‘Ralph was right’

On The Nation magazine’s blog, Christopher Hayes puts in “the credit-where-credit-is-due file” all the warnings from Ralph Nader over the past decade about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the rest of the financial mess in Washington.

Interestingly, Hayes goes on to say:

Relatedly, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from conservatives in the last few weeks berating me for ignoring the fact that the heads of Fannie and Freddie were Democrats and gave a lot of money to Democrats. Fair point. It would be nice to say this crisis is the Republican failing, but it really is an ideological failing, one in which both parties were complicit.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Ralph is always right about these things

  2. Richgriffin Says:

    The corporate mainstream media is misleading and lying to joe q. public. There should be no bailout. It will adversely affect the poor and middle class, not the ruling class. It’s a form of socialism for the rich. It’s a heinous crime that both major political parties are complicit in - when are americans going to wake up??

  3. DebbieKat Says:

    Hear, hear. :-)

  4. Nexus Says:

    I believe Ron Paul saw this coming years ago as well.

  5. Derek Says:

    I’ve never liked the ideas of a bailout, it’s bad! Rich, I agree with every point you mentioned! Some people think that this is good for them but the writing’s on the wall and people still don’t wake up. I pray to see the day our country gets off the training wheels and starts hopping on to a real bike!

  6. DebbieKat Says:

    If any of you have been following Senator Mike Gravel and his National Initiative, this would be a great example of where I’d put an initiative on the federal ballot… We need to create a law to prevent officers from receiving golden parachutes upon being ousted for non-performance. They should have asked for those bonuses back from the Fannie/Freddie execs. Absolutely sickening. What incentive do these folks have for doing a good job running companies when they’ll get a payout either way.

    If you all haven’t done so already, please consider voting in favor of the national initiative. ni4d dot us.

  7. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I agree with the National Initiative, but the reason that Ralph Criminal Nader is right about these things is because he caused them. Yes, by stealing rightfully Democratic votes and giving Bush the election, he caused all these things to go wrong, and he proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the mastermind behind the Illuminati World Brotherhood Control Conspiracy. His campaign for president is just his way of torturing the world in the belief that noone knows that he really controls it. Amen.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    wow catholic trotskyst or Kenny depending on the day is proof abortion should be legal.

  9. citizen1 Says:

    Glen Beck had Ron Paul on because he predicted this in 2003.

  10. Richgriffin Says:

    And here I thought Bush and his thugs stole the 2000 election! You know, disenfranchising black voters, “hanging chads”, forcing the corporate news media to change their projected winner, and so much more! But NO, it’s Ralph “Criminal” Nader!! He STOLE votes away from the Democrat and single-handedly made Bush the President. Come to think of it, I must be a criminal, too, because I had the nerve to vote for Nader, and did so 3 times!! (:

  11. will Says:

    haha i only wish nader controlled the world through some underground organization.

  12. DonaldRLake Says:

    Reality check, reality check:

    Jonathon, from personal, face to face experience I can tell you that Uncle Ralph is not ALWAYS right. But after seeing him and his bumbling law students on summer vacation stumble and fall through out P2004, I am truely impressed with the more -than -any -one -but -Democans -and -Republicrats 46 state ballots this year. Truly amazing!

    Richgriffin, DebbieKat, Derek: You are not wrong—-but you are misguided!

    It is not rich Americans who got the ‘deal of a life time’ in the bail out. After being warned time and time again, FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS and FOREIGN BANKS got refunded. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not backed by the US Government——unless you are China, or Barclays, or some other big shot non citizen…..........

  13. Jonathan Says:

    its sad to hear Third Party voters repeat the myth that because of Nader in the 2000 election he made Bush President. When it is a fact that:
    “Twelve percent of Florida Democrats (over 200,000) voted for Republican George Bush” -San Francisco In addition, half of all registered Democrats did not even bother going to the polls and voting.

    By this logic, It is noteworthy that every third-party candidate ( another 7 Presidential candidates ) received enough votes in Florida to have cost Al Gore the election.

    And there are countless other reasons why Nader did not cost the election such as the Butterfly ballot, Palm Beach votes going to Buchanan, the Supreme court ruling, absentee ballots and especially CNN polls showing Nader pulled a great many votes from Republicans but I waste my time trying to prove RichGriffin or Catholic Trotsky or Kenny wrong even if I am speaking to 3 different people, which I highly doubt.

  14. Donna Miller Says:

    The second biggest recipient of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is none other than the one CatholicTrotskysist calls “God’s candidate, our Holy Revolutionary General, the Conquerer of Life and Death, Barack H. Obama”. “Change” we can believe in!

  15. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Jonathan, I am not Kenny. Kenny is a neo-capitalist deviationist trogledyte. And I believe Richgriffin was actually writing in support of your ideas. I had no problem with you Jonathan when you were constantly posting appeals for donations to Barr. What made you even consider Nader instead and make you actually post comments that don’t involve appealing for donations to Barr? If you had wanted to vote for Barr you still could have been on God’s side, although I am becoming convinced that Barr is purposefully trying to destroy the Libertarian Party. That leaves the Constitution Party, divided and over-radical as it may be, to provide a right-wing unintentional machine for the Obama Revolution by stealing Republican votes.

  16. Donna Miller Says:

    If you really were Catholic, you would believe that Jesus Christ conquered death, not Barack Obama.

    If you’re doing this to make fun of Robert Milnes and his “Progressive Alliance” strategy, I think that you extracted all the possible humor from that situation months ago. It’s getting really old now.

  17. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    I do this because I am an eccentric person who likes to do something meaningful to the world. I am a Catholic, I am a Trotskyist and I am a supporter of Barack Obama. It is a new way of being, and even if I am entirely serious about my beliefs about Nader controlling Bush, and all other world leaders for that matter, I am also not quite serious. I am speaking in the language of analogical divine metaphor, like the bible. The bible is not meant to be taken literally, yet each passage contains some spiritual truth. That’s what I mean by Barack Obama conquering death.

    I am currently listening to David Icke, one of the great theorists of our time, on the George Noory show. I am hopefully that tonight he will expose Ralph Nader as a reptillion before a natural audience. Meanwhile, I might leave this site soon to go register at IPR and Last Free Voice. With only one story a day often, God is clearly losing favor with it. Amen.

  18. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Icke just insulted General Obama, so I no longer support him.

  19. Luke Says:

    I voted for Nader in 2000, he was the candidate I liked most. Honestly, who is the logical person to blame for Bush winning? Is it Me, for voting my conscience? Is it Nader for giving me a choice that I desired? or is it maybe, just maybe the fault of the people who voted for the frat boy Bush “cuz they wanted to get drunk with him”?

    Hating on candidates for asinine reasons is the territory of the big two. Please leave the principled third party candidates out of it.

  20. Donna Miller Says:


    It’s primarily Gore’s fault for running such a lackluster campaign. He admitted that himself in 2002.

  21. Donna Miller Says:

    “Meanwhile, I might leave this site soon to go register at IPR and Last Free Voice. With only one story a day often, God is clearly losing favor with it. Amen.”

    Please, do us all a favor.

  22. Laine Says:

    It’s sad that Nader gets next to no recognition for his consistent warnings to Congress on the crisis of Fannie and Freddie. His name should be all over the networks for calling this years ago.

  23. Impeach Bush Says:

    Catholic, you hate on W so much, but you support Obomba? What will Obama do differently that what Bush is doing right now? He will keep our troops abroad, and will do nothing for the better of our society. Howerver, Ralph Nader, if elected, would have a great impact on America.

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