Libertarian National Committee in a deadlock over how to address Bob Barr controversies

Men’s News Daily reports on its NewsWax blog:

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) was reported to be in a deadlock Sunday night over how to address the growing controversies surrounding their party’s U.S. presidential nominee, former congressman Bob Barr.

Many libertarians have spoken out against Barr since his last minute refusal to attend former Republican presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul’s third party unity conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Wednesday.

Apparently, the effort to replace Barr as the nominee has been rejected. Not a single person on the 17-member LNC was willing to make the motion.

However, at-large representative Dr. Mary Ruwart — who lost the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination to Barr at the National Convention in May by only a few votes — is supporting a resolution to apologize to Paul.

This is being countered by Treasurer Aaron Starr, who favors a resolution to chastise Paul for not endorsing Bob Barr and “splitting the Freedom Movement.”

Currently, neither resolution has enough votes to pass.

31 Responses to “Libertarian National Committee in a deadlock over how to address Bob Barr controversies”

  1. Chuck Moulton Says:

    Wow, citing to wikipedia…

  2. Roscoe Says:

    I don’t think either of these resolutions is wise right now. Are we sure how much buzz the press conference dustup is getting? I attended a meeting of Ron Paul’s Penna. Campaign for Liberty leaders last weekend and never heard a peep about the Paul/Barr situation. Many observers had always predicted the RP movement would splinter into three or four or more separate issue-oriented groups once RP’s race was over. Now that that is happening, there is no need for libertarians to throw gasoline on the fire. The LP should get down to figuring out how to grow its grassroots after the election and educate them with a solid grounding of basic libertarian principles.

  3. Joey Dauben Says:

    As much as I think the no-show was a strategic blunder on Barr’s part, the radicals in the party are going to use any event, non-event, speech, anything to eat Bob Barr alive.

    While everyone harps on this issue, I’ll be down in Ellis County, Texas organizing our party and helping target towns for city governance. We can’t even hold on to a majority in a small town…why do we think Libertarians should be allowed to run a state House or the White House?

  4. Winston Smith Says:

    Ruwart continues to prove she is a joke. We get it Mary, you are Paul’s friend. You only mentioned it ever 3 seconds in your campaign video.

    Hopefully she is laughed off the LNC. Issue an apology to someone who isn’t even part of the party? Wow, she has her priorities in the right place. I wonder when the DNC will pass a resolution telling Hillary to apologize to Obama.

  5. Ayn R. Key Says:

    “Chastise Paul.” Aaron has lost his mind.

  6. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Winston, Dr. Paul is a respected LIFE MEMBER of the LP, so to say he isn’t a part of the Party is uninformed nonsense. Dr. Paul only runs as a R in TX for ballot access and only caucuses with the Rs in Congress for political convenience. He has admitted as such in the past.

    As for the apology, it is designed to separate the antics of Barr, whose job is to run for President while simultaneously represetn the party by not making a jackass of himself, from the Party, whose job is not to run for President and actually build the party membership and infrastructure. The apology is from the LP and LNC to Dr. Paul, NOT an apology from Barr.

    As for Dr. Ruwart, she supports the apology, but she is no joke. The article isn’t even accurate in that she didn’t introduce it, either.

  7. Jark Says:

    I am voting for Bob Barr, not the LP, per-se. I am a DAV. I learned to work with people who had different views of things than I had.. it’s called being an adult.
    I hope the purists and reformers can eventually work together… or I sure won’t bother with ‘em again after Nov ‘08.
    PS: I never vote for the Party-Only.

  8. Jark Says:

    Sorry about my last post… did not mean to sound like a jerk.
    All of this fighting in the party, no matter what the reason is, means “Divide We Fall”.
    Not much gets accomplished, and the “Big 2” parties get their way(s) again, as per usual.

    It’s frustrating.

    And I want to apologize about the comment I made”It’s called being an adult”...that sounds like a “divider” sentence right there.

    I should have said” I learned to Compromise, to get the job done”.

    Again. My apologizes… I am just tired of the Big 2, and the MSM.

    Take Care/Not Offense
    ( first, well..2nd- time posting here, and last.Hope I did not seriously offended anyone here..Sorry).
    Disabled American Veteran

  9. Paul K. Says:

    This is the kind of mindless stupidity and distraction that has made the LP the formidable mass party it is today. I’m disappointed with Mary. Sorry, but you lost. If you can’t actively support the candidate (I’m sure you would have expected Barr to support you if you had won) at least keep out of the way and stop trying to sabotage him.

    Plenty of time after the election for your faction to fight it out to restore “purity” and irrelevance to the LP once again.

    I’m also disappointed with Ron Paul who took the momemtum from the Revolution and dissapated it into fragments that will only benefit McCain. Cynthia McKinney? (Commie) Ralph Nader (Republican agent?) Chuck Baldwin (JBS theocrat)? Please. If his committee appointments and “loyalty” to the Republican Party that loathes and ridicules him are so important that he has to help McCain he shouldn’t have run in the first place.

