‘Katie, Barr the door’

In the Dallas Morning News Trail Blazer blog, Christy Hoppe ponders what would happen if Bob Barr is successful in keeping the two major parties off the ballot in Texas because they missed their filing deadlines:

While Barr faces a high bar at the legal bar, just think if—in particular—McCain couldn’t get on the ballot. He’s absolutely banking on those 34 electoral votes from Texas. Then it would be “Katie, Barr the door.”

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  1. Justin Anthony Knapp Says:

    Unless McCain and Obama are write-ins, which is easy to do in Texas. I actually called the state government yesterday to ask if that was possible and they didn’t know - considering how unprecedented this is.


  2. NewFederalist Says:

    Ballot Access News has already run a story on this. The write-in deadline is the same date. Neither McCain nor Obama would be eligible to have write-in votes tallied, either.

  3. Free Al. Says:

    Quite frankly, the Texas SoS is full of s***. They themselves said on the 27th that neither party had filed anything, and then, when it dawned on them what that meant, (or until they recieved Barrs press release,) they suddenly “found” the papers. People seem to be forgetting that fact. It will certainly be interesting to see how this goes.

  4. Richgriffin Says:

    I would like to see the discussion on this issue go further and include having ballot access laws that are fair and equitable to ALL parties, who then have to follow the same rules each and every time. The only way that percentages can be fairly used (they often say “if a party gets 5%” or some such thing) is to have a period of adjustment where parties are allowed into debates and have full access to all media outlets. This has happened before and I would be very surprised if Texas is the only state the Dems and Repubs failed to file correctly and legally.

  5. Sean Scallon Says:

    The lawsuit may very well be thrown out of court but kudos to the Barr campaign for filing it because it does bring to light the double standard and hypocrisy that ballot access laws are. If Barr’s campaign or any other non-major party campaign missed the filing deadline there would no way nor recourse to get on. But the majors get to make up the rules as they go.

  6. Ayn R. Key Says:

    Obama and McCain also passed the write in candidate deadline.

    For the first time ever, GO BARR!

  7. Stefan Says:

    This is a very good strategic decision by the Barr campaign, and gives him a significant edge. Without TX, McCain is toast, unless Obama implodes big time. The Barr campaign can use this to get news coverage nationally and as a bargaining chip, e.g. not only ballot access in all 50 states, but also - more importantly - inclusion into the debates. So it is important the campaign stand strong on this. Laws are laws. This can also expose the ridiculousness of the two party system.

  8. Agent88 Says:

    How about this? November 4, 2008 election results: Barr - 34 Electoral Votes (Texas). McCain - 236 Electoral Votes. Obama - 268 Electoral Votes. McCain agrees to urge his electors to vote for Barr for President in the state capitals in December, 2008. In exchange the electors then vote for McCain or Palin for VP? It is nice to dream.

  9. GREEN DAD Says:

    Please donate only $5 my friends to support this lawsuit at www.bobbarr2008.com

  10. Kevin Riley O'Keeffe Says:

    “How about this? November 4, 2008 election results: Barr - 34 Electoral Votes (Texas). McCain - 236 Electoral Votes. Obama - 268 Electoral Votes. McCain agrees to urge his electors to vote for Barr for President in the state capitals in December, 2008. In exchange the electors then vote for McCain or Palin for VP? It is nice to dream.”

    Yeah, you’re dreaming all right, even in the unlikely event Bob Barr gets the state of Texas to obey its own laws, Bob Barr still wouldn’t have a shot at anything. Theoretically, Wayne Allen Root might have a shot at replacing Sarah Palin, but even that won’t happen (and probably wouldn’t anyway, seeing as how Root is such a noncredible candidate) because the Senate elects the Vice-President, in the event of the Electoral College being unable to do so, and 50 Democrats plus Joe LIEberman = and 51 votes for Palin. I suspect McCain would let the House of Representative decide this eletion before he’d accept Wayne Allen Root as Vice-President. Its not 100% clear how the House would vote, seeing as how each state gets one vote for its entire delegation, and Republicans tend to dominate the small states.

  11. GREEN DAD Says:

    Kevin O’reilly just support your candidate and spread the word, don’t go into fantasy island scenarios please

  12. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    That was Agent88, not Kevin, who came up with that scenario.

    Are there any write-in candidates in Texas, like Criminal Nader, McKinney, etc? I guess even if they were there, Barr would win, and bring all glory to the Obama revolution.

