Libertarian-Socialist alliance in Louisiana

Ballot Access News reports:

On September 13, the Libertarian Party and the Socialist Party filed a lawsuit to get their presidential candidates on the Louisiana ballot. Libertarian Party et al v Dardenne. Lawsuits can be filed on weekends in some U.S. District Courts, via electronic filing. The case number is not known yet. Both parties were late filing their presidential electors. The lawsuit argues that since the Secretary of State’s office was closed the week of September 2-5, and since the state has postponed its congressional primary until October, due to hurricanes, the state should also have extended the filing deadline. The state did permit filing on September 8, but did not post this notice on its web page. The Libertarian filing was on September 10 and the Socialist filing was on September 11.

2 Responses to “Libertarian-Socialist alliance in Louisiana”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    This is not the first time a state Libertarian Party has been a co-plaintiff with a political party with “socialist” in its name. In Delaware the Libertarian and Socialist Workers Parties jointly filed a ballot access case in 1976. Also there have been many cases in which both the Libertarian and Green Parties were co-plaintiffs.

  2. Poncho Says:

    I usually consider myself a Libertarian Socialist, so when I read that, I got all keyed up. Dagnabit.

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