Ron Paul on Montana ballot

The Missoulian in Missoula, Montana reports on an interesting development in that state, namely that Ron Paul is presently slated to be on the presidential ballot as the candidate of the Constitution Party of Montana, which has split off from the national Constitution Party. Bob Barr and Ralph Nader will also be on the ballot, in addition to the major party candidates.

Jonathan Martin, chairman of the Constitution Party of Montana, says that Ron Paul did not seek the nomination, but did not oppose it either.

Montana was one of Paul’s strongholds in his race for the Republican nomination. In the binding GOP caucus in February, he got 25% to Romney’s 38% and McCain’s 22%. In the nonbinding June GOP primary he got 22% to McCain’s 76%.

With that much popularity in the state, how will his name on the ballot affect the outcome? Will he take enough votes from McCain to put Montana in the Obama column?

Says David Hart of Kalispell, who ran Paul’s campaign in Montana:

“Here in Montana, I think it’s pretty much sealed the deal that McCain will not win Montana,” Hart said. “If he doesn’t win, Ron Paul will probably be blamed for it. They only need to look in the mirror and blame themselves for nominating someone who doesn’t represent true Republican values and causes like Paul.”

Hart predicted Paul may also draw some votes that Obama would otherwise pick up because Paul’s message “is really unifying in terms of liberty and freedom and that goes across the party lines.”

“It’s an exciting development,” Hart said. “People will have an opportunity to not vote for the lesser of two evils.”

Montana Republican Party Chairman Erik Iverson of Missoula disagrees:

“I’ve got all the respect in the world for David Hart and Ron Paul,” he said. “But I think the only candidate in Montana that it hurts is Bob Barr.

“Montana voters who would vote for him (Paul) on the Constitution Party ticket are folks who probably wouldn’t have voted for John McCain anyway and they certainly wouldn’t have voted for Barack Obama.”

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  1. Free Al. Says:

    I would be more concerned with Paul taking votes away from Bob Barr than John McCain. The people who voted for paul are not very likely to vote for McCain in any case. While its not garanteed that Barr would get those votes, its a lot more probable than McCain getting them.

    Even so, I would not have a problem with this, if Paul were ACTUALLY RUNNING! But he’s not. The CP of Montana is just using his name to drive up their vote totals, and thats a disgrace.

  2. Dan Says:

    Yeah, I think McCain still wins Montana pretty easily.

    Paul’s votes will come more from Barr and other third party and republican types who weren’t going to vote for John McCain in the first place. I doubt either McCain or Obama have lost even 500 votes with Paul being on the ballot.

  3. L C Says:

    I support Ron Paul, but will cast my vote for McSame only to to oppose b Hussein Obama in Nov. If conservatives, and Constitution Party people split up their votes between Paul, Barr, and Baldwin, bHO will certainly take Montana in Nov. A disaster!

    Third parties [Independent, Libertarian, Constitution, and even Green] unfortunately have not yet become strong enough to really compete in Presidential races. The place to begin to get established and strengthen third parties is at the local level; in towns, cities, counties, and state. Get the ball rolling!

    To take America back from the Washington elite, and to stop the trend toward Socialist Big Gov. and ‘New World Order’, get organized locally and vote in representatives that support the constitution.

  4. Cleaner44 Says:

    A vote for McCain is a vote for more Republican socialism/fascism.

    The only chance we have of restoring our Republic, is to tear down the Republican party and rebuild it with true conservatives.

    As long as Republican voters continue to endorse, support and vote for McCain/Bush/fake conservatives, then we will continue to get more of the same.

    Obama winning this election would be the best thing for the GOP and America in the long run.

    I hope that voters will stop voting for the lesser of two evils in this never ending short term mindset.

  5. Richard Says:

    Juan McCain and B Hussein Obama both support corporate bailouts, endless wars and foreign intervention, there is no LESSER of two evils. Please quit voting for any degree of evil. Vote the Third Party of your conscience!

