Obama’s chances improve in North Carolina; Barr a possible factor

In the Raleigh (NC) News & Observer, Ryan Teague Beckwith writes that “Congressional Quarterly has downgraded John McCain’s chances here.” He discusses how recent polls suggest a very close race:

The most interesting poll result from the past week was a survey by Rasmussen Reports that showed Democrat Obama with a two-point lead over Republican McCain in North Carolina.

It was the first major poll to show Obama in the lead in a state that hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president since 1976.

Other polls in recent weeks have shown McCain and Obama tied, but those polls have also included Libertarian Bob Barr, the only third-party candidate who will be on the ballot in North Carolina.

The Rasmussen poll did not include Barr, who tends to draw more from McCain support.

12 Responses to “Obama’s chances improve in North Carolina; Barr a possible factor”

  1. William Says:

    If Obama wins in NC, I suspect he was going to win anyway. I don’t believe in “spoilers.” People who vote third party, do so for a reason. We wouldn’t be voting for John McCain anyway.

  2. Registered Republican Says:

    let them think we spoiled McCain’s win in North Carolina if it happens, I could not be happier

  3. LJ Says:

    I agree with Registered Republican’s comments from Sept 30, 9:41am..100%.
    Let them think(and maybe the MSM,report it… if it happens ) say” Barr ruined the race in NC for McCain”.

  4. ~enemyartistkristofeR! Says:

    Arent you sick of the word SPOILER when connected to 3rd parties! I mean I understand where you are coming from, as a 3rd party voter - but to all those idiots out there that just attach spoiler and blame a 3rd party for their loss, without even knowing what they are talking about! Yes most 3rd party voters wouldnt even vote for one of the big party twins. If one of the big guys lose its because they ran a losing campaign NOT Bacause Barr or Nader or any 3rd Party candidate spoiled anything, and if anything its the big guys who have spoiled this country and the election process! the word spoiler in Politics is Basically Political Bigotry! And we need to end Bigotry in this country for more information leading to Third Party Candidates please visit my blog @ http://enemyartistkristofer.blogspot.com Thanks and Help Spread the Word - VOTE 3rd!

  5. Richgriffin Says:

    I wish we would stop using the term “third party”. Other parties, multi-parties, alternative parties. It creates the illusion that it really is a two-party system.

  6. William Says:

    Richgriffin, I agree with that. I think I am going to try and stop using that term (we’ll see if it works, since it’s ingrained, unfortunately). It would be nice if everyone were referred to by their party: Libertarian, Green, Constitution, whatever.

  7. Brian D Says:

    I think Republicans and Democrats have spoiled democracy by keeping others out of the electoral process and debates. They are the spoilers. We are just trying to enhance democracy and enfranchise the people. The Libertarians are running a decent candidate for governor and building a good party in North Carolina. I will not be suprised at all if they have a decisive impact.

  8. Registered Republican Says:

    bu unfortunately the system is a two party system. Come guy let’s open up the wallets. We need to send some decent money in to the Libertarian Ticket for President. We have exceeded Badnarik but we still face multiple lawsuits to get on ballots and we need money to put up ads on TV.

    Let’s send September strong , please donate tonight

  9. Richgriffin Says:

    It is my belief that we are going to have a President Obama - so my hope is that more progressives will stop being so fearful and vote outside of the box for McKinney or Nader. The higher the percentage the more we can build a progressive majority quicker. So long as we have close presidential elections each cycle there is too much pressure to stay within the two-party system. (btw, I meant that we don’t have a two-party ONLY system in my earlier post; I fully realize that the corporate media insists there are only two parties). My hope is that a stroger showing for other parties will embolden more people to run for local, state and federal offices as alternative party candidates (especially progressive candidates, since my goal is to build a progressive majority in the U.S.)

  10. David D.... Says:

    I am so sick to death of the words, “spoiler” and “king maker” I for one don’t wanna be a “spoiler” or a “king maker”, except in the voting booth, I wanna be a winner! I want alternative party candidate(s) to win. I firmly believe that they can and will! We live in such a label and ad hock society its not even funny.

    People are always looking for labels, hypens too, and ad hock stuff. While I support and stand with Baldwin/Castle 2008. Frankly I don’t care who wins just so long as its not a Repub or a Dem. And that I think should be our goal keeping the Repubs and Dems out of office, any office, once and for all, while we can’t keep them all out surely we can make a dent in there efforts and there by be more than a spoiler or a king maker, but instead be a WINNER!!

  11. JT Says:

    Richgriffin: “It creates the illusion that it really is a two-party system.”

    The illusion that it’s a two-party system? There’s no illusion here, pal. How many alternative party candidates are in Congress right now? Or in state legislatures right now? Or even on large city councils right now? Look it up.

  12. GREEN DAD Says:

    Today is another important day for us and we have an obligation to act.

    This evening, the U.S. Senate is going to vote on the bailout in another attempt to ram it through Congress.

    They need to hear from you.

    Here’s today’s task: Call your Senators!

    The Senate web sites have been overwhelmed with people emailing in (which from my experience is a wasted effort). We need to pick up the phone and call.

    So here’s the task:

    Find your state’s senators at:

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    Instead, I ask that you ease regulations like ‘mark to market’ standards and STOP your attempts at social engineering by rewarding lenders who make bad loans.

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