Barr Campaign Seeking Videos

The Barr campaign today sent out an email (excerpt below) asking for user-contributed concepts for campaign commercials. A set of recently-created video mashups already being contributed is here. A larger playlist that collects more Libertarian commercials is here.

I don’t want to delay our media campaign any longer.

We need your creative help to get the ball rolling.

Rather than produce stuffy, standard political ads, we want to get your concepts or even full commercials.

If you’re the creative type or want to spend some quality time with a few friends and a video camera over the weekend, we sure could use the help. Please keep them to 30 seconds, leaving about 3 seconds at the end for the government mandated, “I’m Bob Barr and I approve this message.”

Once you have a concept or finished product, just send us your videos! Here’s a drop box where you can upload your videos and concepts.

17 Responses to “Barr Campaign Seeking Videos”

  1. Dr.Gonzo Says:

    Another good move by the Barr campaign.

    The man knows how to run for office.

  2. Kenny Says:

    How much is the Barr planning to spend on advertising? There is no point in sending in ads if the campaign cannot afford to, or will not, use them.

    Would the Barr campaign support ads proposing ending all taxes, abolishing the Fed, legalizing all drugs and prostitution, opening borders or withdrawing immediately from Iraq? If not, why should we bother?

  3. Brian Holtz Says:

    The Libertarian Party needs good ads promoting Libertarian principles even if the Barr campaign is not rich (or gutsy) enough to run them. The videos I’m submitting could be used by any LP candidate in any election cycle, modulo copyright issues (about which see the bottom of ).

  4. DonaldRLake Says:

    Doctor Gonzo, what have you been smoking? Barr is at least a head liner, not a no name party loyalist. But his lack of any common sense, matching that of Zsa Zsa Gabor award winner Cindy McRightHook, makes some folk long for Bararic [P2004].

    Bob is his own worst enemy! Is there any one, short of Insane McCain, who could have benefitted more from a Teddy Roosevelt/ Bull Moose ‘make over’ ????? Duh, miss any appointments lately ?????

  5. Jonathan Says:

    you all who keep posting the same old same old hate bob posts must really love him. Why else would you dedicate yourself in such destructive behavior. It’s not like your posting something constructive about your own candidate.

  6. Andy Craig Says:

    Jonathan- most of the people criticizing Barr are doing so because he’s supposed to be “their candidate”.

  7. Kenny Says:

    Jonathan, Barr is not “our” candidate because he is not a libertarian. He is a conservative infiltrator from the Republican Party. After the ridiculous behavior from Barr and his team this week, “our” candidate has brought our party into disrepute.

    I was opposed to Barr’s nomination but, after reflection, decided to give him the opportunity to prove himself. I have held my tongue whilst Barr and his team articulated some very un-libertarian policies. The Ron Paul farce was the last straw.

    Brian Holtz’s post above shows that Barr has run out of ideas. Either that, or he has run out of money and cannot afford a good creative ad agency. The Ron Paul farce will drive away donors. It was a spectacular own goal. Is this a sign that it has having a dramatic effect on income already?

  8. joell Says:

    “He is a conservative infiltrator from the Republican Party.”

    you’re on point. he’s fucked the libertarian party and just like $lick willie clinton, his supporters don’t realize what he doing.

    and once the election is over, supporters will be tossed aside, like a used condom.

    robert barr represent the vile crotch of 3rd party polit-trick-ians

  9. James Aiken Says:

    Bob Barr definitely doesn’t have enough money, unless he’s planning on running ads in north dakota or something. After looking at his FEC filings, there’s just no way he can run ads.

  10. Eddie Brown Says:

    Bob Barr was not a Libertairan when he served in Congress. Far from it. Regardless of the merits, or lack their of, of the Libertarian philosophy it was a far cry from what Barr typically did.

    In recent years he had seemed a bit more ofa civil libertarian—supporting the NRA and ACLU —, but I always thought it was a bit off for the LP to be so excitied at Barr’s quick conversation to the LP platform. He would have said anything to get the nomination and I really do not think that he has much interest in the Libertarian Party or, more importantly, in electoral reform.

