Chuck Baldwin on the South Carolina Morning Buzz

Chuck Baldwin recently did a few radio interviews in South Carolina while campaigning there…

Here’s Part 2…

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  1. Donald R Lake Says:

    What, no dozen BobBarr2008 pile ons ???????

  2. John Lowell Says:

    Baldwin is an authentic pro-lifer, McCain is not. Yet the impact of the Palin selection on Baldwin might be significant. From the perspective of that issue alone, the Palin appointment is bad news for Baldwin.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    well since Donald asked, I got great news, Bob Barr will be on the New Hampshire ballot, that makes it 42 states.
    Long live Freedom.

  4. Cody Quirk Says:

    Baldwin is an authentic pro-lifer, McCain is not. Yet the impact of the Palin selection on Baldwin might be significant. From the perspective of that issue alone, the Palin appointment is bad news for Baldwin.

    = It may also be bad news for Bob Barr.

  5. Clark Says:

    ...ah yes, yet another fucking republicrat election…

    ...yet another phony display…

    ...listening to speeches from a from a prompter…

    ...100 ‘dollar’ haircuts on 5 ‘dollar’ heads..yacking about ‘the economy’...illion$...don’t even know what one fucking ‘dollar’ is!..

    ...munchkin cheerleaders, lackeys, shills, jonathongs,...thrilled and then crushed by the latest phony poll, canned speech, press release on the latest ‘economic plan..’

    ...myriad ooga fucking booga married with mass ‘communication’...

    ...and have a good day!..

  6. John Lowell Says:


    I don’t know why any prolife voter would be attracted to Barr for that reason alone, given his clear reluctance to address questions concerning whether he wrote a check paying for an abortion his ex-wife had several years ago. Since he won’t clear up the doubts surround this matter, pro-lifers will hesitate to support him and justly. This little item has been in circulation since the time of the Clinton impeachment business. Larry King questioned Barr about it and got no answer in 1999. God knows what the truth is here but Barr’s never helped to dispell the rumours, only encouraged them. He despised by the sociopathic libertarian left which doesn’t help him either.

  7. Don Hopkins Says:

    Sarah has totally taken the wind out of Barr & Baldwin campaigns—- more so on Baldwin—-he might as well throw in the towel—-why go through the motions of a wasted effort!

  8. Tennessee Mike Says:

    Hmmm, I like Palin, but I’m not going to vote for McCain because of her.

  9. Bill Lussenheide Says:

    Response To Don Hopkins:

    Sure, lets just give up, quit and relax while we watch McCain or Obama continue the process of merging us up into some kind of NAU, keeping the borders open, taxing and spending , entangling us into some kind of international event of some kind, et al.

    This isnt some passive fantasy event like watching the Super Bowl. This is about YOUR LIFE and MY LIFE. We can never throw in the towel, we can never quit, and as long as we draw breath we must carry on.

    Palin is being used for imaging purposes, and provides nothing to change true reality about McCain by her being the VP choice. It is a sorry thing to see true conservatives duped by a marketing ploy by McCain, who used every sort of focus group study to come up with this manipulative pick, to act as a smoke screen to his true agenda as a globalist, and centralist.

    The flag of true Constitutionalists, conservatives and patriots still flys high, and will NEVER QUIT!

  10. John Lowell Says:

    Don Hopkins,

    Palin does nothing positive for McCain that should make pro-lifers feel comfortable voting for him. He still every bit the Dr. Mengele that supports stem-cell research and the Hermann Goering that supports the unconscionable bombing and ethnic cleansing of families in the Middle East. Only ReichsChurch “Christians” that imagine themselves to be orthodox believers like Oberstgruppenfuehrer James Dobson could rationalize voting for this Nazi. Palin, herself, would seem to be ReichsChurch. She good looking, but so am I.

