A new political star at Duke University

The Chronicle, an independent daily at Duke University, finds that “Michael Munger, chair of the Duke political science department, is making waves and making history this year with his bid to become the governor of this state.” Last week, Munger became “the first-ever Libertarian candidate to participate in a televised gubernatorial debate in North Carolina.”

The Chronicle notes that Duke has a history of politically active professors and administrators:

...as the University pushes student engagement in the wider world, Munger’s campaign is a prime example of faculty engagement outside the classroom, which places him among several prominent Duke affiliates with experience on the national political scene.

Former University president Terry Sanford served as North Carolina governor and senator, before running twice for the Democratic presidential nomination, and David Price, Duke professor of political science and public policy, is currently on leave serving his tenth term as 4th District House Representative in the United States Congress.

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