  10. faeriejems Says:

    I’m disappointed in Aaron Starr. Who will apologize for him?

  11. DeeDeeT Says:

    Ron Paul’s decision to stand on the same stage with the Socialists Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader in common cause diminished my respect for his judgment—- I understand why he said he did it, but I still find it objectional to provide Nader and McKinney “moral sanction” [as Rand would say] under the umbrella of libertarian philosophy. Nader and McKinney are the enemies of most everything I believe in, and no pandering to them in the name of a ‘greater good’ is worthy of a true libertarian !!

    Bob Barr made a very wise call to avoid the charade … he stood for libertarian principles !!

  12. DebbieKat Says:

    DeeDeeT - The press conference wasn’t about libertarian principles, it was about ballot access, the right of the people to vote for who they choose and to have as much choice as possible. This is about the strangle hold of the two party system. I respect RP all the more for being on that stage with ALL of those people. I don’t support Baldwin’s issues, but I respect him for being there. Barr’s non-appearance showed that he’s all about getting that title, but not about supporting the efforts of third parties. I didn’t like him before and I like him less now.

  13. Andy Craig Says:

    The problem isn’t that “bad publicity” Barr is supposedly getting. It’s true that no one outside Ron Paul/third party followers will ever notice. The problem is that Barr has repeatedly shat on his base, thus leaving him without the necessary funds and support to even make a serious attempt to reach a broader audience.

  14. Thom Simmons Says:

    Barr is under no requirement to kowtow to anyone, including Ron Paul. Ron Paul and his Slavish anti-Fed adolesecents have proved that they can make a lot of noise while accomplishing nothing. Perhaps Bob Barr knows what he’s doing by not appearing on stage with Socialists…

  15. Andy Craig Says:

    “Barr is under no requirement to kowtow to anyone, including Ron Paul.”

    Or his would-be supporters, apparently.

  16. Teddy Fleck Says:

    I agree with what Bob Barr did. Ron Paul was going to endorse Bob so as others have why KOW TOW to Dr. Paul and other Candidates who totally work against what the Libertarian Party works for.

  17. Andy Craig Says:

    Even if Barr was right not to participate, and even if his criticisms of Paul are valid, none of that excuses the absolute douchebaggery with which he went about it all. Seriously, pulling out at the last minute so the other participants wouldn’t know what was happening, and then holding your own press conference down the hall?

  18. shawn Says:

    We need a third party debate. LP as the biggest third party should work with C4L to make such a debate possible.

  19. Haigh Says:

    “We need a third party debate. LP as the biggest third party should work with C4L to make such a debate possible.”

    Forget Third Party only, do the Republicrats too with standins like Tiny Fey for Palin.

  20. William Says:

    I’m both a Ron Paul supporter and a Bob Barr supporter, and I have to say, I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion, it’s stupid, it’s over, who cares? If people get their panties in a wad over this, (Ruwart included, though I respect her libertarian views, for sure) then how can they handle real-world issues that actually matter?

    I can tell you that the bulk of the nation does not give two shits about this press conference (most of them don’t even know it occurred) and it has absolutely NO bearing on the 2008 election. It’s not the end of the world that Bob didn’t attend it, although if it is to you, then don’t vote for him. I’d bet money that Ron Paul doesn’t really even care that Barr didn’t show up, and I really doubt he cares one iota about the supposed “feud” that Bob created by not showing up, and then holding his own press conference. Dumb though that may have been, it shouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

    You know, we’re stuck in an unconstitutional, undeclared war. (Two of them, actually), our economy is tanking, and the only solutions the Republicrats have are MORE government intervention, and our Constitution has been used by our current administration and most of our current congress (excluding Dr. Paul, of course) as nothing more than toilet paper. It seems to me that these issues are FAR more dire and important than some silly press conference of candidates who collectively couldn’t fill up an hour news show with the amount of press they get from the major news networks. Wake up, people, we need to FIGHT for liberty instead of being sour grapes who CLAIM we want liberty.

  21. Rob Says:

    You know, those of us in the Greens actually want other third parties to succeed as well, because it’s, in the end, not about just one party coming to power, it’s about democracy actually allowing the voice of the people to be heard instead of drowned out by the two-party system of entrenched interests. Some of the people believe as we do (Great) and some don’t (oh well).

    but if you believe in democracy, you believe in all of us having a VOICE. That is what ballot access is all about; that is what this press conference was all about; that is what electoral reform is all about.

    if all you can do as a third party activist is hurl partisan insults and ridiculous characterizations (I mean really, nader as a republican operative? really? from third party people who should know a lot better?), then you are NOT interested in liberty OR democracy. You are simply interested in suppressing opposing views while you promote your own; just as the republicrats have been doing for years, very successfully.

    Seriously. Grow up, people. If the third parties can’t work together on very important issues of electoral reform, even though we have different political ideologies, then we’re all screwed, forever.

    to steal a phrase from another poster, “douchebaggery” and grandstanding of this sort should be reserved for underhanded politicians of power establishment parties. Not freedom fighters and champions of real democracy. it’s a shame, pure and simple.

