Advance copy of Ron Paul’s Wedesday press conference: He says ‘vote third party’

The Houston Chronicle obtained an advance copy of Ron Paul’s prepared remarks for the press conference he is holding Wednesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Joining him will be third party presidential candidates Bob Barr (Libertarian Party), Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party), Ralph Nader (Independent), and Cynthia McKinney (Green Party).

According to the Chronicle:

While Paul will say these individuals have strong philosophical differences on various issues, “they all stand for challenging the status quo — those special interests who control our federal government.”

“People will waste their time in voting for the lesser of two evils,” according to Paul’s prepared remarks. “Reject the two candidates who demand perpetuation of the status quo and pick one of the alternatives that you have the greatest affinity to, based on the issues.”

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  1. nader paul kucinich gravel Says:

    National Press Club (standing room only w/overflow)

    nader paul kucinich gravel
    mckinney ventura
    perot charts

  2. DebbieKat Says:

    this is SO cool. Give them hell. Go Nader! :-)

  3. Joseph O Says:

    It is better now than never. Too bad Paul did not have the energy to run a full blown third party effort. Let’s hope his congressional seat is safe - the backlash from the big two will be powerful.

    While we are at it can we get these non-big two on the same page to at least endorse election reform?

  4. joell Says:

    If reports are correct, I really rerspect Ron Paul for doing so.

    I can’t ever remember ANY elected official saying vote 3rd parties.

    Not the only so called independent congressman , Bernie Sanders

    Not any of the so called progressives, including Dennis Kuncinich

    Not Robert Barr or Mckinney before voters gave them the boot from their congressional seats.

  5. Stefan Says:

    Yup, I think all third party candidates can be greatful that Ron Paul is recommending voting third party, while not endorsing any of the two major party candidates. He could just have remained silent, he will probably get some criticism from certain GOP quarters, but then again the RNC has ignored him and treated him badly, as if he is not even a GOP congressman. One really hopes third parties can not only get a lot of boost from this, but can also really capitalize and get a substantial amount of combined support.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Paul won’t suffer blowback from the Democrats; they aren’t even contesting his House seat.

  7. Eric Dondero Says:

    One wonders how the local GOPs across Ron Paul’s Congressional District are going to feel about this? Does this also mean that Ron Paul disowns downticket Republicans running in his District for state house, county commisioners, even mayor of Lake Jackson?

  8. Eric Dondero Says:

    Be real interesting to see if Ron Paul gets invited to the next Lincoln Day dinners in Galveston, Brazoria County or Victoria. Or, will he send a surrogate to smooth things over?

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    Paul’s neighboring District, 22 - the Tom DeLay seat - has a very respectable Fiscal Conservative Military Vet Pete Olson running as a Republican against incumbent Dem Nick Lampson. Olson has the best shot of any Republican in the entire country of winning a seat back for the GOP.

    There’s a Libertarian on the ballot, as well.

    Wonder if Ron Paul will now endorse the LPer against Pete Olson. You wanna see some calls from Texas Republicans for his resignation? Paul backs the LPer over Olson, and there will be a huge backlash against him across the State.

    My guess, Paul will wimp out and avoid even addressing the subject of CD 22.

  10. John Lowell Says:

    For all of its appearances and all of the claims here to the heroic content of this annoucement, the fact remains that Ron Paul, after having built up lots of enthusiasm, disappeared when he could have done third parties the most good by running an independent campaign. Guess which one of these folks gets to remain in a comfortable, well-paid congressional, system party, seat while the others will be looking for jobs next winter. Ron Paul is a schmegeggie.

  11. Sobriquet Says:

    Good for Dr. Paul.

  12. Paul K. Says:

    This is his big announcement? Seems kind of lame to me. Throughout his campaign he repeatedly stated that he would not endorse McCain (or by implication Obama) so endorsement of third party candidates is news?

    Given what the GOP stands for and how he was personally treated how can he stay. If you endorse third parties why not (re)join one. I’m sure the Dem leadership would make sure his committee assignments weren’t affected.

    The main problem with the Ron Paul movement all along is lack of direction and purpose. No strategy or follow through.

    Still, something is better than nothing.

  13. John Lowell Says:

    Paul K.,

    “Given what the GOP stands for and how he was personally treated how can he stay. If you endorse third parties why not (re)join one.”

    Amen! Paul’s was an ego trip, purely and simply. If you’re charitable, Paul is a schmegeggie, if less so he’s a farbrecher.

