Poll shows Krikorian in position to win Ohio congressional seat

The following is a media release from the Krikorian congressional campaign:


PRESS RELEASE - September 4, 2008.

Republican and Democratic faithful reject Schmidt & Wulsin

American Political Polling (APP) just conducted a survey, commissioned by the Krikorian for Congress campaign, of 400 registered voters in Ohio’s second congressional district (OH2). The survey, conducted August 29-30, 2008, relates to the district’s tightening three-way congressional race. The confidence level is 95% with a 4.9% margin of error.

In March “both Schmidt and Wulsin earned less than 60 percent of the vote despite having their parties’ establishments behind them” as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper, September 3, 2008. Link: 3rd candidate makes waves in 2nd by Ben Fischer.

Survey Results

According to the August 29-30 survey, Wulsin and Schmidt were rejected by 28% of the “party faithful”.

When asked how the voters would rate the current Congresswoman Jean Schmidt®, only 35% rated her performance positively even though 51% identified themselves as Republicans. This poll also found that Victoria Wulsin’s (D) voter approval has not increased, while David Krikorian’s voter approval has increased by 50% since the June APP poll.

33% of those surveyed last week also said they felt it is better having an Independent run in opposition to Schmidt® and Wulsin (D).

If the election were held today, 20% of those surveyed, committed Republican and Democratic voters, said that they would vote Independent rather than voting for either of the two political party candidates. This is incredibly encouraging news for the Krikorian campaign as registered Independents, not targeted, account for over one-half of the district.

“There are still two months remaining before the election to sway even more Republicans and Democrats (10% currently “undecided” in this poll), more than enough to elect David Krikorian this November,” said Dee Burdette, Communications Director.

Krikorian Gaining Momentum

David Krikorian chose to run for Congress as an Independent candidate because he felt the voters of Ohio’s district 2 deserved a better alternative to the same two polarizing candidates the political parties had provided voters for the past two elections. The 40% of primary voters who voted against Schmidt and Wulsin obviously wanted an alternative candidate, as well. David chose to run as a “non-party” candidate, instead of as a Republican or Democrat, because he wanted to represent the people, not a political party.

In order to be on the ballot this November, David had to collect thousands of signatures from registered voters which provided him the opportunity to meet and speak with over 3,000 voters. Voters said they were dissatisfied and even embarrassed by Jean Schmidt’s job performance, but did not view liberal Victoria Wulsin as an acceptable alternative. As a result, David’s candidacy is continually met with both enthusiasm and support as thousands of Democrats and Republicans, across OH2’s seven counties from Hamilton to Pike, join David’s campaign.

Republicans and Democrats alike tell David we need a more sensible main stream conservative, a Reagan conservative like himself, to represent the district. They’ve “had enough” of politics as usual. They want solutions, not politics, and that is exactly what David’s campaign has to offer. It is the reason the APP poll shows voters moving away from the two political party candidates.

Although it can be difficult for a candidate outside of the two main parties to receive any media coverage, as David’s campaign gains momentum, he is also gaining attention, not only from the voters, but the local and national media, as well. On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, a crew from the Lou Dobbs Tonight program spent the day in Cincinnati following the Krikorian for Congress campaign as they prepared a feature about David which will air on CNN on September 8, 2008 at 7:00 p.m (EST). CNN’s view of David as one of the most viable Independent candidates across the country reflects that he is in position to win OH2. This kind of exposure is important to a grassroots campaign which understands it’s not about how much money the political parties can raise from special interests groups and PACs (which David does not accept), but about the tens of thousands of people who have “had enough” of what passes for leadership in this country.

Voters in OH2 no longer have to vote for the less objectionable candidate. They have a much better alternative with David Krikorian this November 4th. David is confident OH2 will make history by electing a Independent main stream conservative to Congress.

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