  22. Luke Says:

    I am very angry at the LP now. They seem to be claiming that they couldn’t have any part in helping to attempt to legitimize third parties because it would compromise their ideals.

    I wonder if the Utah (my state) LP candidate for governor is really helping to reinforce the LP’s unwavering ideals. Here’s some quotes from his official blog:

    “Henious abomination runs rampant and Jony Jr does nothing about it. Thousands & thousands of abortions, child executions, plain murder takes place in Utah.”

    “This is a Christian nation”

    “This is an English speaking country. We don’t care where you are from, English is our language. Learn it or go back to wherever you came from!”

    “Don’t fall for satan’s lie of separation of church & state.”


    I think I’ll be avoiding the LP entirely this year. I used to be a supporter, but those days may now be over.

  23. disinter Says:

    This is being countered by Treasurer Aaron Starr, who favors a resolution to chastise Paul for not endorsing Bob Barr and “splitting the Freedom Movement.”

    Ron Paul has done FAR more to bring the “Freedom Movement” together than the LP ever will.

    The only person that is splitting the “Freedom Movement” is Bob Barf (CIA asset).

  24. disinter Says:

    For proof of how deeply involved the CIA is in US politics, watch this in its entirety:

  25. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Luke, The LP has nothing to do with Barr’s off-the-reservation antics. Please understand that.

    As for UT, the LNC has even less to do with that. Talk to the LPUT.

  26. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    The radical libertarian was right about Nader. He is a Republican operative, get ovver it.

    About SuperDell the Utah governor candidate, seriously, how did he get the LP nomination? The Constitution Party is less radical than that. As a strong Christian I appreciate his faith, but he’s still wrong about most issues and he’s not a libertarian.

  27. Luke Says:

    I’m just upset right now Michael. I’m sure that in reality whenever I see a choice between a Republican, a Democrat and a Libertarian, the LP will always have my vote. That will be the case in a lot of my local races this year. I’m just really unimpressed by the big 2 on my ballot from the LP. This year other third parties will be getting those votes. I, like everybody else just like to throw my sudden bits of rage straight to the internet. Sorry about that.

  28. DeeDeeT Says:

    Rob would have the world live under a Kumbaya democracy … America is about a Constitutionally-based Democratic Republic which recognizes and guarantees judicially the unalienable rights of individuals to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, including the most fundamental right of all—- the right to own property. Democracy, by definition, says the majority can suppress or take-away those rights by a simple 50%-plus-1 vote. Nader and McKinney et al have no qualms about ‘democratically’ voting to control and seize all varieties of private property, from businesses to homes to currency, and redistirbute it according to their Socialist scheme of the ‘greater good’. Y’all can keep your ‘democracy’ ... I’m not buying the BS.

    Here’s what our FF’s thought of democracy:

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” —Ben Franklin

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    —Thomas Jefferson

    “Democracy … wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

    —John Adams

    “Democracy is the most vile form of government… democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention… incompatible with personal security or the rights of property.”

    —James Madison

    “The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and … breaks up the foundations of society.”

    —Thomas Jefferson

  29. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Luke, understandable. A lot of us are in that same boat, pissed at a lot of stuff right now. No problem. :) We tried to prevent this in Denver.

  30. Rob Says:

    Yes DeeDee, i am aware of what those with power think of democracy. They tend to think it’s a bad idea, and they also tend to think that since they HAVE power, they must DESERVE it.

    I’m not particularly concerned with what a group of wealthy landowners thought 200+ years ago when the idea of not being ruled by a monarch was fresh and new and they were on the edge of a gigantic and mostly unexplored, wild continent. Thanks for the trip down memory lane though!

    Luckily, we do have a system with checks and balances. That addresses the most aggregious of missteps democracy can make (which is more than I can say for free market economics, apparently) though the separation and balance of powers. I know you’ve probably cracked a book in your time, so I imagine you know what those branches are.

    the basic, fundamental premise of this country is that the will of the people should be able to be expressed in the selection of their representatives. That is currently NOT the case because of the two party system. That is one thing all third parties should easily be able to agree with, and if you cannot, I submit you are either so loony that you should be summarily ignored, a plant, a troll, or just ridiculously short sighted.

    I want people to be able to vote for representatives that represent them without having to vote tactically. If that’s “kumbaya” democracy, so be it. I just call it integrity.

    Sounds like you just want a dictatorship. Good luck with that!

  31. Clark Says:

    ...again, most/all folks are ill-equipped to deal with most/all ‘political issues’..

    ..most/all political issues HEAVILY involve federal reserve tokens..(‘dollars’ to most/all folks/mullets)

    ...and most/all folks/mullets have virtually no honest understanding of the origin, nature, etc. of even one fucking federal reserve token!..just the facts, mammonite$! ;o)

    (the mullets have been gutted..but, in my experience, most/all probably won’t ever recognize/acknowledge these facts..unless they see it on fucking republicrat teevee it’s not on their agendas!)

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