LNC Considers Motion To Apologize To Ron Paul

Rachel Hawkridge is the representative to the Libertarian National Committee from “Region 7”, which includes Florida, Hawaii, and the three states of the northwest corner of the lower 48. (Florida replaced California in that region this year because the old region no longer had enough membership to keep two LNC seats.)  On her blog this weekend she posted an LNC motion she made proposing to apologize to Ron Paul for Bob Barr missing Paul’s press conference last week.

There are conflicting reports about whether Barr “committed” to attend as the letter says.  The proposed letter repeats Barr’s endorsement of Paul’s 4-point agenda on foreign policy, privacy, national debt, and the Federal Reserve.  It also says the LP “shares your goal of encouraging more people to vote for third party candidates”—a goal seemingly at odds with the LP’s Purposes bylaw, which talks about “functioning as a libertarian political entity separate and distinct from all other political parties or movements”.  The letter also speaks as if LP Acting Executive Director Robert Kraus “has been reprimanded” for “disparaging” Paul in this LP blog posting, but the continued presence of the posting on LP.org suggests that the letter is proposing a reprimand rather than reporting one.

In subsequent comments on another blog, Hawkridge reported that there was no apparent prospect of her motion passing.  The text of the proposed letter is:

The Libertarian National Committee understands that the campaign of Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr has offended you, the Campaign for Liberty, and your many supporters by:

  • Failing to attend your press conference at the National Press Club highlighting third party candidates after committing to do so;
  • Holding a press conference of its own publicly inviting you to be Barr’s Vice-President candidate (replacing Wayne Allyn Root) in spite of his personal knowledge that you have no interest in the position; and
  • Issuing statements through both official and unofficial channels that disparaged you for not endorsing Barr’s candidacy.

Although Former Congressman Bob Barr is the duly nominated presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party selected by delegates to the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, the Libertarian National Committee is deeply embarrassed by the Barr campaign’s behavior and believes it does not reflect well on the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian National Committee sincerely apologizes to you, the Campaign for Liberty, and your many supporters on behalf of the Libertarian Party and hopes that you, your organization, and your supporters will continue to work together with the Libertarian Party in our common fight for liberty in spite of the regrettable actions of Congressman Barr’s campaign.

The Libertarian National Committee shares your goal of encouraging more people to vote for third party candidates and agrees with your four point statement on Foreign Policy, Privacy, The National Debt, and The Federal Reserve. The Libertarian National Committee respects your decisions to not seek the Libertarian nomination and not endorse an individual presidential candidate. The Libertarian National Committee also salutes the broad coalition of liberty loving Americans you have built through your presidential campaign, the Ron Paul R3VOLution, and the Campaign for Liberty.

Please note that Mr. Barr had no authority to invite you to join the Libertarian Party ticket. Under the Libertarian Party Bylaws, vice-presidential nominee vacancies are filled by the Libertarian National Committee, rather than by the presidential candidate himself. The Libertarian National Committee was not consulted before the offer was extended to you.

In addition, the Libertarian National Committee regrets that Acting Libertarian Party Executive Director Robert Kraus disparaged you in the Libertarian Party blog on www.lp.org. The Libertarian National Committee has reprimanded Mr. Kraus for his actions and is tightening its internal controls on www.lp.org blog content. We offer our sincere apology for the blog remarks of Libertarian Party staff.

The Libertarian National Committee, on behalf of the Libertarian Party, hopes its relationships with you, the Campaign for Liberty, and your many supporters were not irreparably harmed by the actions of the Barr campaign and our staff. The Libertarian National Committee and the Libertarian Party would both like nothing more than to continue to be allies with you in the battle for civil liberties, limited government, and non-intervention.

26 Responses to “LNC Considers Motion To Apologize To Ron Paul”

  1. Red Says:

    How about an apology from Ron Paul’s staff to Bob Barr and staff? They’re the ones that should be apologizing, not Bob Barr. They’re the ones that didn’t make it clear what the press conference was going to be about. I don’t blame Barr for not attending. He shouldnt be trying to get votes for other parties.