  13. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    The Democrats will also gain a lot of House seats this year, and we already control about half the small states. The Democratic incumbents in North Dakota, South Dakota and Vermont are secure, and we have a good chance at getting Alaska because of the feud between Sarah Palin and Don Young. That would leave only Wyoming and Montana and Delaware for the Republicans as the smallest state delegations. The Democrats also control Rhode Island, which has two representatives, and also Hawaii.

  14. Agent88 Says:

    Just a note: Electoral Votes are cast in the state capitals in December and the results opened by the President of the U.S. Senate before a joint session of Congress in January. The election would not be determined by the House (President) or Senate (VP) unless no candidate for President or Vice President gets 270 electoral votes.

    If Barr were to pull off his Texas coup, anything could happen and the backroom scramble for electoral votes in the time between November and December would make one dizzy.

  15. Tom Bryant Says:

    The best thing that could possible happen would be for the courts to rule in favor of McCain and Obama.


    Such a lawsuit would give the Libertarian Party more ammunition to fight ballot access laws elsewhere around the country.

    Now think for a moment about this situation:

    The case bounces between Republican and Democratic courts on appeals. It finds its way up to the federal level. Whoever loses on the federal level goes to the Supreme Court, which promptly takes the case and rules that arbitrary deadlines are a violation of the law.

    Such a decision would be the hammer that crushes all restrictive ballot access laws in the nation.

    The worst thing that can happen…the courts rule that McCain/Obama are not on the ballot.

    This is has a good potential for being a win/win situation once it makes it to court.

    Smart move Barr.

  16. Stefan Says:

    Indeed smart move by Barr. He has nothing to loose (except some money) and everything to gain. In case he gets the 34 votes in TX as being the only candidate on the ballot (other third parties only write-ins) and Obama and McCain cannot get 273 electoral votes, then he (not Root) will be be playing a key role. Both the Obama and McCain camps would have to negotiate with him for support and inclusion as possible VP. Barr can then neogtiate the whole platform, e.g. repeal of the Patriot Act, troop-withdrawal, civil liberties (FISA) etc. etc. He may not be able to get all point of the platform, but could make significant progress. Ron Paul could also come into the equation, as he enabled the strong Barr foundation. Perhaps there could be a scenario where Paul would become VP and Barr get a major position in the new administration and/or be appointed a supreme court justice (with his legal background).

  17. hlm Says:

    Gee, what a hoot. No Democrat would be on the ballot, no Republican would be on the ballot, and from what I see, no libertarian will be on the ballot either. Stay home, I intend to. Since no libertarian is actually running for president I’m not voting.

  18. Paul K. Says:

    I don’t see why Obama doesn’t get on board. He could say something like, “we made a good faith effort to comply” but admit that they blew the deadline and support Barr. Any result putting McCain on would also put Obama on (Obama IMO has a better case anyway). If Barr wins, it deprives McCain of TX electoral votes. He could also take the high road with supporting the rule of law etc.

  19. David K. Meller Says:

    I already said elsewhere that while I can’t imagine the government “courts” actually upholding the law in the Texas People’s Republic—or anywhere else—it is certainly wonderful to see these two scoundrels being hoist by their own petard. It is so nice to see Demopublcians trapped (if only for a little while) by election laws designed to maintain their horrid hegemony.

    Way to go, Libertarians!!

    David K. Meller

  20. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Actually, Tom, the case would be appealed no matter the outcome, so your scenario could happen if Barr wins, too.

    And to answer Trotskyite, Nader and McKinney are write-ins, as is Baldwin or Keyes (whichever of them is the CP candidate).

    As of right now, the only candidate in TX with a legit ballot slot is Barr.

  21. citizen1 Says:

    Baldwin, Nader and McKinney should join the lawsuit or at least file (I think it is called) an amicus brief. This effects them. If BO and JM are not on the ballot they cannot be candidates at all.

  22. Jonathan Says:

    keep writitng and pressuring news agencies to report this , don’t let them get away with it

  23. AnthonyD Says:

    “I don’t see why Obama doesn’t get on board. He could say something like, “we made a good faith effort to comply” but admit that they blew the deadline and support Barr.”

    Why? Because like any organized crime organization, the most important rule is to “keep it within the family.” I.E.-all’s fair in battling to see who gets to run the mob, but you NEVER snitch to the cops to gain an advantage.

    Even if Obama wanted to do what you suggest, the Demopublican party, the power brokers in Washington, the lobbyist, etc, would pressure him not to do it, envisioning the nightmare scenarios and worse some in this thread have referred to.

  24. Ron & Ralph Says:

    Are you prepared to consume a fake “Debate” once again?

    - paid for by your “Friends” on Wall Street

    Nader & Paul

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