  6. DebbieKat Says:

    Before you vote, take a look at the results of this poll (and participate as well, if you like). You will see that the mainstream media is not accurate with polling as usual.

    misterpoll (dot) com (slash) polls (slash) 356231

  7. fred Says:

    Ron Paul is worse then NAFTA, Ron Paul would unilaterally eliminate our tariffs regardless of what other nations do (dump on us, devalue their currency, closed markets, etc.)

  8. fred Says:

    “Third parties [Independent, Libertarian, Constitution, and even Green] unfortunately have not yet become strong enough to really compete in Presidential races. The place to begin to get established and strengthen third parties is at the local level; in towns, cities, counties, and state. Get the ball rolling!”


    With Ron Paul propagandizing on trade, being entirely dishonest, then how can the Constitution Party establish itself with buttheads like Ron Paul.

  9. Odin Says:

    I support Ron Paul, but will cast my vote for McSame only to to oppose b Hussein Obama in Nov.

    Yes, that is freedom and independence of mind right there. McCain is now playing to be Obama better than Obama and I don’t know a single real libertarian voting for McCain

  10. nader paul kucinich gravel Says:

    The National Press Club shall astound you.

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  11. elitistGOP Says:

    The GOP is withering to death. Wonder why? Its leadership and lack of adherence to the founding principles of the republic. For example, take a good look at the loony toon that is running for US Senate on the Republican ticket. Bob Kelleher is a great example of what is going on in this political circus. In the mainstream medias there is only one party and that is the New World Order that is effectively ushering in a One World Government by promoting the United Nations Agenda 21 mandates.

    Our National Sovereignty is hanging by a thread just as the Constitution is.

    Vote on principle and not on party lines!

  12. allen Says:

    You are probably right about the CP running up it’s vote total. A statewide candidate has to get 5% of the last governor’s vote total. Baldwin probably gotten under 2,000 votes and the CP would be disqualified and have to collect the 5000 signature to get legal again. The MTCP had a delegation at the national convention, so one would think that Baldwin would be there guy. But the CP is supporting Libertarians now, legalized drugs and everything else.

  13. Ben Says:

    Looking at the roll call from the CP National convention shows no delegates from MT. A couple MT malcontents from Yellowstone County threatened on a CP-only forum that they would be attending the KCMO convention and forming their own affiliate of the national CP in MT. There is no other evidence that I am aware of any one from MT attending the CP Nat. Conv. in April 2008 as a voting delegate. Building a political party is hard work and few people are willing to do the work. Most prefer to hijack other’s efforts and take unwarranted credit.

    The CPOR sent delegates to Kansas City and they have given Baldwin their ballot line, but reports that the CPMT had agreed to give Baldwin their ballot line have been little more than rumour and speculation. I’ve read some reports from the CPMT convention that support for Mr. Charles O. Baldwin was all but non-existant, and that Dr. Paul received the CPMT’s support overwhelmingly.

    The Baldwin campaign is a third-tier Presidential campaign at best. A virtual unknown trying to ride Ron Paul’s coattails that isn’t on enough state ballots to win the Presidency were he to win in every state he’s on the ballot. The Constitution Party is rapidly entering Prohibition Party status. Had not the Baldwin campaign gotten on the Illinois ballot on a technicality, the Constitution Party’s claims would be foolish in deed. Despite national headquarters being in PA, the Baldwin campaign failed to meet ballot access in Pennsylvania.

  14. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    It appears this action was handled at the VERY LAST MINUTE allowed, by the Montana CP State Chairman, with the intent , “at the very last minute”, (so many others in the CP Montana, COULD NOT REACT IN GOOD TIME), to put RON PAUL & PEROUKA on the ballot there.
    Obviously, THIS Montana STATE CHAIRMAN has his head up his rear end, just like California’s State Chairman does, for a similar action!
    The majority of the CPer’s in Montana (and California) are NOT being properly represented, AGAIN. THIS STUPID ACTION IS NOTHING BUT A SLAM AT THE CP AND THE BALDWIN CAMPAIGN.
    THIS TACTIC, by these wacko , egotistic, ‘legends-in-their-own-mind”
    I say to the Montana State Chairman….’what planet did YOU step off of”?

