Bob Barr on the offensive in Texas

The following is a message from Shane Cory, deputy campaign manager of the Barr presidential campaign:

Bob Barr rides again in Texas
September 18th, 2008 by Shane Cory

Earlier today, Bob Barr and our campaign manager, Russ Verney, stood on the steps of the Supreme Court of Texas to rally a crowd of supporters and answer questions from the media.

Today, we filed an emergency stay to prevent the Texas Secretary of State from printing ballots until after our case was decided.

For a quick recap, earlier this week we filed a lawsuit to remove both John McCain and Barack Obama from the Texas ballot. Texas election code §192.031 requires that the “written certification” of the “party’s nominees” be delivered “before 5 p.m. of the 70th day before election day” and both candidates missed that deadline.

When this story first broke, the New York Times took a jab at us saying that if our campaign prevailed in Texas, the action may “thoroughly alarm foreign investors.”

This morning, political pundits beholden to the status quo got a bit more serious. In a scathing hit piece published by CQ Politics, Craig Crawford wrote that Bob is in Texas “promoting a bogus claim that John McCain and Barack Obama should not be on the state ballot in November.“

Sorry, Craig, but you might want to do your homework the next time before you put pen to paper.

When we missed our deadline in West Virginia (a month before Republicans and Democrats were required to file I might add), we were forced off of the ballot. The law is clear and belonging to the Republican or Democrat party does not exempt you from its rule.

Politically biased members of the media are going to move into position and recite talking points that read “BOGUS” each time they are given the opportunity to do so. They’ll also be sure to throw in a few other stretches of the imagination or bits of misinformation to smear our candidate and our Libertarian Party.

At this time, we need to simply acknowledge that the attacks will continue. They will be designed to discredit our efforts and demoralize our base.

If you’re reading this right now, I doubt you’re feeling demoralized. If you’re like me, you’re ready to do all that you can to fight a clearly corrupt system.

Today our fight is in the Texas legal system.

The first thing that we need is funds to fight this battle
We’ve already incurred tens of thousands of dollars on this effort and we expect the costs to climb.

Please make a donation today and give us BOTH a financial and morale boost we so need.

Thank you for all that you do.

41 Responses to “Bob Barr on the offensive in Texas”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Everyone please write to all news agencies and let’s create a wild fire.
    Go Libertarian Party Go

  2. RobertD Says:

    I don’t feel demoralized at all. I also don’t happen to agree with this particular action. I think the Republicans and Democrats will win their case, and then what? I’m not sure what that does. Maybe its not about winning or losing its about getting the usual: donations and exposure.

    I fully support the Barr campaign, and I’m all about donations and exposure. However, I think other tweaks would have done that.

    I got ‘ear plugs’ in the mail because I was a donor. a bumper sticker would have given you more exposure, and therefore, eventually more donations as well.

    Ear plugs was silly, bumper sticker, the type of thing that feeds into more exposure, and more exposure means more supporters, more supporters means more donations, more donations means more exposure.

    You know, the usual cycle….would have been nice as a start.

  3. Luke Says:

    It would be great if BB could hold the D&R parties to the law. He’s about to finally learn why we need cooperation between third parties to take on the big two. And that is because the big 2 are not held to laws and can do pretty much whatever they want, while third parties cannot do anything.

    Thinking that he can hold the D&R’s to the law shows how inexperienced BB is in the third party arena. No wonder he blew off the press conference.

  4. John Lowell Says:

    Bob Barr’s offensive OK and no only in Texas.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Please write to the ACLU and to all the news cable stations. We need to have more people pick up on this story . The more news covers it the more it will be investigated and worst comes to worse, Barr recieves much needed exposure as we are on the right side of the law

  6. James Says:

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  7. Kevin Riley O'Keeffe Says:

    Correction: Apparently, the new, incoming Congress would be the one to vote on who the President and Vice-President will be, in the absence of an Electoral College majority, so assuming likely Democratic gains in the Senate, Joe Biden would be the clear favourite to win that vote, not Sarah Palin, so I guess a Wayne Allen Root Vice-Presidency can’t be completely discounted. Although left to his own devices, I suspect McInsane would prefer Biden as his Vice-President over Root.