  11. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAF Says:

    There are still a lot of Americans that can still see through all the smokescreen that the GOP is doing with this dog and poney show with PALIN. ARE YOU still going to eat the big bowel of ice cream with a small speck of chicken sh__ on it? All McCain and the CFR GOP did with PALIN ,was to put LIPSTICK on the PIG.The CFR can always take a step BACK, in their overall strategy, but, their sights are still on their overall goal of one world government. PALIN will eventually either SELL HER SOUL, or the CFR will get rid of her one way or the other, and stick another CFR stooge in her place. The Council on Foreign Relations work in mysterious ways.
    All PALIN is, is a PROP JOB to appease the” koolade drinkers.” I am not fooled and so are a lot of other people. The ones who are not are damn fools. There are plenty of those too. As far as Chuck’s latest VIDEO from South Carolina, it is FANTASTIC! Go CHUCK go!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF
    National Veterans Coalition…

  12. Proud Conservative Says:

    Baldwin will seek the death penalty for abortionists; Palin will only slap them on the wrists.

  13. Don Hopkins Says:

    Ya’ll make good arguments! But—-Let us get realitic folks—-as a 2 decade CP, LP & Independent voter along with an occasional RP & DP voter, who said anything about quitting. Many from the CP & LP were strong Paul supporters in the RP! Many in the CP (then USTP) were strong Buchanan supporters in the RP! Take that same avenue to many State and local races. While it was hoped that Barr could pull off a miracle, that faded quickly when folks found out his baggage. It was hoped that finally the CP could attract a viable candidate, they shot theirselves in the foot over the Tampa/Nevada situation and what respectable candidate would even glance their way. No—- Sarah is not perfect as with any possible candidate, but as much as most of us feel about McCain, he was at least smart enough to pick her for whatever reason. Yes, we can’t get to Sarah without first going to McCain, but don’t sell her out short. Look at her past positive statements about 3rd parties and her husband’s envolvement with a 3rd party and Independents. We may even have an advocate for a change in ballot access laws—-maybe or maybe not. Don’t forget about the “heartbeat away” theory or 2012. Look—-Barr’s thunder is gone. Baldwin was a joke from the beginning—-they had no other choice but to find a puppet to keep Keys from taking over the CP. So this go-around, let’s hold our nose, vote McCain to get to vote for Sarah and hope she turns out to be for real. GO SARAH GO!

  14. Don Hopkins Says:

    Proud Conservative: Are you sure about that—-Baldwin chose a VP who voted with the pro-aborts in Tampa!

  15. Bill Lussenheide Says:


    NO ONE in the CP, or who are on our tickets are “Pro-aborts”. There is universal consensus by us all to rid the country of Roe v Wade and abortion on demand.

    Those who believe in Rape/Incest exception, (not my position BTW) cannot fairly be classified as “Pro Abortionists”. Perhaps they may be called “exceptionists”.

    Tampa was about voting for disaffiliation of a state party, which is an additional issue. One could be 100% pro life, from conception, but have quandry over whether the National Party should “police” an independent state party.

    The unique mix of ethical issue and party governance created a difficult situation, for many to deal with. Rest assured tho, that no one is a backer of Roe v. Wade in the CP.

  16. John Lowell Says:


    The only ones one needs hold their nose about are unprincipled reptiles like you, filth. Take your amoral rationale for backing the stem cell research and war supporting McCain/Palin duo and peddle it at some system website where oafal like yours is imbided as though its nectar.

  17. Clark Says:

    LOWELL WAGS: “He (sic) despised by the sociopathic libertarian left which doesn’t help him either. (END)

    ...lowell, i’m somewhat surprised!..still using that stinking sorry republicrat “left/right” paradigm? ..what BULLSHIT!..

    ...pray tell, lowell..can you express the major (phony) differences between ‘the left’ and ‘the right?’... has been my experience that the republicrat people who use these stinking, phony terms (‘left/right’) are, in reality, VERY SIMILAR…for one of MANY examples, the goddamned ‘left/right’ republicrat fools don’t even honestly know and apparently don’t care what a fucking ‘dollar’ is, etc.!...despite their holes constantly working as to illion$ of ‘dollars!’