  2. Justin Anthony Knapp Says:

    McKinney, Baldwin, and Nader all seemed to understand.

    Barr’s erratic and bizarre behavior on this campaign has really hurt him and the Libertarians at large in my view. We’ll see how November turns out, but my prediction is that they will lose numbers from Badnarik’s run.


  3. Catholic Trotskyist Says:

    Yes, Barr should apologize to Ron Paul, because he wrecked the Fringe Alliance Strategy, which I have advocating for months, and thus failing to proclaim the glory of God. Then the satanist/fascist/stalinist criminal Ralph Nader, the whore of Babylon, could have moved rightward along with Cynthia McKinney, and thus stopped his attack on the Revolutionary Catholic Muslim Socialist General Barack H. Obama. Amen.

  4. paul Says:

    BizaRRe emBARRassment

  5. Coming back to the LP Says:

    Bob Barr should NOT apologize.

    The LP should NOT apologize.

    We need to separate, promote our Libertarian principles and move beyond Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty.

    Ron Paul has been a fairly good Congressman and mostly Libertarian on the issues over the years. I supported him in ‘88 and helped him get on the ballot.

    But, most of Dr. Paul’s support in his recent campaign dried up over his newletter scandal. Even more are waiting for an audit of his campaign expenditures to find out where he squandered $30 million without any major TV advertising campaign. Some of his cronies may have received sweatheart payouts.

    The majority of his remaining supporters have folded back into the R Party from where they came. Ron Paul has little left to offer or to show for his effort. So, it’s only natural that he wanted to claim the votes of all the remaining alternative candidates as his own. That was the reason for his big “news event.”

    If Dr. Paul truly wanted to promote Liberty, he would have run as the LP candidate, or he would endorse the LP candidate. He is really only supporting Ron Paul. That is why he guards his Mailing List so close. This is a Ron Paul asset that he will be mining to sell newsletters, gold, coins, books, and of course, donations to other Ron Paul campaigns.

    Bob Barr did the right thing for the LP, and the right thing to build our movement. He is now the leader in our fight for Liberty.

    Bob Barr is not a perfect, pure Libertarian. But he is in the Libertarian Quadrant on the Nolan Chart. He is OUR candidate. And he is doing the right things and his best to promote the LP and fight for Liberty in Our Time.

    Go Bob Barr!

    This issue is dead and over.

    Send your best donation today to the Barr for President campaign. We will be able to advertise on TV with far less funds than Ron Paul’s campaign squandered.

  6. liberty_for_life Says:

    It is of party’s affiliation that is loosing its focus with the “State of the Nation” and the American people. It is “Always is and Will Be” and there is “Not a Damn Thing You and I Can Do About” because of our egos.

  7. Allison Says:

    I disagree that most of Paul’s supporters were and are Republicans. I campaigned for him very hard and I found an even split among Dems, Reps, and Libertarians. If anything more libertarians supported him than anything.

    Barr is a fool. We know it. I voted libertarian for 4 elections in a row and I can’t stomach the man. This has nothing to do with Ron Paul, but Barr’s stupidity shows how arrogant he is. He is smarmy. Period. He might fool the libertarians in name only, who have never read Rothbard or Hayek or Mises, but he won’t and can’t fool those of us who have. He doesn’t have the education in libertarianism to pull it off.

    He is a pure statist who is claiming to be a libertarian. He gives statist reasoning for his libertarian stances. They don’t go together. You can’t be a socialist libertarian. That is like being a KKK civil rights supporter.

    Barr is a politician first and foremost. He will do anything, sell anyone out for a vote. He will promise all he can, and not even realize he is promising to do things that will take stealing other people’s money. He doesn’t get it.

    No libertarian man votes for the Patriot Act and does so excusing it as a needed action to play politics. Why not repeal the ban on slavery while you are at it?

    Libertarians cannot compromise on liberty. All compromises are a 100% loss for the libertarian and a 100% gain for the statist. He doesn’t understand that. But we do.

