LP spokesman agrees with Barr on ‘go it alone’

Andrew Davis is the media coordinator of the Libertarian Party, and on the party’s blog he defends Bob Barr’s decision to absent himself from the Ron Paul press conference—without specifically mentioning that event. In “Third-Parties and the Philosophy of Liberty” he writes:

There are very real, and very diametric differences between the Libertarian Party and all of its other political competitors. Agree as they may on issues like civil liberties, war and economic reform, the philosophy of each political party is distinct and unbending.


To dismiss this philosophy in the pursuit of consensus is a dangerous trend that third parties must avoid at all costs. To do so, for whatever reason, is to abandon the very core identity of the political party.

Davis explains what he sees as the core differences between the Libertarian Party and all other third parties, and concludes:

The Libertarian Party can never follow the beat of any drum other than its own.

21 Responses to “LP spokesman agrees with Barr on ‘go it alone’”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Amen brother

  2. Scott (L-VA) Says:

    So I suppose the LP should never attend any media events, because we wouldn’t want it to seem like we’re endorsing the media. Nor should we raise money, because we wouldn’t want it to seem like we endorse the Federal Reserve.

    Come on, we’re not this stupid. Attenting a press conference would not have hurt the party, it would have helped it. Barr’s ego was the problem, he couldn’t stand by and let Ron Paul continue getting the spotlight, that’s been his problem all along. The LP really needs to stop spinning this for Barr and just admit their mistake, they’re hurting themselves by association… something they’re claiming they don’t want to do.

  3. Benjamin Vander Jagt Says:

    There it goes again. “To dismiss this philosophy in the pursuit of consensus…” That was not at all the point, as Ron Paul said when he pointed out that he wasn’t planning to vote for Nader.

    The all kept saying (but apparently nobody was listening) that they were working together because of their tactical agreements and because of the four main point agreements. What this LP spokesperson is saying is so important is the same as what Paul said at the press conference, so he really has no room to criticize Paul.

    Barr’s ego was most definitely the problem, as the previous commentator said. Barr, like so many super-intelligent people, thinks he is just slightly more important than he actually is, and that makes him occasionally act like an impetuous child. By contrast, Ron Paul was a friend of the family some two decades ago, and we know that he is about the most humble politician in existence.

    While I still find myself in agreement with Barr on most issues, it seems that just about everything to come from anybody speaking on his behalf or on the party’s behalf has been more and more damning, indicative of a mistake that they’re trying to make not look like a mistake.

  4. Raoul Duke Says:

    More from the blog, that perhaps explains it better:

    “Working with other parties on electoral reform and eliminating anti-democratic ballot access laws is advantageous for all involved; however, at the end of the day, we are still competitors vying for individual votes of Americans. A vote cast for any other political party than the Libertarian Party is a vote the Libertarian Party will not receive, no matter how well intentioned.”

  5. Richard G. Says:

    Many of us are in agreement with the the Barr strategies and comments. Ron Paul effectively gave up on liberties and freedom, no wonder he has decoded to remain in the Republican Party. The truth being, Ron Paul has never been electable in this cycle. Many of my family and co-workers wouldn’t vote for him because he lacked a presidential appearance in debates and interviews. He came across as annoying and unintelligent. While I disagree with this view and believe that Ron has the right ideas, he was not able to deliver it correctly. Barr has brought the whole Libertarian agenda into the public, and people are beginning or have been listening to his message. If the Libertarian Party could pull their head out of the swamp machine, they could have a real significant impact. However, with the continued internal fighting, Libertarians will sabotage the whole agenda. David Nolan needs to help promote unity and quit sabotaging the Party he started. Are we in this to win or not? Personally, Barr is showing real leadership and not following the crowd to dilution and nowhere. Go Barr 2008!

  6. Kenny Says:

    Richard G, Bob Barr is running as an independent. There is no mention of the LP on Barr’s merchandise or on the frontpage of BobBarr2008.com. The LP will gain nothing from Barr’s candidacy. In fact, its brand and ballot access could be destroyed.

  7. Bryan Says:

    Kenny, on the front page of the Barr website is a link that says “Join the Libertarian Party” and takes one directly to the LP website. Stop being a troll and please read a website first before making false claims.

  8. Kenny Says:

    Sorry Bryan, I missed that small link but where is the LP logo on the frontpage? Where is the LP mentioned on Barr’s merchandise? Why is the Barr campaign not using the official LP branding on the website and merchandise? Please enlighten me.

  9. Stefan Says:

    Maybe the LP should align its own drumbeat in a choir against the establishment parties, while keeping its own identity.