    (maybe ‘the lefties’ believe in ‘booga ooga’..while ‘the righties’ believe in ‘ooga booga?’...) ;o)

  18. John Lowell Says:


    OK, Clark, how about simply sociopathic libertarians, that do it for you?

    So you know, I identify “that stinking sorry republicrat “left/right” paradigm” as “the system”. Since you’ve shown the good judgement to have followed my writing here avidly for some time now, basking in its stupendous reach and penetrating grasp, you should know that. This time I’ll forego the usual “error assessment” for a clumsy misjudgement of this kind, offsetting it with the good-looks discount I typically earn at shops and stores here in the area. That’s a one time courtesy, Clark, not an open-ended entitlement. Just so you know.

    An article by Paul Craig Roberts this week at Counterpunch captures some of the Lowell vision of the left/right thing. Although Roberts isn’t as smart, expressive or good-looking as I am, I think you’ll get the idea. Here’s the url:

  19. Ben Says:

    Don Hopkins Says:
    September 4th, 2008
    “Look at her past positive statements about 3rd parties and her husband’s envolvement with a 3rd party and Independents.”

    I think just about any one that has been in minour party politics has seen this ploy before. In fact, when I was an up and coming member of the GOP, I was encouraged to throw a few bucks to minour parties to use as passive leverage to discourage them from running their own candidates against me. It was even hoped that I could convince them to work on my campaigns because I was an “ally.” I can’t remember how many times prospective candidates for the CPMN were discouraged from running because the Republican was “really one of us” because they threw a couple bucks into the hat on occassion.

    Sara Palin’s “support” of the Alaska Independence Party is no different than Michelle Bachmann’s “support” of the Libertarian and Constitution Parties. In 2006, when the GOP’s US Senate candidate had no chance of catching up to Amy Klobuchar, Bachmann was actively on the radio and television encouraging people not to “waste their votes” on a third party candidate, but to support the GOP’s hopeless US Senate candidate. To retain her street credit among CP and LP activists all she needed to do was remain silent, but she chose to campaign hard for Mark Kennedy instead.

    I put Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann in the same category. Both use third parties when it suits them; both are committed GOP hacks. Besides, Sarah Palin is no sort of a “conservative.” She may be more “conservative” than McCain, but she still supports pork barrel projects and now trumpets the invasion of Iraq as a “mission from God.” Both are little more than political opportunists in a pretty package.

  20. Clark Says:

    LOWELL POSES: “An article by Paul Craig Roberts this week at Counterpunch captures some of the Lowell vision of the left/right thing.”

    ..i like some of robert’s stuff..but he appears a hopeless romantic and/or shill for his old boss, of the greatest political frauds of the 20th century..btw, charlie reese is a more concise, witty, etc. writer than roberts…neither are as in$ightful as your sociopathic buddy, CLARK!.. ;o)

    ..”Frank can’t tell the difference between Ronald Reagan and Cheney/Bush. He conflates the collection of opportunists and fanatics that comprise the Bush Party with the Reagan conservatives who ended stagflation and the cold war.” (PLEASE)

  21. Clark Says:

    ...btw, do i sense lowell is somewhat smitten with the kitten, palin?

    ...pssst, don’t tell lowell, but i saw a picture of her on the teevee after she apparently applied the coup de grace to the throat of a caribou!..

    ...(maybe lowell forgives her because of her trophy rack?) ;o)

  22. Clark Says:

    ...he once talked of severely beating/abusing me because i enjoy an occasional cooked creature..

    ...but then again, my tits pale to palin’s.. ;o)

  23. John Lowell Says:

    Get it straight, Clark, I find nothing funny or entertaining about bloodsport or an animal’s suffering. And I’m not amused by your vulgar references. Stay in bounds or our occasional friendly repartee is at an end right here. I simply don’t need you, chief.

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