The ultimate Washington outsider

Jazz Shaw takes a look in The Moderate Voice at Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian candidate for vice president. What Shaw finds, from Root’s website, is the ultimate Washington outsider:

He has never worked (directly or indirectly) for or with any state or federal government. None of his small businesses have ever done business with the government. He has never collected a check from government (other than a student loan). He has never worked in Washington D.C. He has never done business with a lobbyist.

Shaw then turns to another consideration in a candidate:

We also like our elected leaders to be literate, scholarly types. And once again, Wayne fills the bill nicely. He is not only well read, but the author of five books. (More than Obama and Palin combined, by the way.) And we should remember that governing is, in some regards, very much about risk management… calculating the odds, making smart decisions, etc. So it will be comforting to note that these books are on the subject of … gambling.

None of which means Shaw is going to vote for Root (and Barr)...

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