  11. William Says:

    We’re not all born Libertarians, and while Bob has said some questionable things, I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he were really still a Republican, he could have run as a Republican. Why would you run for a third party and deal with all the mess of gathering signatures to get on ballots if you didn’t believe in the party?

    As someone NOT named Ron Paul, Bob could have had all the free publicity he wanted if he had run as a Republican.

    Are there “more libertarian” people than Bob who could have been nominated? Sure, some of the Libertarians are pretty much anarchists. But do you think that those representing such views would come close to sniffing even 1% of the vote? I’m even inclined to agree with them in a lot of ways, but if we lament how dumb the average voter is anyway (and I’ve heard countless arguments to this effect), then voting for a hard-line life-long absolutist Libertarian is going to perpetuate the Libertarians’ image as a debate society and not a real political force.

  12. joell Says:


    “Why would you run for a third party and deal with all the mess of gathering signatures to get on ballots if you didn’t believe in the party?”

    because he wants to be in the political spotlight again & there are no viable options for a prominent seat running as a republician. his very safe congressional district was redrawn and he challenged another incumbent republician. the primary results from a 2000 news article:

    “Barr lost to Rep. John Linder, a soft-spoken fellow conservative who is expected to win a sixth term this fall. With 91% of precincts reporting, Linder had 52,229 votes, or 66%. Barr had 26,735 votes, or 34%.”

    barr tenure was largely a result of being in a heavily republician district and he had name recognition as a federal procecutor.

    in truth, barr was never well liked in georgia. some of it was due to racism. the joke on talk radio was that georgia was proud of having a black republician in congress, a veiled reference to widely circulated rumors that barr was not really white.

    and from what i understand, barr becomes VERY ANGRY when asked about them.

  13. Free Al. Says:

    I have to0 agree with William on this. Barr does have a few skeletons in his closet, sure. But like it or not, he is the Libertarian Party candidate, if not quite the libertarian candidate. I am also reminded of Einstiens definition of insanity, trying the same thing over and over again, and expecting to get different results. We have nominated libertarian after libertarian, and gotten the same vote totals cycle after cycle. Barr is something different. Is he better? No, not necessarily, but he’s different from the candidates we’ve run before, and its already started to show results with better media coverage, and may show results with better ballot access, since Barrs results will be the Libertarian Party’s results, and we may win ballot access in states where we currently don’t have it.

    Now heres an idea I’m sure will piss a lot of people off. If McCain doesn’t win, maybe we can convince Sara Palin to join the Party, and run in 2012. Is she a perfect libertarian? No. But she has name recognition, and though she’s not entirely libertarian, I think she may be libertarian enough. Our approach for the past 36 years apparently hasn’t worked, so a new one is obviously needed. Is trading a pure libertarian with no name recognition for a not-quite, but-maybe-close-enough candidate the right approach? Maybe, maybe not. But its different, and different is definitally needed.

  14. disinter Says:

    Strange, Ron Paul didn’t have to beg for videos. His supporters just spontaneously made thousands.

    I wonder why.

  15. donald raymond lake Says:

    Disinter, point taken [and I am not a ‘Ron Paul’ guy] and my personal experience is that dozens of hand made [grass roots] cardboard ‘’ signs dotted UCSD. They stayed up a long time and were soon replaced when they disappeared. Real grass roots.

    What does snide, know nothing, agent provacatuer sniper Johnathan say to some one whom does not have a dog in the fight?

    I still hate the two party establishment that is driving our once grand nation to hayes in a [tattered] hand basket. Should I give up the fight, Johnny, should I lay down and roll over just because I do not like YOUR guy ?????

  16. Ayn R. Key Says:

    It might be fun to send in a campaign that portrays him as libertarian, but I’m not sure that would be honest.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    “I have held my tongue whilst Barr and his team articulated some very un-libertarian policies.”

    Did Barr and his team articulate said policies, or were they articulated by some blogger that despises Barr and wants to influence others to despise him also?

    “Now heres an idea I’m sure will piss a lot of people off. If McCain doesn’t win, maybe we can convince Sara Palin to join the Party, and run in 2012.”

    Sarah Palin is no libertarian. Not even close. But I’m sure John McCain picked her, in part, because some people believe those that say she is.

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