Naderites in Austin push for open debates

Supporters of Ralph Nader in Austin, Texas, have organized to push for open presidential debates that would be open to third party candidates.

In a press release, Austin for Nader says:

In response to Ron Paul’s recent call for his followers to buck the major parties and vote for a third party candidate, Austin For Nader has contacted Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney’s local campaigns and are collaborating with them to open the presidential debates….

For more information about Austin for Nader visit or email [email protected]

On that webstite, the group says it meets at the Congress Avenue Bridge (Ann Richards Bridge) to push for open debates:

We gather at 5:00 p.m. and hold signs and collect names for petitions to open the debates. Our plan is to do this each Thursday from 5 o’clock until dark.

We invite all third parties to join us in this common effort.

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  1. nader PAUL mckinney Says:

    The American Ruse &
    when Black Friday comes.

    Honesty or lies?
    Compassion or greed?
    Intelligence or narrow-minded?
    Guts - or go along to get along?

    Ralph Nader
    Cynthia McKinney

    Ron Paul
    Mike Gravel
    Dennis Kucinich

    Jesse Ventura
    H. Ross Perot
    President Carter
    JFK RFK MLK Malcolm

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