    In fact, the more the libertarian party stands behind this snake, the more I am unsure if I want to be a member of the party anymore. I have written libertarian articles, I have fought for the party, I have worked for the party for free, I have donated to the party. Now, I am thinking of leaving the party because they chose this very unlibertarian man to represent the party. Their actions are making a mockery of my life’s work. I am disgusted.

    So don’t blame Barr’s insincerity on Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has nothing to do with this. Barr has made a fool of himself and the party all on his own. And long before Paul ever invited him to a press conference. What? Did you not notice that Barr can’t raise any money? Did you not notice that Barr has very few supporters? Did you not notice that there is no enthusiasm for Barr? You want to blame all of this on Ron Paul? Wow, he must be powerful.

    No, the libertarian party has rolled the dice, and picked a man with a name rather than a man with principles. Dumb choice for the party of principles. Harry Browne must be turning over in his grave.

  8. Stefan Says:

    Coming back to the LP: News for you: if you want to accomplish something in politics, you have to build alliances at times on common issues. The four point agreements are all moderate libertarian issues, thus Paul has scooped a great breakthrough with that. He received support from a wide spectrum, also anti-war leftists, who are NO libertarians and also people form the Green Party joined his campaign. He is still promoting liberty within the GOP, but also outside the GOP.
    If the newsletter issue would have really hurt him, he would not have been re-elected in 1996 when it came out in his district and he would not not have consistently fared better in the later primaries, where he received 16% in PA, 25% etc. etc., with about no campaigning. He still has about 4 million left. 35 m is really not that much with a primary campaign, Romney wasted much more of his own and other’s money, also Giuliani. Paul was also not as well know, so a lot of money had to be sent simply tog et him name out. Now he is a well known figure. He clearly did not write the relevant parts in the newsletter published in his name. He did not speak at the CCC as certain other people..

    The newsconference is an outreach for people that have no voted in the past and would it not be a good thing if those supporters who were going to vot for Obama (over the war issue), would rather vote for Nader or McKinney now? See also his CNN interview. I think he knows well most of his supporters would vote for mostly Barr and then Baldwin, only much less for the other two. If Paul would endorse any specific candidate, and he/she does not fare so well, then it would not be so good for the liberty movement. Also: if he would endorse any third party candidate, he would be kicked off his influential position with the banking commission, and what will that help then? Why would he isolate himself in the GOP if he still has friends, like Walter Jones, Jimmy Duncan etc?
    There are also quite a few candidates for congress, and if a few of them would be successful this year, then the movement already has accomplished something in politics. His list of contributors are private. I am sure they do not want their info to be sent to other people without their consent. It is a basic principle of privacy.

  9. Bill Wood Says:

    Well said “Coming back to the LP”, it is sad when libertarians would be outraged when our Candidate, who is working hard to grow the LP and who wants to reduce the size of Government, refuses to embrace the hands of other Candidates who only wish for total Government control. The mistake that the Barr Campaign made last week was asking Dr. Paul to run for VP. I would have been opposed to this, because of Dr. Pauls support and endorsement of Don “King of Pork” Young, , news letters, failure to back Bob Barr etc.

    I’m disappointed with the actions of some of our LNC Representatives. Also I don’t understand the mentality of some “libertarians?” who are doing everything in their power to destroy the Libertarian Party.

    Soon to be leaving the LP..

  10. joell Says:

    the LP has been infiltrated and neutered by a stealth operative; barr will recieve his GOP compensation & leave the party. he may even get a bonus for a job well done.

    barr has set the party back 20 yrs, so a long term recovery plan should be discussed even before the election.

  11. Bill Woolsey Says:

    This proposed apology is innapprorpiate.

    Barr only needs to clarify. He should repeat his statements
    of respect for Cong. Paul’s work for liberty, especially his
    recent campaign for President. He should state is unequivocal
    belief that Paul is committed to libertarian principles—to
    expanding liberty and shrinking government.

    Barr should recognize that there is a difference in strategy now. Barr
    has broken with the Republican Party. Naturally, he believes that
    Paul should do the same and return to the Libertarians.
    However, since Paul remains committed to the Republican Party,
    good luck to his future efforts.