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF
    Nat. Chrm. National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution Party…

  15. IAM Says:

    You can see who the agent provocateur posters are. They haven’t anything of merit to say so they resort to insults and name calling. To quote great minds “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I’m still voting my conscience. For the best man, Ron Paul!”

    McCain can’t win, so why vote for him? And I’m not going to vote for Obama. So, I’ll do the next best thing and vote for Paul!

  16. Ben Says:

    Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 1:07 pm
    “I say to the Montana State Chairman….’what planet did YOU step off of”?”

    Once again, Mr. Breazeale, you do not have the facts and shoot from the hip. You make Elliott Graham look informed and diligent.

    The CPMT is not affiliated w/ the national Constitution Party. Jonathan Martin has been chairman of the CPMT for many years and re-elected many times to the position of CPMT state chairman in full convention. The national CP has had numerous opportunites to do as they did in Idaho and Missouri, but can’t/won’t do it as Mr. Martin is popular and doing a good job.

    It is interesting that the CP crows about non-interference in state affiliate business, but when an independent state political party by a full vote of its assembled members at a fully-disclosed site and time does not do as Larry Breazeale wants they have “[their] head up [their] rear end, just like California’s State Chairman does.” And demands that the national Constitution Party depose him.

    Their is NO affiliate of the national Constitution Party in Montana. There hasn’t been for over two years. The Constitution Party of Montana never promised the national Constitution Party their ballot line. The national CP just ASSUMED that the CPMT would endorse their candidate.

    Larry, you crow about your military service and record so I need not tell you about ASS-U-ME-ing.

    Kudos to Jonathan Martin and the CPMT for doing the right thing.

    BTW, where is the army of Republicans for Baldwin you promised after the GOP National Convention? The convention’s been over almost a week.

  17. RRHeustisJr Says:

    What’s up with the constant use of ALL CAPS every time Mr. Breazeale wants to MAKE A POINT?

    Can’t HE make a POINT without USING ALL caps? Does HE haVe a VOcABuLARy?

    WILL somEone please TELL MR. BREAZEALE aBouT THe PRoPEr USE of AlL CapS?

    MY eYEs arE gETTinG diZzY!.... Hmmmmmph!

  18. RRHeustisJr Says:

    I guess it’s okay for Mr. Breazeale and to stick his nose in the affairs of other state parties, but God Forbid if anyone criticizes, or even comments on, those state organizations that elect and prefer pro-aborts as their officers!

    Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle!

  19. RRHeustisJr Says:

    I do agree with Ben: kudos to Jonathan Martin.

  20. Lance Says:

    I am a registered Montana voter, and an Iraq vet who is going back to Iraq soon, and I say THANK YOU Montana CP for letting me vote for someone I respect, instead of having the false “choice” of the deficit spending, anti-gunshow McCain, or the pro-war, “lets nation build in Africa”, socialist Obama.

    I will actually vote for the first time since Pat Buchanan ran.

    Remember, if you support the lesser of two evils, you are still supporting evil.

  21. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    You….”RRHUSTIS JR.” and you…”BEN”...BOTH have your heads up your rear, obviously! Obviously , you two are Birds of a feather! Two wrongs don’t make a right.Your childish rantings are to be expected by your kind.
    Not everything is all happy go lucky in Montana with the majority of CPer’s in that state, they have a right to be upset with this crazy B.S. The minority wackos, especially at the State Chair, should be ashamed of themselves for their complete FELONY STUPID MANEUVERING,
    over the majority of CP loyalists in Montana.It is all part of the plot to undermine the Baldwin campaign at ANY cost.
    It is “undermining” by the “underhanded”.
    Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF,
    Nat. Chrm. National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution party,

  22. Ben Says:

    Three disgruntled fools in Yellowstone County do not a majourity make. Screaming louder than everyone else does not a majourity make. The CPMT is an independent state political party separate of the national Constitution Party based in Lancaster PA.

