Modern Whigs open three new state chapters

The Modern Whig Party announces that it has opened state chapters in Minnesota, North Carolina, and New Jersey in this media release:

Contact: Mike Lebowitz—National Chairman
[email protected]


The Modern Whig Party is pleased to announce the addition of three new state chapters. This innovative grassroots political movement now has affiliates in 19 states. In just five months, the Modern Whig Party has gained well over 10,000 official members to include about 6,500 affiliated with the military. The Washington DC-based organization ( also is on various college campuses as well.

The new Minnesota chapter is being led by two members of the state’s Army National Guard who served 16 months in Iraq as part of the surge. Minnesota Chairman Sean Doheny is currently a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus where he plans on majoring in political science and global studies. Sean has a passion for community relations, international relations and diplomacy. He joined the Modern Whig Party as part of his desire to make a real change in his community and country.

Minnesota Deputy Chairman Ian Wolfe was featured in “The Sandbox” by GD Trudeau of Doonesbury fame and also blogged on the “Sandbox” Web site throughout his extended Iraq tour. During this time in Iraq, Ian and two others designed and implemented a health class and women’s health class for Iraqi villages surrounding their base. The project was later picked up and transitioned to the Iraqi Army. He also worked in the ER, ICU and clinic.

In addition to Minnesota, new chapters were recognized in New Jersey and North Carolina.

The state and national leadership includes three former high-ranking Vietnam veterans, Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, a CEO, a regionally prominent rock musician, attorneys and other respected professionals. North Carolina Chairman John Moore II is a golf professional in Raleigh. He has a history degree from North Carolina State University and has demonstrated a firm and realistic grasp of the political situation both within the state and nationally. Formerly a Republican before registering as unaffiliated, Mr. Moore brings extensive knowledge and ideas to the Modern Whig Party.

New Jersey Chairman Scott Rizzo teaches high school mathematics in a very large high school in NJ. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Potsdam (Home of the Potsdam Miracle) and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Montclair State University in NJ. Scott is a husband and father. He plans on using his indepth experience with online marketing to assist in the promotional and tactical goals of the Modern Whig Party in New Jersey and elsewhere.

All of our many national, state, regional and campus leadership can be viewed at

The Modern Whig Party national headquarters is in Washington, DC and caters to those who find themselves cherry-picking between traditionally Democratic ideals and traditionally GOP ideals. The grassroots movement seeks to go for a realistic and mainstream approach that is non-fringe. The Modern Whig Party platform generally relates to fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and bold social progression. The organization expects to run various state and local candidates in 2009 as it prepares to back three members for Congress in 2010.

The Modern Whig Party
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    I never heard of this modern Whig party before. I like their platform. I’d join.

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