  14. Ron Moss Says:

    If both nominees are disqualified by constitutional requirements to be native born in the USA, what difference does it make? John McCain has sworn on an oath to defend this document, maybe he better read it first. And Obama born in Kenya Africa. bows to Hillary. Ron Paul might employ Sarah and off we go.

  15. rbk Says:

    That’s it? Really? All this build up to be told “Vote third party” while Paul sits comfortably as a Republican still? Talk about anticlimatic.

  16. Al Says:

    Not a great surprise, any real supporter of RP who understands the issues we face as a nation would not vote for either of the major party candidates anyway. My problem is what good does it do to fragment the vote between four 3ed party candidates? If a statement could be made, one of the four should be endorsed. While it is still voting for the lesser of several evils, which candidate is on the ballot in the most states? The Ron Paul Revolution needs to focus on one candidate, the question is, which one?

  17. DebbieKat Says:

    Nader’s on 45 state ballots.

  18. Impeach Bush Says:

    “For all of its appearances and all of the claims here to the heroic content of this annoucement, the fact remains that Ron Paul, after having built up lots of enthusiasm, disappeared when he could have done third parties the most good by running an independent campaign.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this. After serving years in congress and as a doctor, it seems Ron Paul has more than enough money at this point in time to be comfortable if he didn’t win reelection. Why is he so interested in maintaining his seat in the house as a Republican? I think even Ron Paul knows that it’s way too late to reform the Republican party. Its a shame he gave up so fast once loosing the primarys.

  19. Alex Merced Says:

    1) the C4L is a non-partisan campaign

    2) more press power with all the candidates at the press conference

    3)This brings people from all over spectrum for the cause, uniting over 4 key issues, and agreeing to disagree over the rest

    I think this lays out clear priorities to political activist all over the spectrum.

    Ron Paul has more influence if he stays in congress that if he went all out, that’s just reality, he doesn’t take part in most of the benefits anyways, so I wouldn’t say it’s cushy for him.

  20. Porter Rockwell Says:

    Yet another Ron Paul joke…

  21. John Lowell Says:

    Alex Merced,

    “Ron Paul has more influence if he stays in congress that if he went all out, that’s just reality, he doesn’t take part in most of the benefits anyways, so I wouldn’t say it’s cushy for him.”

    With all respect to you personally, Alex, influence, schminfluence. Ron Paul has about as much clout in Congress as a flacid penis. And the salary’s not so bad, eh?

  22. bump Says:

    Donde esta Senor Barr?

  23. ciborium Says:

    Chances are, this will be Dr. Paul’s last term in congress. He may just switch to LP, or Independent, or whatever, once he gets in. If he changes now, he would be off the ballot in Nov. The C4L newbies that will be coming in will need someone with congressional experience to show them the ropes for a couple of years.

  24. cyber_rigger Says:

    If you would hate it equally

    if either of the first two parties win

    then a third party vote is not wasted at all.

  25. Sean Scallon Says:

    Nice of Barr to stiff Ron Paul. Don’t expect his supporters to be going door-to-door for Barr this fall.

  26. Doobie Doo Says:

    Barr is a jerk.

  27. PainfullyAware Says:

    Would Have Rather Seen Ron Paul Make A Coalition Out Of The Third Parties.

    Ron Paul is still the voice of reason in a troubled world.

    Too bad short attention span people still deride him.

    Wish More People Would Have Debated Him Rather Than Dismissed Him.

  28. Geoffrey the Liberator Says:

    The LPUK endorces Bob Barr and looks forward to him working with all Libertarians worldwide when he becomes president of the USA

  29. Jonathan Says:

    Barr did not stiff Paul. On the contrary, Barr held his own press conference and asked Ron Paul to be his Running Mate. Mr. Root said he would step down if Ron agreed.

    Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement
    September 10th, 2008 by Shane Cory
    Asks Paul to Run as his Vice President

    Atlanta, GA - Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president, has invited GOP Congressman Ron Paul to be his running mate in the upcoming election. In a letter sent to Paul, Barr called Paul one of the “few American patriots” who exist in today’s society, and asked him to “seriously consider this final offer as an opportunity to show true, lasting leadership beyond party politics.”

    Barr cited Paul’s 1987 letter to then-GOP Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf, in which Paul stated that, “after years of trying to work through the Republican Party both in and out of government…[Paul] concluded that [his] efforts must be carried on outside the Republican Party.”

    Though recognizing Paul’s personal investment in the Republican Party and his recent attempts to reform the party from inside, Barr said he disagreed with Paul’s strategy. “Better options remain that will carry a message of liberty onto the ballot in November and beyond,” Barr stated, adding at a news conference called today at the National Press Club, that “change in politics and public policy in America cannot and will not be done from within the current, two-party system.”

