Bob Barr: A profile

Scott Henry provides an informative and detailed profile of Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr on the Atlanta blog Creative Loafing, where Barr was a columnist from 2003 to 2005. He begins with his bemused recollection of a recent Libertarian dinner in Georgia at which Barr spoke, ticking off some cultural differences between a Libertarian gathering and a Republican or Democratic gathering.

Henry then continues to explore such topics as:

  • Barr’s controversial role in the House as an anti-Clinton conservative firebrand.
  • How he “shies away from the usual glad-handing, though he is drawn to the lure of television cameras.”
  • How “Barr has always been something of a square peg” who never really fit into the Republican Party that comfortably.
  • The reasons for his sojourn from conservative firebrand to libertarian spokesman.
  • And the difficulty of running as a third-party candidate in Georgia, and the chances of Barr impacting the electoral vote there and elsewhere in the nation.

Henry finds that “where Barr’s congressional antics once brought him notoriety, his advocacy for the cause of civil liberty has earned him gravitas.” And he adds that, for all the evolving Barr has undergone in his political life, “former associates say Barr’s core beliefs and political convictions have actually changed very little. He’s always harbored a Reaganesque distrust of government and has been a passionate supporter of the Second Amendment.”

6 Responses to “Bob Barr: A profile”

  1. Joe Lawson Says:

    Barr has always been a thorn in the sides of the NeoCon Republicans, thats why the GOP always ran someone against him

  2. ~enemyartistkristofeR! Says:

    first off, Hears to The Constitution of the United States today September 17th 1787 is the day of the Constitution. Come celebrate and visit my blog

    Lets hear it for Ron Paul, champion of the Constitution! and for Bob Barr and the Libertarian party and for ALL Third Party Candidates running this year!

    Lets Make Our Voices Be Heard, Help Spread the Word and VOTE THIRD!

  3. barr = neocon provocateur Says:

    The American Ruse &
    when Black Friday comes.

    Honesty or lies?
    Compassion or greed?
    Intelligence or narrow-minded?
    Guts, or go along to get along?

    Ralph Nader
    Cynthia McKinney

    Ron Paul
    Mike Gravel
    Dennis Kucinich

    Jesse Ventura
    H. Ross Perot
    President Carter
    JFK RFK MLK Malcolm

  4. disinter Says:

    Many of you may not know this, but Bob Barr lost his congressional seat due to an organized LP effort to defeat himself and other “drug warriors” in office. Since that time, Barr has allegedly reformed and sought the nomination of the very Party which managed to unseat him. Barr’s current communications director, Shane Corey was driven out of the Libertarian Party leadership for advocating larger government intrusions into our lives and a perpetuation of the war against terrorism. He also was accused of orchestrating a smear-campaign against Mary Ruwart, a candidate competing against Barr for the LP nomination. Smear campaigns are a normal routine in politics lately. However, the fact that this particular smear originated from the LP leadership, calls into question the objectivity of the Party’s power-elite. That Corey eventually ended up working for Barr’s campaign is just more fodder for speculation. It can’t be easily explained.

    Barr, a former CIA agent, voted for the PATRIOT act while in Congress and prosecuted hundreds of citizens who ran afoul of the nation’s drug laws while he was a federal prosecutor. His track record as a leader for the cause of liberty is barren. And to top off a dubious set of career accomplishments, the tactics he has used to gain the LP nomination are suspect.

  5. disinter Says:

    Whether or not Barr and his clan’s efforts are intentional, they are destroying the Libertarian Party’s ability to even remotely advance the cause of liberty. Russ Verney and Bob Barr would have you believe that this is the result of “true leadership.”

  6. Luke Says:

    I was upset by Mr. Barr’s recent snub of the other third parties. The LP needs third parties legitimized just as much as the other thirds. Bob has a chance to make it up to me if he pulls the Texas thing off right. If he can’t get Obama & McCain pulled he needs to point to the difficulty that the other third party candidates faced in getting on the Texas ballot and make sure they are afforded the same leniency to state law that I suspect the majors will be given.

    If he does really get M&O off the ballot then I will fall in love with Bob Barr, and take back everything I ever said. But I’m sure it’s just fantasy. The Democratic and Republican party being held to the law? It doesn’t happen, and it won’t happen. If things were that easy we wouldn’t need to be seeing unprecedented cooperation between the third party candidates (hint).

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