that they didn’t question each other which made this a sales job by each candidate rather than an actual DEBATE!

    What would have this been like with Matt Gonzalez and Rosa Clemente and the other two? (sorry, I don’t know their names). Livelier, more of a real debate, ideas outside of the rigid two-party centrist-conservative framework!

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