    Mr. Andrew Davis (not related to the Rick Davis of the McCain campaign?), was the LP only beating its own drum when Barr met with Gore and visited the Netroots event or when Barr discussed and approved combined reaction against the FISA laws during Barr’s bloggingheads interview with the left, firedoglake and Glenn Greenwald? Why it is OK to cooperate with them, but not with Nader, who is far more libertarian than Obama on the issues??? It just does not make any sense. Politics is about alliances and coalitions on common interests while preserving identity. Surely the CP (third largest regstered party) did not give up its identity or policy when it met together with the Greens and Nader-Independents?
    It just does not make any sense. Verney’s advise to Barr not to attend was a bad mistake. If Barr attended the meeting, he would have gained trust from some Barr spectics, more money and he would also have received media exposure and included in the Wolf Blitzer interview with Paul and Nader and more.

  10. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    Sitting here with my nightcap and I am simply wondering where does it say “Republican Party” on Mr. McCains merchandise:

    Or “Democrat” on Mr. Obama’s merchandise:

    Of course I do see the Libertarian Party listed on Barr/Root goods here:

    Drinking my scotch now and wishing all a pleasant evening.

  11. DebbieKat Says:

    What a load. You know… I was at the convention and myself and several colleagues were fairly distraught over how the Barr supporters came in and hijacked the event and the nomination. I agree with Scott above… It’s pure ego. He would have helped call more attention to the LP as well as the others. But to be so bent on methodology that you don’t realize the greater cause here, well. It’s just dumb. Way to shoot themselves in the foot.

  12. Sean Scallon Says:

    Funny words abouting promoting the Libertarian Party when Barr’s own website won’t even mention the party’s name.

    Funny words about competing for votes with other parties when Barr’s own campaign manager praises George Bush II.

    Funny words from a campaign who’s vice-presidential candidate was willing to drop out of the race and discloses his close personal friendship with Karl Rove.

    Funny words that are coming out of everyone’s elses mouth except Bob Barr. Does he speak for himself these days?

  13. Michael Seebeck Says:

    David can’t tell the difference between political tactics and philosophical differences. That has always been an LP fatal flaw. Moron!

  14. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Sorry, that was Davis in a typo.

    Barr fucked up, hugely.

    We warned you about this. You didn’t listen. Enjoy your Kool-Aid.

  15. Kenny Says:

    Sorry Geoffrey, LP stuff is not the official Barr store. The LP stuff does not carry the Barr strapline “Liberty For America”.

  16. Veteran of many LPNatCons Says:

    Future attendees to Libertarian National Conventions who want authentic candidates to run as candidates on the Libertarian Party line need to replace the follow moderate/neocon leaders on the Libertarian National Committee:

    Bill Redpath (replace with Ruth Bennett?)
    Aaron Starr (anybody … then hire an accountant to do the party’s books)
    Dan Karlan

    And the following people need to be kept away from the LNC and/or fired as LNC staff:

    Stephen Gordon
    Shane Cory
    M Carling
    Andrew Davis

    Don’t forget all who stood on the convention stage and urged delegates to support the Barr campaign:

    Steve Dasbach
    Mark W. Rutherford
    Mike Ferguson
    Rob Kampia

  17. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Well, shoot, Vet, that’s what we TRIED to do in Denver!

    And Starr fucked up CA prior to going to national, and we in CA warned people about that, too.

    Nobody listened.

  18. Veteran of many LPNatCons Says:

    Michael, plenty of us listened. And those of us who did listen came close to saving the LP from the looters.

    Barr 51.6% 324 votes
    Ruwart 43.9% 276 votes
    NOTA 4.1% 26 votes

    Redpath 57.3% 204 votes
    Bennett 41.3% 147 votes

    Let’s improve our effort and see how we do in 2010.

  19. Allison Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Libertarian Party had actually chosen a libertarian? I will be leaving them alone this year. (First time since the early 80s.) Do you know how hard it was to get me to NOT vote libertarian. My family has been trying for decades. The libertarian party did it in one fell swoop.

    I didn’t know what to do and then I found this:

    Thank goodness for this article. I hate not voting. Now I know what to do. I might have to write in Ruwart!

  20. William Dalton Says:

    Allison, don’t pay any attention to Hamilton’s article. It is nonsense, and, as attorney, she should know so. There is no such thing as a write in vote for President of the United States, except where such a candidate has filed his petition with the State Board of Elections, listing the slate of electors for whom a write in vote for that candidate would actually count. For example, here in North Carolina the following options are available:


  21. disinter Says:

    Ack! Barr?


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