    If the Yellowstone County CP is so disappointed in Jonathan Martin, they are free to disaffiliate themselves and form a “Montana Independent American Party” affiliated with the national Constitution Party. Of course. that would actually take some effort and work on their parts something that they have proven themselves unwilling to do. The only “undermining” and “stupid maneuvering” in Montana is by John Smith and David Anderson.

    BTW, I do consider Mr. Heustis a friend and I am proud to be [a] “bird[s] of a feather.” Still awaiting that army of Republicans for Baldwin promised by Larry Breazeale…

  23. RRHeustisJr Says:

    The Prestigious Retired Military Air Force Man, Larry Breazeale, articulates, “You….”RRHUSTIS JR.” (sic) and you…”BEN”...BOTH have your heads up your rear, obviously!

    I guess that sums it up.

    A quick perusal of Mr. Breazeale’s comments on this forum reveal the level of his “sophistication” and “intellectual” articulation.

    Rule Number One when you’re losing a debate: Demonize your opponent.

    Rule Number Two when you’re losing a debate: Accuse your opponent of having his head up his rear, and when that doesn’t work, refer to your opponent’s mouth as a “hole in the face.”

    Ripped right out of the Larry Breazeale Handbook of Public Parlance.

    But since he is a Retired Air Force Man, perhaps we can cut him some slack.

  24. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    You are just a couple of “young punk-pseudo-intellectual-beardscratchers” that don’t have even a clue as to HOW to properly help save this republic at the ballot box.
    Oh by the way, I am not only retired military of 27 years, a Vietnam combat veteran and Desert Storm veteran as well, I am also a retired Deputy Sheriff of 27 yrs. as well. I ran for public office in 74’ & 76’ for California State Legislature as a young Vietnam vet going to college on the G.I.Bill. I ran as an AMERICAN INDEPENDENT PARTY candidate, proudly.
    My campaign manager was GARY ODOM, a very good personal friend.
    “WE HAVE SEEN YOUR KIND BEFORE, COME AND GO”. Both Gary & I have been in this “fight” for a long time and we are not leaving anytime soon.
    Too much is at stake! It is called the restoring the CONSTITUTION.
    Obviously, you two ‘young-wet-behind-the-ears ’ wannabes are more concerned about your precious little power plays instead of taking real action politically, in a correct fashion, to preserve & defend the Constitution at the ballot box. Your choice. My opinion.
    Defensor Fortis.

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.) USAF

  25. Ben Says:

    I strongly recommend the books TheReal_Lincoln_ and LincolnUnmasked_. Thomas DeLorenzo sums up quite well my own opinions of 21st Century efforts “to preserve & defend the Constitution at the ballot box.” How have YOUR efforts been working so far? You couldn’t even prevent the likes of Ed Noonan from hijacking the AIPCA’s ballot-line and website.

    BTW, were Mr. Heustis and I “concerned about [y]our precious little power plays,” we would have remained in the GOP where we would likely be gracing our own state legislatures as “conservative Republicans.”

    I am still waiting for your Mr. Breazeale’s army of Republicans for Baldwin to flood my neighbourhood and elect Chuckles O’Baldwin the next President of these United States of America through a write-in campaign…

  26. RRHeustisJr Says:

    My campaign manager was GARY ODOM, a very good personal friend.

    Since we’re comparing resumés, I had the pleasure of serving as the congressional campaign manager for my own close personal friend, Ezola Foster, who served as Pat Buchanan’s vice-presidential running mate in 2000. When Ezola and I joined the AIP, nobody ever referred to me as a “‘young-wet-behind-the-ears ’ wannabe.”

    But I guess if the Retired Air Force Man declares it to be so, then it must be Gospel.

    I mean, who am I, as an attorney, to argue?

  27. Ben Says:

    I doubt any one would accuse Thomas Jefferson of having been a “’young-wet-behind-the-ears ’ wannabe” when he penned the Declaration of Independence at the age of 33, Alexander Hamilton of same when writing the Federalist Papers at 34, or most of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention that crafted the same Constitution you wish to “preserve & defend … at the ballot box.”

    I suppose writing traffic tickets for 27 years make you smarter than these historical figures. I mean who am I as a former US Senate candidate to debate?

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