McCain Opponent Finally Points Out the Gorilla

Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president, finally said what was on everybody’s mind during a recent appearance on MSNBC. While fielding a question about Palin and Obama’s experience, Barr stated that Palin needs to be ready to takeover because McCain is ‘old.’

McCain’s age has been a taboo topic for political pundits unwilling to state the obvious—a fact that Barr let slip during his interview.

“Of course as the oldest person ever…to be sworn in as president, these are legitimate concerns with his running mate, who then would become vice president and a heartbeat away from the presidency,” says Barr.

“Does that person really have the experience…?” Barr asks.

The question posed by the MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow was about McCain’s attacks on Obama for lack of experience, and Barr agreed that Obama lacks experience, but noted Palin also lacks experience. John McCain is so old, he’ll be the oldest president if he is sworn in, Barr said, and Palin needs to be ready to takeover day one and she doesn’t have the experience.

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  1. Paul Michaels Says:

    Vote out all of the big two party candidates. What experience do any of them lack? Stealing from the US Treasury? It did not take long for the W donors to get paid back for all their campaign contributions. Cheney instructed them to load up on munitions, defense contracting, oil etc. Hell they were even given carte blanche on starting their own mercenary group. It is this lack of experience of any of our third party candidates that make any of them more able and ready to lead than the big two band of thugs.

    For once, won’t the people just wake up, vote all those fools out of office and give us a chance. We are capable professionals with just as much ability to run this government. The difference is we will not tolerate mediocrity and will replace the inept bureaucrats that need to be dismissed. We will hire cabinet officials with real qualifications, not the most corporate/bundler credentials.

    If ever there was a time not to waste a vote on the big two - now is the time.

  2. Lex Says:

    Barr and McKinney should definitely be in the debates. They have more Congressional experience than Obama, and he will be invited.

  3. Jonesy Says:

    I think you could also argue that although Obama lacks experience as well, he does make up that by being someone that seems to have “a depth of knowledge” and intellectual ability. I dont think you can say that about Palin, at least I havent seen any evidence of it yet.

  4. faeriejems Says:

    Thanks, bob, for saying something intelligent. Now, if you can reign Wayne in before he embarrasses the Libertarian Party again….

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    Or, you could look at this another way. The likelyhood of McCain serving two terms is not very high. He’s even hinted at such in the past.

    Thus, with McCain retiring in 2012, we could see libertarian Republican Sarah Palin advance to the Presidency, making her the first libertarian President since Jefferson.

  6. Chris Moore Says:

    Urmmmm … Wayne Allen Root.

    Something about throwing stones in glass houses.

  7. Carl Says:

    With Wayne Root on the ticket, this is not a good argument.

    (It wouldn’t have been a good argument with Kubby or Ruwart, either.)

  8. jre Says:

    Bob….gaining the disaffected republican vote appears to be the strategy for the campaign. Palin seriously hurts the campaign in the regaining of votes from those tied to social concerns…her weakness is in the fiscal arena. That is where she needs to be attacked every day, seven days a week until the election.

  9. Raoul Duke Says:

    Uh, Dondero, Palin is not a libertarian ( in case you missed this: ), and the last libertarian pres. was probably Grover Cleveland.

  10. Eric Dondero Says:

    Uh, Raoul, Palin is most certainly a LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICAN!

    In case you missed it, the Libertarian Party of Alaska leadership backed her candidacy the last 3 days of Election 2006. Even LPA Governors candidate Bill Toien, her opponent, enthusiastically backed her. She was invited to speak to two LPA meetings in 2005/06. She publicly thanked the LPA in her victory speech at the downtown Egan Ctr.

    Along with Cong. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Gov. Butch Otter of Idaho, and Tom McClintock of California, there is not a single Republican in the Nation that is more libertarian than Sarah. She represents the very best in libertarian Republicanism. And those who say she is not a libertarian are just extremely ignorant of her record and her support from Libertarians in Alaska.

  11. Eric Dondero Says:

    BTW, Mike Tanner of the Cato Institute just praised Mrs. Palin in the Cato Daily Podcast as a strong Fiscal Conservative. Amazing, cause Cato leans Democrat and is usually quite cynical about any and all Republicans. For any Republican to get a pass from Cato is amazing. But Tanner not only gave her a pass, but praised her on her strong Fiscal record as someone very in line with libertarian ideals.

    You can listen to it at

  12. Thomas M. Sipos Says:

    Curiously, Palin is not a libertarian by Dondero’s definition.

    In the past, Dondero praised Giuliani as a “libertarian” because of his pro-gay, pro-choice views.

    Dondero has repeatedly claimed that “neocon” meant “religious right” and that it was “impossible” (his words) to be pro-choice and a neocon.

    Dondero now praises Palin as a “libertarian” despite her anti-gay, anti-choice, religious conservative views.

    Dondero clearly has no consistent standards for his own definition of “libertarian,” at least none that he’d care to admit in public.

    It seems to me that Dondero is simply an anti-defense, anti-American, war-monger, and will define as “libertarian” anyone who shares his anti-defense, anti-American, pro-war views.

    I don’t know why Dondero hates the American military so much as to send them into needless wars.

    I only wish that Dondero would take his hatred of America, and his hatred of America’s military, elsewhere.

  13. Jonathan Says:

    Dondero doesn’t hate America, that’ silly and I wish tose post would stop. Dondero is entitled to his opinion as everyone else is too. In my opinion Dondero is simply a disgrunted Republican who got a boner when Palin was chosen as McCain’s VP as if VPs mattered .

  14. jre Says:

    Where in the hell is Bob at? He just missed or dissed ron paul’s conference on third parties. It was shown live on CNN and it just now ended. WTF?

  15. Michael Seebeck Says:

    Dondero needs to realize that you can’t put lipstick on an American Bull Terrier and call it a libertarian—you just call it Danielle Palin Quayle.

    Maybe he goes for that librarian dominatrix beehive look…

  16. Jonathan Says:

  17. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    The LPUK endorces Bob Barr and looks forward to him working with all Libertarians worldwide when he becomes president of the USA

  18. Jeffrey Quick Says:

    And what executive experience does Barr have? If the LP were choosing candidates based on their experience, Barr is about the last candidate they would have picked, given that his experience was so anti-liberty.

  19. Odin Says:

    Palin Libertarian? How come? I don’t consider any religious zealot of any kind a Libertarian. Creationism in schools libertarian? no abortion even in cases of rape and incest Libertarian? Also Alaska is the only state of the USA were all the population is subsidized!! It’s easy to be a Governor if you can send a pay check to everyone for nothing each year

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