  8. GREEN DAD Says:

    $948,000 and counting. Please email and ask people for support we have like 46 days left. It’s now or noever.

    We need money for all the lawsuits left
    We need money to place an ad on TV

    Guys I know it’s tedious to blog but let’s do it. Let’s blog and email and blog some more. It’s for the Libertarian Party, it’s to spread Freedom,it’s for America.

    We are the grassroots

  9. MPM Says:

    McLame wouldn’t be able to pick Root anyway because according to the constitution only Biden and Palin would be options since only the top two vice presidential candidates by EV count are eligible. The last time that happened was in the election of 1836 when the Virginia electors didn’t like their VP candidate so they voted for someone else. On the other hand, the top three presidential candidates are eligible to be chosen by the House, whose members must vote as a state block (so if you get 218 or more you win), with no allegiance to how the EV went in their state. This is pretty interesting because if a state’s delegation gets deadlocked between Obama and McCain it’s possible that they’d rather vote for Barr as a compromise than abstain and not get counted.

  10. MPM Says:

    Just as an addendum: instead of that though, Barr’s electors in Texas (if he’s the only candidate on the ballot and Obama doesn’t get a blowout) could always vote for Obama or McCain and be kingmaker instead of going through the House and Senate vote, which may be a better option if the party being crowned is willing to give significant concessions. It’s a gamble though because there’s always that chance some state delegations vote for Barr to avoid abstention or because they’re mostly anti-McCain Republicans, thus giving him the presidency, but that’s a long shot so the concession route should be more appealing.

  11. enrique Says:

    What most people forget is that although the House of Representatives would choose the next president, it is decided by state delegations. Therefore, each state gets one vote and I believe in that case, the election would go to the Republican since they control more state delegations but a minority of representatives.

  12. Richgriffin Says:

    As a newcomer to this site, I have to ask if it is mostly a site that supports Libertarians? I ask because I notice that there is a “sponsor” listed and it is the Libertarian party?? I ask because I truly hate the Libertarian party and its platform and if we had IRV voting I would place Bob Barr LAST, even after John McCain and Barack Obama. There does seem to be plenty on here about other parties; I just want to understand this site fully.

  13. GREEN DAD Says:

    well if you truly hate the libertarian party and it’s platform then you hate the Constitution Party as well. So instead of coming here just go straight to the communist party web sites or try the nazi party, maybe you like their platform

  14. Richgriffin Says:

    What a stupid thing to say! Obviously, I’m very happy with the Greens and Ralph Nader. The Constitution party has as its leader a former leader of the “moral (sic) majority”; the Libertarians would basically murder hundreds of thousands of americans with their insane policies and fantasy ideas of how people really interact with one another on this planet. My questions are very valid. I don’t have a problem with a third party watch that is inclusive of libertarians and constitution party supporters - but I did notice the “sponsor” thing at the top of the page and I wondered about it. It’s a fair and honest question. And I am entitled to despise certain parties without being equated with nazis. (in fact, this is part of WHY i despise these two particular parties to begin with…)

  15. DeeDeeT Says:

    Richgriffin … a freedom that the Libertarian and Constitution Parties will both guarantee you is the right to liquidate your landed-property into cash, pack up your personal belongings, and move your bum-ass to any one of those more than 200 countries around the world that practice varying degress of Socialism, Communism, and other forms of collectivist totalinarianism that you so openly admire. Hugo Chavez would love to have you worship him. Hell, we might even be willing to pass a constitutional amendment that will pay your one-way ticket to your Marxist-Leninist country-of-choice, providing of course that you relinqusih forever your American citizenship !

  16. JT Says:

    Richgriffin: “the Libertarians would basically murder hundreds of thousands of americans with their insane policies…”

    What are you referring to specifically?

  17. Andy Craig Says:

    The Democrats control a majority of state House delegations.

  18. Kenny Says:

    I wonder what Barr’s stance was towards to ballot access when he was a GOP Congressman. Given his record (voted for Iraq invasion and PATRIOT Act and prosecuting pot users), we can assume (unlike Ron Paul) that he would have sided with his RNC masters. FUBARR!

