Ron Paul is not running for President

Speculation is rife about what’s going to happen Wednesday when Ron Paul has his press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. On their websites, both the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin, and the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate, Bob Barr, say they will be joining Ron Paul at the press club.

What the heck is going on? One rumor is that Barr and Baldwin are going to step down to allow Ron Paul to run as the candidate of the two parties. That’s NOT going to happen, says George Dance in his Nolan Chart article, and he enumerates the reasons why. He also knows what he would LIKE to see happen, though he doesn’t believe this actually will happen:

Ron Paul will announce that the Campaign for Liberty is sponsoring a real all-candidates’ debate, to be televised, featuring every presidential candidate on enough state ballots to win: Baldwin, Barr, McKinney, and Nader (and of course McCain and Obama should be invited, too, though they’d decline.) A network, even if only C-Span, has agreed to run the debate. An all-star panel (say, Gary Johnson, Naomi Wolfe, and Walter Williams) will ask the questions. The moderator will, of course, be Dr. Paul himself.

The announcement goes over strongly enough to replace “Sarah Palin,” or whatever next week’s Top Story is. The momentum builds, and continues to build, until, on debate day, 25 million Americans watch the debate. It’s so successful that the network arranges for a full set of three, which end up being watched by over 100 million American voters. Suddenly, for the first time since television became central to it, the election process is a level playing field.

I would love to see that occur this fall. However, I know that all my love is not going to make it occur. Sometimes life is like that; what one wants to see happen, and thinks ought to happen, does not happen. One has to deal with that, while continuing to live and act.

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  1. spinnikerca Says:

    You’re probably right. He’s probably right. Ron Paul said very recently he had a problem running independent while he was a sitting Republican congressman.

    HOWEVER, there was an interesting comment on a Campaign for Liberty blog about what would happen if Ron Paul did run and neither half of McBama got enough electoral votes to be President. It said the House would decide President from the top 3 electoral vote recipients with each state delegation having two votes (and the Senate would decide VP). I’m trying to think how that would play out. Those voting being DC insiders, although the more representative House, I’m sure they’d come down on one half or the other of McBama. However, I don’t think they’d be as cavalier of their voters in the future, and I think voters would feel more empowered to vote their consciences in the future.

    I don’t think he’s running, but since I read that comment, I wish more than ever that he were.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I’d like to see Ron Paul endorse Bob Barr. It would really help the Libertarian Party to have his official blessing, channeling all of those votes in Barr’s direction.

    I have nothing against Baldwin personally, but I think the inclusion of a religion-based platform will scare away more people than it will attract.

  3. nader paul kucinich gravel Says:

    Fannie & Freddie has forced the issue.

    nader paul kucinich gravel
    mckinney ventura
    perot charts

    Got honesty?

  4. trestradapalma Says:

    Oh my God! Ron Paul is brilliant!

  5. NewFederalist Says:

    When a presidential election is thrown to the House of Representatives each state gets ONE vote. If a delegation is evenly divided (equal number of Ds and Rs) then the state passes if everyone votes party line.

  6. Fielding J. Hurst Says:

    Maybe Barr and Baldwin will join forces and be twice as boring as Dr. Paul.

  7. Chris Future Says:

    Why doesn’t Dr. Paul throw his hat in the ring? So what if he is a Republican. Can’t he see that the party is too far gone now to pull it back to its roots? That there is no way to take it back from the neo-cons this election cycle, or the next? Lets be realistic. Dr. Paul is 72 now, isn’t he? This may be the last time he has a chance to make a difference. Both Barr and Baldwin step down, Paul takes their places, the Libertarian and the Constitution Parties merge into a new Libertarian Party, and Ron Paul runs for it. Personally, I’ve given up on this years Presidential Election. This would change the game. Might pull voters from both sides of the aisle. Definitely knock off the Palin story…

  8. Impeach Bush Says:

    Wow, a debate like this would be excellent! I would love to watch this, and I would hope enough Americans would tune in to get this event some attention. Baldwin vs Barr vs Ralph vs McKinney would show the public there are better choices than Obomba and McInsane. And to those of you who are hoping Paul will endorse either Baldwin or Barr, hopefully he will endorse neither. Paul is a great congressman and has started a great movement, but vote for the candidate that suits you best, and not just because they are endorsed by Ron Paul.

