Texas political hurricane

As we’ve reported before, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party failed to register their candidates by the statutory deadline in Texas, presumably leaving Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party as the only candidate on the state’s presidential ballot.

Texas has 34 electoral votes, more than any other state except California. It is inconceivable that the two major parties could not and would not bend the rules to get on the ballot, but so far we haven’t heard what that strategy would be, and the Barr campaign promises a legal fight to uphold the statute.

Meanwhile, through this Ameriborn News Network site, you can access the correspondence between the office of the Texas Secretary of State and the Barr campaign, the Texas Republican Party, and the Texas Democratic Party. Fascinating reading.

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  1. Richard Winger Says:

    The best way to turn this development into something useful, is for the Boston Tea Party to file for write-in status in Texas. The deadline for write-in status in Texas is August 26, the same date the Dems & Reps missed. It would be fascinating to see if Texas would excuse the Boston Tea Party’s filing for write-in status.

    There is no reason at all to have the write-in deadline so early. The ballot-printing process is not dependent on who files to be a write-in candidate. So, come on, Boston Tea Party, get your stuff filed for Charles Jay as a write-in for president, and let’s have some fun. Same goes for the Reform Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (the other minor parties already met the write-in deadline, as did Ralph Nader).

  2. Fielding J. Hurst Says:

    Does anyone think the two parties won’t be on the ballot? Useful for Barr in the fight over PA.

  3. Ayn R. Key Says:

    The BTP doesn’t need to do that. The CP and the GP are already not on the ballot. All that needs to be done is for the Barr campaign to call the Baldwin campaign and the McKinney campaign for simultaneous filings. Barr v. Texas filed the same day as Baldwin, McKinney v. Texas puts Texas in a very awkward position.

    There are three possible outcomes of two suits filed at once:
    1. Barr wins, Baldwin & McKinney lose, McCain & Obama lose.
    2. Barr loses, Baldwin & McKinney win, ballot access laws lose.
    3. Barr loses, Baldwin & McKinney lose, ballot access laws are shown for the frauds they are.

  4. Brandon Magoon Says:

    All this speculation will be meaningless unless Barr files the lawsuit soon. What’s the holdup? File the damn thing already!

  5. Vincent Darrah Says:

    According to the TX Sec of State Website, the R and D and L are the only NON write in candidates that are ballot qualified. THey are already on the ballot.

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