Dennis Hastert: Bob Barr’s ‘a good guy’

National Journal, covering Bob Barr at the GOP convention, reports:

“Bob Barr is a friend of mine; he’s a good guy,” said former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican. But Hastert declined to forecast Barr’s November performance, instead saying, “The Democrats have the Green Party, and the Republicans have the Libertarian Party.” The comparison may be telling, however, because many Democrats argue that Ralph Nader, the Green Party candidate in 2000, cost them the presidency in the close Florida vote.

And there was some good news for the party:

The Barr campaign held a fundraising dinner on Monday night in Minneapolis, and so far has collected $800,000, according to Barr. “Traditionally, and for political campaigns generally, the fundraising picks up substantially after Labor Day,” Barr said in an interview.

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