  9. KProctor Says:

    It’s time America was exposed to options other than those offered by the status quo Republican and Democratic parties. The relative calm in Iraq is not sustainable and will blow up in our faces shortly. Our economy hasn’t hit bottom yet, but Obama and McCain have no plans to forstall our coming economic crash. As a former supporter of Ron Paul’s presidential bid, this November I will stay loyal to my conscience and to my principals. This November I will vote for Bob Barr and every Libertarian on my ballot.
    Yes, I am a Libertarian, and yes the Libertarians have more people running for more offices in more states than any other third party. There was a reason that even the news media often mentioned presidential candidate Ron Paul as: “libertarian leaning Ron Paul”. It’s not so much about a man, or a political party, but rather about a philosophy of Individual Freedom.

  10. PainfullyAware Says:

    Fielding J. Hurst Are You Really That Dull?

    As Long As Ron Paul Is Allowed To Speak The RE-Education OF America Will Continue.
    Why Would Anyone Advocate That Someone Speaking Truth To Issue Be Silenced And Want Them To “Go Away”.
    Fools And Their Rights Are Soon Parted.
    To Assume Benevolence IS Foolish.
    Debate Is The Distillation OF Reality.
    The Only Difference Between The Dems And The Repubs Is What They Say Not In What They Do. They Are Both Members Of The Money Party.
    Current Events Reek Of Police State And Destruction Of The Fiat Money System.
    Only Fools Keep Doing The Same Thing Expecting Different Results.
    Choose Substance Over Symbolism. There Are Many Fronts And Many Battle Fields. Anyone Working For A Return Toward The Constitution Is An Ally.
    There Is Doom On The Horizon. Choose To Look And Confront It Or Look The Other Way And Enjoy The Last Days.
    There Is No Hope In Inaction.
    War With Iran IS Coming And With It The Slippery Slope To War With Russia. Do Not Be So Foolish As To Expect Russia To Let The US Control Over 60% Of The Worlds Oil Interests.
    When Your Cities Are Glassed Remember Those Who Cried Out; Those That You Chastised For Their Vocal Dissension.

  11. UnitedWeStand Says:

    Everyone who truly belives in a better US, should do whatever they could to get Ron’s name on the ballot. Republicans and Democrats have both done thier fair share to get our country where it is. No one party has done the damage themselves. It is time for someone like Ron to show the US they no longer have to choose from the lesser of two evils!

  12. Steve Says:

    I would have voted for Ron Paul,but now I have to pick between Obama/Biden vs.McCain/Palin. I have been following this election closely and leaning toward Obama/Biden.I believe McCain when he said he believes the economy is basically sound.Everyone knows the economy is in terrible shape.Tells me he is not in touch with the people. He supports the war and said the surge has worked. Anyone interested should check out this site at McCain is getting a lot of support because of the surge issue. another site to check out on your address bar is The article should be titled…How war hero John McCain…...Don’t forget to type in http://www. before dailymail I found this article to be very compelling and has me looking at things from a different perspective.As far as Sarah Palin,She is no where near ready to be v.p.

  13. Steven R Linnabary Says:

    All it would take is for a few candidates to the Electoral College to announce they would be unfaithful electors and vote for Ron Paul.

    The voters would still vote for Barr or Baldwin, possibly pushing up their vote totals. Win/Win!


  14. Josh Says:

    How is the fact Ron Paul isn’t running “news”?

    Which retarded would think that two candidates would drop out and make way for somebody who declared he’s not running?