    Barr continued, “‘The status quo will not change the status quo’ and impact comes entirely from gaining votes in the General Election.” That is why Barr said he would remain focused on the Libertarian Party’s electoral effort and clear message, and why he invited Paul to join him.

    “While you declined my offer to seek the Libertarian presidential nomination many months ago, I ask that you seriously consider this final offer as an opportunity to show true, lasting leadership beyond party politics,” Barr stated in his letter to Paul.

    Barr’s running mate, Wayne Allyn Root, expressed support: “As the Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee, I believe in one thing above all else—principle. There can be no compromise on the ideals of limited government, lower taxes, lower spending, and more freedom for the American people. Those are the principles to which I’ve dedicated my life. The GOP and Democratic candidates only give lip service—at best—to these ideals and principles. It is only an act at election time every four years.”

    “I want to end the charade once and for all,” Root continued. “I am willing to sacrifice anything to advance the cause of liberty, freedom, smaller government and to enable the American taxpayer to keep more of their own money and property. Understanding Dr. Ron Paul’s reputation and name recognition in the freedom movement, I am willing to step aside as Libertarian vice presidential candidate if he would be willing to take my place. I will pledge to work day and night, just as I have as the vice presidential nominee, to support Dr. Paul. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for the Libertarian and freedom movements. I encourage Dr. Paul to accept Congressman Barr’s offer. The campaign is making this offer because we believe there is no sacrifice too large when it comes to improving the lives of the American people and American taxpayers.”

    Barr’s letter to Paul can be found here:

    Paul’s letter to the GOP can be found here:

  30. Tom Says:

    From reading the comments written on Dr. Paul’s press conference it appears that a lot of people wanted Ron Paul to hold their hand and say vote for so-in-so or do such and such. The way he handled the situation indicated wisdom on his part. He is the stuff that heroes are made. So sad that most people can’t see the big picture and get caught up in issues.

  31. Disinter Says:

    Hi guys,

    You haven’t heard from me in a while because I like to blogg under different names to create dissention in the Barf campaign. But I got to admit I like the sound of Barr/Paul

  32. Anthony Says:

    If Barr had shown up at the press conference, there would be libertarian purists who would have excoriated him for appearing on the same stage with McKinney and Nader.

    you cant win with those nutcases.

  33. John Lowell Says:

    Perfect! Barr is a no-show at the news conference and then actually has the chutzpah to invite Paul to be his Vice Presidential candidate! Amazing.

    Bob Barr has all the tact of a chimpanzee. If he isn’t dodging questions about his pro-life bona fides, his supports are censoring you on their blog. What an utter disaster this guy is.

  34. John Says:

    This was somewhat wimpy on Paul’s part. When he is in the voting booth, he’ll only be able to vote for one of them, why not tell his supporters which one it will be? And Nader and McKinney are even more statist than McCain and Obama.

    Having Paul’s supporters go off in multiple directions only dilutes his message.

  35. Says:

    Say NO to McBama!

    Say NO to Republicrats!

    Say NO to Establishment media outlets!

    Say NO to bipartisan trashing of the Constitution!

    Cast a protest vote for a 3rd party presidential candidate of your choice.

    Tell everyone why you will vote against the lesser of two evils.

    Tell everyone who you will vote for.

    Tell everyone what you think.

    Be heard:

    “The strongest message can be sent by rejecting the two party system… This can be accomplished by voting for one of the non-establishment, principled candidates.” - Ron Paul

  36. Jes Says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve voted 3rd party. My ego doesn’t depend on “being on the winning side” or “not wasting a vote because it’s the ‘losing’ side’ like it apparently does for some many other folks.

    I had already decided not to vote for either Democrass or Repungnant-ones no matter what happened. Some folks have “flexible” personal codes about that but I’m not one of them.

  37. Michael G Says:

    Ron Paul will vote for the only 3rd party candidate on the TX ballot - Bob Barr,

  38. DebbieKat Says:

    I wish that CSpan would have listed the conference on their schedule this evening. Ugh. Only reason I knew it was on tonight was an email from the Nader camp, but it was the last 10 minutes. :-( And of course, they haven’t posted the video yet and it only says it hasn’t aired yet and first airing will be in the morning. CSPAN! What are you doing? Anyway, last 10 minutes was great. Would love to see the rest in the morning. Maybe someone has posted it on youtube already…

    At the rate the parties are going and continuing to act like 2 years olds with this lipstick on a pig fiasco, I might never vote for either of these parties again. Absolutely sickening. Our media is useless.

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