‘Going in the wrong direction’

Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters aren’t the only ones debating the merits of the coalition put together by Dr. Paul at the National Press Club. Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney are also receiving criticism from their left for participating.

Writing in the Socialist Worker, Alan Maass argues that Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney are undercutting the project of building a left alternative with their “unity” appearance alongside Republican “reactionary” Ron Paul:

They should reject Paul’s endorsement and distance themselves from any other initiative that unites third-party presidential candidates, regardless of their politics. If they don’t, they will have lost any claim on the votes of people who want to register their discontent with the two parties of the status quo as part of building a left that can pursue an alternative agenda.

The Socialist Workers Party’s candidate got 10,800 votes (0.01% of the total) in the 2004 presidential campaign.

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  1. Free Al. Says:

    I wonder if these two will face the same criticism Barr faced when he chose not to attend the meeting for much the same reason, except it was the Liberty agenda and not the Left agenda. In fact, the LP has an article on their website that almost mirrors this statement. Is Alan Mass endorsing what Barr did, if not what he stands for? Just wondering.

  2. Scott (L-VA) Says:

    I smell a little political motivation behind this. The Socialist Workers Party is just upset they weren’t invited to the party, and they want to use it to try to steal votes.

    There was nothing partisan or ideological about the conference. Nothing. It was merely a platform to say that the two major parties have failed us and that people should consider the alternatives. How anyone outside the two major parties could have a problem with this escapes me.

  3. Peter M. Says:

    “Socialist Worker” is the newspaper of the International Socialist Organization, not the Socialist Workers Party. In 2000 and 2004, the ISO was supported the Nader campaign, though with some critical points each time. This year, it looks like they’re not throwing full support behind either Nader or McKinney. The Socialist Workers Party, on the other hand, does run their own candidates (as indicated above,) and their newspaper is “The Militant.”

  4. Peter Says:

    I liked the fact that they put out the “We agree” statement. Definately stuff that Nader and McCinney have been campaigning with, so there is no reason for them not to be at the meeting. I agree with everything on it. It seems the only parties that do not agree are the Democrats and Republicans, which is why I am not voting for either.

  5. steve conn Says:

    The anti-war vote is being abandoned. Only Ralph Nader gives it a place to go.

  6. spinnikerca Says:

    “I wonder if these two will face the same criticism Barr faced when he chose not to attend the meeting for much the same reason….”

    Well, hardly, they never said they would come to get the press then backed out at the last minute using the press covereage to further their own personal campaign.

    Barr could have said ‘no’. He didn’t.

    It was a poor choice of actions and actions do have consequences.

    In any event, RP didn’t build a coalition, see his interview w/ Blitzer and Nader (and would that have been Barr if he’d shown up?)

    He was pointing out by showing that even the most disparate third parties could agree that there were 4 huge issues not addressed by either major candidate, so what did that say about how representative the 2 party process was?

    I don’t know if RP would have ever done more than raise Barr and Baldwin on national media constantly when asked who came closest to his views, but based on that I was planning to vote for Barr. Now, I won’t. However, I do expect to vote for liberty.

  7. Ralph Nader Cynthia McKinney Says:

    (Ron Paul & Ralph Nader)

    And what you say about his company
    Is what you say about society.
    Catch the mist, catch the myth
    Catch the mystery, catch the drift.

    (McKinney Gravel Kucinich Ventura Perot)

    A modern-day warrior
    Mean mean stride,
    Todays tom sawyer
    Mean mean pride.

    [msm lip gloss]

  8. Chip Says:

    Someone needs to issue a correction, as I believe was already pointed out the Socialist Worker newspaper is not the newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party, it is the newspaper of International Socialist Organization (ISO). The ISO endorsed Nader in both 2000, as well as 2004. Some of their members have run for office with the Green Party (Todd Chretin ran for Senate in California).

    Someone needs to correct this.

  9. Eddie Brown Says:


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