  19. Bill Wood Says:

    Here is a link to a former Dr. Ron Paul Staffer who talks about why Bob Barr voted for the Patriot Act. “Because we needed him to” fight for sunset clause and more. Seems Bob Barr and Dr. Paul worked a lot together.

  20. Jonathan Says:

    Texas Supreme Court Asks for Democratic, Republican Response in Presidential Deadline Lawsuit
    September 19th, 2008

    On September 18, the Texas Supreme Court asked the Texas Secretary of State, and the Texas Democratic and Republican Parties, to respond to Bob Barr’s lawsuit over the fact that the two major parties did not certify their national tickets on time. The response is due September 22 at 3 p.m.

    Please continue to send emails to all news agencies over this. The fire is preading, let’s make sure everyone knows about this.

    Thanks to Angela Grover for this news and BAN for publishing.

    Jonathan Cymberknopf

    Vote for or

    Say no to Obama/McCain

    Enough is enough

  21. Impeach Bush Says:

    Richgriffin, I am most likely supporting Nader in this years election, because I am not a big fan of Barr. The LP wont get my vote this year. However, you made a statment along the lines that the Libertarian platform would murder thousands of Americans by their policies. What the hell are you talking about? I would love to hear you explain your statement.

  22. Bill Wood Says:

    Good News over at Ballot Access News: Connecticut Libertarians Make Good Progress on Re-Verification of Signatures

    Seems Town Clerks may have had trouble checking who could sign or not..

  23. DonaldRLake Says:

    Bob Barr miss any more events ????

    90% of life is just showing up….......

  24. Bill Wood Says:

    Some have stated Bob Barr’s fund raising is behind that of 2004 Michael Badanarks.

    Michael Badanark started his Campaign in Feb. ‘2003 and closed his Campaign reports in Dec. 2004. In 18 months his Campaign raised 1,093,013.00. According to the FEC reports 1,041 individuals donated 1,027,503.00.

    Bob Barr started his Campaign in April 2008 and going by the counter on his website today Sept. 19th (5 1/2 months) his Campaign has raised 964,454.00 with 8,519 individuals giving donations. So Badanark averaged 60,722.94 a month. Bob Barr his averaging 175,355.27 a month.

  25. disinter Says:

    So Badanark averaged 60,722.94 a month. Bob Barr his averaging 175,355.27 a month.

    Which is pretty sad considering Badnarik is a nobody.

    People realize the fraud that Barf is.

  26. Clark Says:

    ...very few ‘things’ about the bobster make me beam.. is the whipped cream titty licking..

    ..and the other is the thought of his success in texas..

    ...but hopeful and giddy i am not…as to ‘politic$,’ it seems the fix is always in..

    ...RICH GRIFFIN, i too wonder…specifically, wtf are you republicratting about? ;o)

  27. DIAMOND DAVE Says:

    talk about sour grapes, come on DISINTER you can come up with a better put down than that. YOu have obsessed over your hatred for Barr for month snow and all you can come up with is that because Barr has raised more money than Badnarik Barr is a bum.

    Somehow raising more money than the previous LP candidate doesn’t equate to being a fraud, on the contrary , but we know in your sick little mind and I do mean little it does.

  28. Jonathan Says:

    please join the money bomb for Barr TODAY
    Please donate at

  29. jack Says:

    Rich is probably thinking that the hundreds of thousands on welfare would die of starvation. We libertarians recognize that that is possible, but it is much more likely that they will find gainful employment long before they starve. Nothing like hunger to quell laziness.

  30. Cisse Says:

    I’m quite convinced Barr’s transformation is genuine (though not yet complete). There’d be no reason for him to do the things he’s doing otherwise. Leaving the Establishment to carry water for the LP is not exactly a career move, or glamorous. He’s got my vote and support, though I don’t agree with him on every issue. I’m voting for liberty. I’m sick of people citing his previous record, that he has publicly apologized for time and again. I admire someone who can stand up and admit they were wrong. Are we going to reject all Libertarians who haven’t been that way since birth?

  31. disinter Says:

    please join the money bomb for Barr TODAY

    Another dud.

    People realize the fraud that Barf is.

  32. disinter Says:

    I’m voting for liberty.

    Me too. I’m writing in Ron Paul.