  15. John C Jackson Says:

    Anyone who hasn’t been in a cave has noticed how terrible ballot access drives have been going and numerous problems with states not allowing substitution,etc. If states don’t even allow a Libertarian placeholder being replaced by another libertarian actually selected by the party, there is no way in hell that some guy is just going to walk in in the 11th Hour and be allowed access as a replacement candidate

  16. Jack Tanner Says:

    Continue the Revolution, wave and place President BARR signs.
    Barr will be on the ballot, Paul will not.

    We get positive response in our area with
    President BARR wave and yard signs (80 cents)

    Since Bob Barr was elected as the Libertarian candidate for President, his campaign provided more positive comments and interviews in the news media, about the Libertarian Party, than all the previous Libertarian candidates.

    As a Libertarian, I am proud to be connected with Ron Paul and Bob Barr.

  17. Losty Says:

    Isn’t he on in MT and LA already?

  18. Fielding J. Hurst Says:

    Steve, This is not a true statement … “I would have voted for Ron Paul,but now I have to pick between Obama/Biden vs.McCain/Palin.”

    You CHOOSE to pick an R or D, don’t HAVE TO …

    Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
    -John Quincy Adams

  19. RPfan Says:

    Here’s the link you for your uncertainties and unending speculations:

  20. Fielding J. Hurst Says:

    OK, I am officially jealous of Montana now.

  21. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    HEY! IF THAT IS TRUE, I think it is a great idea! We in the Constitution party and the ‘veterans outreach arm’..the NATIONAL VETERANS COALITION say…”BRING IT ON”! Chuck Baldwin will bring the house down! We will match OUR CP PLATFORM against ANYBODY ELSE, first, second or other THIRD party candidate! All the American public has to do is actually HEAR & SEE Chuck Baldwin…and its curtains for everyone else!

    Because, it is 100% exactly what RON PAUL stands for, ALL ACROSS THE BOARD. “NO OTHER” Presidential candidate CAN SAY THAT!
    Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF,

  22. I am an American Says:

    Patrick, just because he’s a Pastor, doesn’t make his platform religion-based.

    Steve, IF you EVER supported Ron Paul, and switching to Osama/BInlaDIN, you are a Retard with no principles.

  23. Steve Jones Says:

    A SOLID/UNITED 3RD PARTY WOULD ROCK THE POLITCAL SCENE! I beleive it is a possibility. I am sure all 3rd parties agree “we the people” can not continue with the usual D or R concept and would BENIFIT GREATLY to a UNITED/SOLID 3RD PARTY.

  24. Clark Says:

    republicrat steve blithers: “I would have voted for Ron Paul,but now I have to pick between Obama/Biden vs.McCain/Palin. you don’t, you republicrat dummy!!

    ...btw, it doesn’t speak well of you or anyone else, steve, who hasn’t yet figured out that voting for/affirming ANY OF THESE REPUBLICRAT FUCKS (who wag about illion$ not knowing the truth about/reality of one, etc. ad goddamned nauseam!) IS A BAD IDEA!!

    ...?certainly you republicrat dummies realize that your one stinking ‘vote’ having a bearing on the outcome of ‘the (fraud) election’ is a HUGE FUCKING MATHEMATICAL IMPROBABILITY!..(even if they count the fucking things honestly!)

    ( wonders if one’s wasting one’s breath talking to dumbass republicrats who appear to have a hard time counting, etc.. and whom don’t even know what the fuck ‘it’ i$ they’re counting, etc. ad goddamned nauseam) ;o)

    ..but have a great day!!

  25. George Dance Says:

    According to Nader a third party debate is set to occur in the next few weeks. Please read:

  26. George Dance Says:

    I know there is a “third-party” debate Oct. 6 between the Prohibition Party, the Boston Tea Party, and one of the Socialist parties. But it sounds to me like Nader is talking about a debate between the candidates who meet his “fair and manageable standard”: himself, Barr, McKinney (whom he mentions) and Baldwin (whom he doesn’t).

  27. George Dance Says:

    Well, it turns out there will be a third-party debate, to which Baldwin, Barr, Mckinney, and Nader (as well as McBama) have been invited. So far it’s internet only, but I’m hoping there will be some TV added as interest builds. Please read:

    Third-party debate in early October

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