Barr: McCain’s actions are not bipartisan, they are bipolar

The following is a media release from the Bob Barr presidential campaign:

October 1, 2008 11:21 pm EST

Atlanta, GA - “Sen. John McCain claims he can provide leadership, but he panicked in the face of cries that the sky is falling from Wall Street investors who made bad investments, and the taxpayers are going to pay over $700 billion for his lack of leadership,” says Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Bob Barr.

“Sen. McCain claims he will change Washington by eliminating ‘earmarks’, but he just voted for more than $103 billion dollars of bold-faced earmarks,” says Barr.

“Sen. McCain claims he will change the way things are done in Washington, but he railroaded a $700 billion Wall Street bailout through the Senate with no study or debate, no alternative and no special interest left behind,” Barr continues.

“Sen. McCain claims he can act in a bipartisan manner, but his actions on the Wall Street bailout bill shows he acts in a bipolar manner,” says Barr.

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003.

Press/Media outlets may contact the Barr ‘08 Committee at the following:

(800) Bob Barr (business hours) (202) 731-0002 (Andrew Davis, Media Coordinator)

4 Responses to “Barr: McCain’s actions are not bipartisan, they are bipolar”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    How true. I hope Barr says this next time he is on CNN or Foxnews although I doubt very much Barr or any other Independent voice will be on TV much these last 30 days left .

  2. Joe Buchman Says:

    “McCain’s actions are not bipartisan, they are bipolar”

    “Stop the B.O.M.B!—the Bush, Obama, McCain, Bailout.”

    Hey, I gotta say to whoever is coming up with these:


    If the campaign could get messages like these on TV, I think they’d generate enough new donations, and longer-term new LP members, to more than pay for themselves.

    If you promise to invest new donations on TV ads, and not any more on lawsuits, on what-seem-to-me-like-too-high-salaries-for-staff, or other things that tend to generate negative publicity, I’ll promise to send in another couple of hundred dollars, and urge others to do the same.

  3. RobertD Says:

    Buchman, agreed, they totall missed the mark in an early fundraising effort, for example, one of their campaigs was to pay for an air conditioner at campaign headquarters.

    It’s one thing to actually need an airconditioner, another to so misread your supporters as to think this is the stuff of donation requests.

    Advertise to get more supporters mean new donations, new donations mean new advertisements to get new supporters. That’s the cycle we want to see.

    In my opinion, there has been a real change.

    Earlier in the campaign, as a donor, I received a free set of ear plugs. That was stupid and it made me mad.

    This time around I get a free bumper sticker. It has on the sticker. I put that on my car. That is a much better idea. Spend money on bumper stickers…bumper stickers get read by people, bring more people to the website, more people means more money…more money means more adverts, means more people, etc.

    I think they’ve got it now…the late campaign is much better than the early one, I’m encouraged.

  4. Joe Buchman Says:


    “…the late campaign is much better than the early one, I’m encouraged.”

    I’m not sure they got better or if it’s because the bailouts over the past couple of weeks, cast a new light on them.

    “Stop the BOMB —BushObamaMcCainBailout” would be a great bumpersticker if we had more time

    “McCain is not Bipartisan he’s BiPolar” likewise.

    I’m waiting for one more good one like that, and I think I might just send them a substantial contribution, especially if I thought they’d spend it on media and not more madness . . .

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