IAP candidates take on Dems- with Republicans absent

Independent American state legislative candidates John Wagner, and David Schumann, met at 6:00 pm on Friday in the Carson City Community Center with Democratic incumbent Bonnie Parnell, and Democratic challengers Steven Dalton & Joetta Brown. The debate was being hosted by the League of Women Voters.
The GOP candidates either could not make it or attended other meetings.

This article reported on the debate…

Wagner and Schumann took a clear stand against any new or increased taxes or fees.
“I think we have a problem with spending,” Wagner said.
“The budget is the problem,” Schumann said. “But I think the problem isn’t on the supply side, it’s on the demand side.”
He called for drastic restructuring of state government, cutting the number of agencies in half and eliminating positions.
Schumann said the state needs police, fire, road repairs and education, “since it’s a government function for the time being.” He said a lot of other government services could be eliminated.
“I don’t think the people who founded this country thought government needed to be our mommy,” he said…

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