    Barr should again endorse Paul’s 4 principles but add that
    significantly reducing the size of government and cutting taxes
    are equally imprortant. He should reiterate his view that
    all supporters of liberty should unite and vote Libertarian in

    The closest thing to an apology that is appropriate is that
    Barr should explain that it has come to
    his attention that there has been public sniping between the
    Paul’s staff and his own staff. He should state that whatever mistakes
    have been made by either or both sides, he has instructed his staff to stop participating in counterproductive infighting.

    Ferguson should resign.

  12. Patrick Henry Says:

    THis is the end of the liberatarian Party.

  13. Bill Woolsey Says:

    Most of Paul’s support “dried up” last spring because of poor performance on Super-Tuesday. Once McCain developed a commanding lead, the Republican primary campaign was pretty much over.

    What is left, however, remains large relative to past libertarian efforts. Remarkably, Paul does have a signifiant “cult of personality.” While
    the “I don’t care, I’m writing in Dr. Paul” brigade is significant, there is
    much, much more. Unfortunately, not all of it leans libertarian. Yet, libertarians of one sort or other remain important.

    Paul’s Presidential effort showed the tremendous potential of a libertarian primary campain in the Republican Party. Asking libertarians to choose between Paul and the LP at this time is unlikely to hurt Paul much. It just
    makes the LP look foolish.

    Barr and Redpath need to reign in their staff. And, I believe, Dr. Paul should do the same.

  14. spinnikerca Says:

    Ron Paul’s support ‘dried up’? You do recall his percentages of the vote in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington, South Dakota etc even after he had ‘suspended his campaign’? His donations dried up when he suspended his campaign with over $5 million in the bank and was talking about not needing that money - much less more - for his campaign. His SUPPORT never dried up. In fact, AFTER super tuesday, when he got a congressional opponent in the Texas primary, which was a surprise, he raised about a million in 24 hours for his Congressional campaign. (Without suspending his national campaign he couldn’t redirect his presidential campaign funds and he wasn’t yet doing that.) That alone is more than the current LP nominee has raised.

    It isn’t what you say, it is what you do.

  15. Linda Says:

    I am stunned by the LNC. Such arrogance at a critical time in America’s future. The mortgage/insurance industry is crumbling with the Federal Government promising 100’s of billions in help from the American taxpayer.

    While the LNC and the yet smaller third parties stumble for lack of sufficient funding, the Republicrats will win again. The Republicrats are joined, get it? When will the third parties see that they, too, must join? Duh…

  16. Eric Dondero Says:

    How absurd. They should be demanding an apology from Paul for his dissing of the Libertarian Party.

    You wanna hear something ironic? Back in 1988, Ron Paul would constantly complain about how Howard Phillips stabbed him in the back at a press conference in Austin. Actually, Phillips did stab him in the back. We had set up a press conference for a Young Conservatives event where Phillips was to endorse Paul, Libertarian for President. All the Austin media showed up, the newspaper, and 3 TV stations. Phillips had informed us ahead of time that “yes” he would endorse.

    Time comes for the endorsement, and after Phillips remarks to the YCTs, he bolts the convention.

    We were left there looking like dumbasses in front of the Austin media. Ron was super, super pissed, and yelled and screamed at his staff (me, Kent Snyder, Kevin Southwick, even his son Rand) for days about it.

    Now, the tables have turned. Here we are 25 year later and Ron Paul is doing the exact same thing to Bob Barr. How ironic indeed.

  17. Craig Combs Says:

    Bob Barr’s failure to appear at Ron Paul’s conference was a calculated move design to dampen the momentum of the Libertarian Party and the libertarian movement in general. Libertarian’s had a real possibility of swinging this year - but Bob Barr (and his handlers) intentionally destroyed that possibility.

    For the first time in my life, I will not vote Libertarian for president this year.

    Bobb Barr: enemy of the Republic.

  18. ACUTS Says:

    Bob Barr is a disgrace and should be removed from the LP ticket.

    Anyone who supports him is supporting everything you are supposedly supposed to be about.

