Barr: McCain’s a ‘hypocrite,’ Obama isn’t

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, interviewed by the Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill, says he thinks there is at least one difference between John McCain and Barack Obama:

“I think McCain is a hypocrite,” Barr said of the Arizona senator. “He claims he is for smaller government and that’s not the case.”

Barr doesn’t think Democratic candidate Barack Obama is a hypocrite. He’s just a “classic liberal,” according to Barr.

Barr was harshest, however, on his former colleagues on the Hill:

“This Congress has allowed the president to walk all over it,” Barr said. “Congress sits back and says, ‘Thank you sir, may I have another sir?’”

5 Responses to “Barr: McCain’s a ‘hypocrite,’ Obama isn’t”

  1. Richgriffin Says:

    I disagree with Barr that Obama is a liberal. He is a centrist-conservative with a few sprinkling of liberal views here and there. John McCain is a spend-and-spend (and keep us in neverending debt and war) Republican. He is also a centrist-conservative.

    I agree that the congress - with a few exceptions of some really great progressives - is a total waste of time. Why they have allowed this President to walk all over them? It’s FEAR, of course. When we are ruled by fear we make terrible decisions. How do we get more independent progressive voices in congress and build a progressive majority in the U.S.? The first step I think is developing a much better alternative media and boycotting the corporate media in a big way - perhaps in alliance with strange bedfellows??

  2. Chuck Moulton Says:

    “Classic liberal” sounds too similar to “classical liberal” (a.k.a., libertarian). I’d suggest better word choice in the future.

  3. Mike Blevins Says:

    Good God! Barr can’t scratch his nose hairs to suit you guys.

  4. kage bray Says:

    mr. blevins right on its hard to understand that conservative folk &libertian individuals cant come to a consenses

  5. Coming back to the LP Says:

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