  33. disinter Says:

    nevermind i cant do that in my state, barr it is.

  34. Clark Says:

    ...cisse, it’s frustrating that with so many talented, knowledgeable libertarians from which to pick, the ‘public voices, faces, etc. of libertarianism are the likes of kneel boor, barf, etcetercrats goddamned galore!..

    ...there are PLENTY of ‘libertarians’ who could/would destroy/expose them (republicrats, etc.) in an honest ‘competition of ideas about government’..fairly quickly..

    ..but instead, this year when we have truly the most un-libertarian candidate ever..THIS is the year when ‘the LP’ is getting ‘the coverage’..

    ...wake the fuck up, folks!! ...smell (AND FREQUENTLY, LOUDLY PROCLAIM) the rat…the republicRAT..

    ..can anyone imagine where ‘libertarianism’ would be today if ‘the/a microphone’ were in true libertarian hands? ..instead of ALWAYS in the hands of republicrat fuck-heads who spew republicrap, ill will towards libertarianism, etc.? an aside, can any of you name even one ‘major media’ talking head who spends any time chattering about “the economy,” etc., who understands even the basics about our ‘money issuance/creation system?’...i surely can’t..

    ...surely i say unto thee, republicrats..they who understand ‘the money’ do not wonder why many rotten, fucking thing$ are the way they are…

    ..and those among us who are decent and knowledgeable don’t waste any bit of life shilling for ANY of these ‘don’t-even-know-what-a-dollar-is’ fucking republicrats!...

    ..but have a good day!.. ;o)

  35. GMSilvia Says:

    I am with cisse on this one, and disinter is right too there are not enough states that would count a Ron Paul vote, ballot access again. However clark makes some good points also, thing is we need to stand up for the Party ideals, not personages. Bob Barr is the Libertarian candidate, a convert surrounded with internal controversy, but he is our best shot at pulling this nation back towards Liberty.

    Clark, maybe look at it this way, if Bob does win than you would be right there to make him behave as he should, I would hope you would be on his case. That I think would be a better situation, making the Libertarian president act Libertarian.

    Disinter, we all love Ron, he is a life member of the Libertarian Party, I have no doubt that a Bob Barr White house would be more than favorable to the RP ideals, I personally think the good Dr. would end up in some high level position in some Barr cabinet spot maybe, Secretary of State sounds good. Bob want him for his running mate, don’t you think he is going to want to work with RP.

    I will admit I was bummed out when Bob didn’t show at the press conference, but I was more bummed that Ron didn’t take the VP spot, but then I saw the wisdom in both man’s actions. I joined the Libertarian party the next day, simply put no other party is as dedicated to that which made this nation great, the Constitution.

    I will be voting Libertarian, every vote for Bob Barr is a vote for Liberty. God bless, and thanks for reading this.

  36. DIAMOND DAVE Says:

    Go Barr Go. We need to get the Libertarian Party as many votes as possible. Join us

  37. NO WRITE INS Says:


  38. Richard C. Green Says:

    What is truly astounding is that the Two-Headed Two-Party Dragon was so inept that ‘the Dragon’ allowed the time to expire for filing their candidates.

    If for some reason the Dumbocrats and the Elephant People get a pass on this violation of election law in Texas, then it will only serve as proof positive that “election law” has no particular meaning left, at least in Texas.

    And if one section of the State law can be rendered meaningless by a fiat decision of a State government body, what reality can other segments of the election laws actually have ?? Will the government as a body say something like—“oh, sorry, we were just kidding about the deadline ?”

    And if they do say that, by way of ignoring that law as it applies to the candidates of the Devilcrats and the Repulsivecrats … maybe then some wise guy lawyer can rise up and say, “hey, all them car thieves out there in the Texas prison and probation system ?? Maybe they was kidding about them laws too !!” That’ll be a nice jar of pickles for all, yes ??

  39. disinter Says:

    ..but instead, this year when we have truly the most un-libertarian candidate ever..THIS is the year when ‘the LP’ is getting ‘the coverage’..


  40. disinter Says:


    Sure it will. See:

  41. Richie Says:

    BREAKING NEWS! Ron Paul has just endorsed Chuck Baldwin!

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