    Kick Barr out of the LP FOREVER!!

  19. Red Phillips Says:

    Howard Phillips has said he voted for Ron Paul in 1988. I have no knowledged of the event Eric mentions. I suspect Howard Phillips might have a different version.

    BTW, Red in post #1 is not Red Phillips.

  20. (gravel not neocon opr barr) Says:

    The American Ruse &
    when Black Friday comes.

    Honesty or lies?
    Compassion or greed?
    Intelligence or narrow-minded?
    Guts or go along to get along?

    Ralph Nader
    Cynthia McKinney

    Ron Paul
    Mike Gravel
    Dennis Kucinich

    Jesse Ventura
    H. Ross Perot
    President Carter

  21. MoRtiS NoCTu Says:

    Hahah you “Libertarian” fanatics that are all outraged at what Ron Paul supposedly “did” to Bob Barr need to get your heads checked.

    Ron Paul publicly gave his support to all the 3rd party candidates and tried to publicly state their common causes so everyone would understand the significance their core beliefs, beliefs that are the two “major” parties happen to completely lack, and the nominee of the “Libertarian” Party (who supposedly believes in all of the same core values) bails on the conference at the last minute?

    Bob Barr totally made a dick out of himself. And did he really think that Ron Paul would bow down, when Barr disagrees on major issues (such as the War on Drugs, which reflects directly Barr’s views on personal liberties and privacy), and run as his vice?

    Bad moves Barr.

  22. Winston Smith Says:

    Whether it was a bad move or not doesn’t matter. The fact that the LNC is wasting time trying to make him apologize is laughable. Of course it would be the kiddie porn lover who supports it the most.

    Why should we make our candidate apologize to Saint Paul who has nothing to do with the LP? Christ these people would lick shit off Paul’s shoes if he let them.

  23. Michael Seebeck Says:

    To clarify the constant misinformation, the apology is from the LNC and LP to Dr. Paul, NOT from Barr to Dr. Paul. Barr doesn’t know what “I’m sorry” means.

    And yes, I know with 99% certainty what the apology says.

  24. Paul K. Says:

    “But, most of Dr. Paul’s support in his recent campaign dried up over his newletter scandal. Even more are waiting for an audit of his campaign expenditures to find out where he squandered $30 million without any major TV advertising campaign. Some of his cronies may have received sweatheart payouts.”


    I for one would be real curious where the money went. Certainly not to high production TV adds in NH. In the ‘88 campaign there was a “problem” with accounting, tens of thousands of dollars were missing. Jim Turney, LNC chair, tried to get to the bottom of it (I think at least $28k of LP Ballot Access Funds were missing). When Turney insisted on answers, Lou Rockwell and Burt Blumert led what was essentially a coup at the post-election Oklahoma City LNC meeting that succeeded in forcing Turney’s removal as Chair. I’ve got Burt and Lou on a videotape at the meeting - very nasty stuff even by LNC standards - “Shootout at OKC”.

    I’m sure Eric remembers Nadia and the ugly details. Perhaps he will elaborate as it’s too good a story to forget and I only have my observations from the LNC to go on. As I recall, the LNC never got a satisfactory answer from Burt or the campaign.

  25. Jim S Says:

    Here is what Ron Paul’s message did for me.

    His message forced me to wake up and pay attention to the matters at hand.

    Totally changed my opinion on what Left/Center/Right politics and the two party system was about.

    Helped me realize we need not fear the government the government needs to fear us.

    My point here is it’s not the man it’s the message. Ron Paul is not the best man but he has the best message. By process of elimination Bob Barr and the other third party candidates do not have the best man but they have the best message. The LP has some real nut jobs in it but they have the best message (as Ron Paul’s was almost identical to it). Thanks to the LP/Ron Paul’s message I want nothing to do with the message from Democrats or the Republicans.

    So to say that Ron Paul has done nothing for the LP is totally retarded. I had never even heard of the LP before Ron Paul. I just thank god I came across the message - now its’ my responsibility to do something with it.

    I will vote for who carries the message not the man.

  26. Brian Holtz Says:

    Well said.

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