Nader on bank woes: ‘I predicted this’

In a meeting with Politico reporters and editors, Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader spoke about the Wall Street crisis in the headlines:

“I predicted this. All this I’ve written about five, 10 years ago.”

Nader blames the crisis on “pure greed, coupled with concentrated power on Wall Street and elsewhere.” And according to Nader, Obama and McCain are too worried about containing fallout to take on the banks’ irresponsible behavior:

“Look at how they are knee-jerking similar approaches,” Nader said, chiding the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees for their support, earlier this year, for bailing out Bear Stearns. “McCain, Obama: Rubber stamp. No detail. We will go along with the bill.”

“They’re twins,” Nader continued. “If you look at their economic policies, other than taxes and so on … they’ll curtsy to the, quote, prestige of the Treasury.”

Politico also reports this gem of a response from Nader:

Nader recounted a recent meeting with editors at The Washington Post, who he said told him the paper wasn’t covering his campaign because he had no chance of winning. According to Nader, he replied: “Then why are you covering the Nationals?” a reference to Washington’s long-suffering baseball team.

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    So did Ron Paul:

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